Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

Are you looking for a mixture of fun and fear? If yes, check out the ‘Best Haunted Houses in Ohio.’

Brimstone Haunt

Brimstone Haunt is a location where families and friends may enjoy four events. The first event is in the Haunted Hayride. Visitors go on a journey through a once-peaceful land that has become dark and twisted due to a curse.

The second event is at The Forgotten Forest, which is a “mysterious” location. The third game is called Psychosis! It is an event that leads players through a winding maze full of terror around every corner.

The last event is The Zombie Assault. The game invites the brave to board a bus to a refugee camp in search of safety but not before a zombie onslaught.

Land of Illusion Scream Park-Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

This haunted attraction has several pieces, which makes it more dreadful. Guests can participate in nine different events and attractions. The attractions and events include a maze, a trail, and even a creepy cafe where visitors can enjoy frighteningly good drinks and snacks.

The haunted houses that you can find in this location include Big Mama’s Revenge, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, Temple of Terror, and the Historical Mystery Haunted Mansion.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall

Mt. Healthy, Ohio, is located at 7700 Steward Ave. This attraction has been in operation since 1990, and it has grown and expanded over time. The Bate’s Motel and Dracula are more than 20 years old, and there are new scenes that you could experience.

The ticket goes for $10 per person, but if you bring a canned good, you’ll receive a $2 discount. For $15, you can get a quick pass. However, credit cards are not accepted.

From October 1 to October 30, Mr. Healthy Haunted Hall opens on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays but on October 31, it will be closed.

Central Ohio-Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

The Ohio State Reformatory, located in Columbus, Ohio, is another haunted location that can give you a memorable experience on your trip. The Ohio State Reformatory operated from 1896 to 1990, when it was ordered to close due to a class-action lawsuit filed by convicts alleging that the prison was overcrowded and inmates were confined in inhumane circumstances.

Hundreds of people died there, and two jail guards were killed in a riot. It was also a favorite setting for Hollywoodas a backdrop, with films and TV shows likeShawshank Redemption.

The Reformatory transforms into a haunted home for Halloween, with self-guided tours and audio tours are also available. General Admission tickets are $25. However, there are also VIP tickets available.

The Dent School House

If you expect this house to be a typical school structure, you are in for a shocking experience. Dent Public School was previously housed here, and legend has itshuttered after several children went missing between 1942 and 1955.

According to the account, angry parents stormed the premises and discovered the youngsters dead in the basement. It was the janitor’s fault. While there are no documents to support this claim, the Cincinnati Enquirer said in 1949 that the schoolshuttered, and the kids were dismissed.

The story of the Dent School House has gotten national attention, including coverage on the Travel Channel. While Buzzfeed and USA Today have called it one of the most haunted attractions in the country, the local legend surrounding it is far scarier.

Haunted House Carnage-Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

The 60,000 square-foot indoor haunted house is filled with monsters waiting to scare visitors around every corner. This immersive attraction employs lighting and special effects to increase the terror factor.

General admission tickets cost $25. At the door, VIP tickets are $40, but they’re only $35 if purchased in advance. This arrangement allows guests to enter more quickly, although they are not the first.

Vacant Land (Haunted Hoochie)

If you are strong, brave, and daring, this adventurous experience is definitely for you. The Hoochie employs life-like illusions replete with gore, as well as actors that have been trained to scare like no one else.

Be aware that some scenes may be difficult to watch for some people. It has a long history in Columbus, spanning two decades. Its roots can be traced back 50 years when it was home to spooky hayrides. General entry tickets are $20; fast pass tickets are $50.

The Haunted House of Columbus-Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

If you want some terror and heart-shaking adventures, The Haunted House in Colombus is a great place to spend your next Halloween vacation. The Summoning and Aftermath Anarchy, formerly known as the 13th Floor Columbus, are primary attractions.

The Summoning transports visitors inside the “demon’s lair” with stage lighting, costumes, and more. Survivors walk through streets littered with overturned automobiles and shattered storefronts in Aftermath Anarchy.

Participants will experience what it’s like to live in a city where there is no law, and they’ll be right in the heart of it! Tickets start at $20 for general entry, but there are a variety of options available.

Scream Park of Dayton

There are four attractions for visitors at this brand new park. With over 30 sights to see, the park advises that your senses and emotions may most certainly be manipulated. If tourists dare, they will be able to explore one haunted trail, three mansions, and a “circus from hell.”

However, without a parent or guardian, no one under 17 is allowed in Scream Park.All attractions cost $20, with a $20 VIP pass getting you to the head of the line, and for $10, you can get a touch pass.

Dayton, Ohio (4355 Valley St.)-Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

On your visit to this fantastic haunted location, you can experience the horrors in the Fear Forest’s Haunted House and Hayride. You can travel across 68 acres of monsters and ghouls on your route to a mental institution. You would see patients seeking retaliation after being mistreated abound in the Insane Aquarium.

Two other attractions that you get to experience in Dayton are Psycho and the Forbidden Cornfield.The hayride is $12 per person or $30 for the complete package, and the fast passes come in various forms.

Visit one of these haunted locations today,and you will have one of the most exciting experiences of your life!

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