Cute Animals in Australia-Top 16

Cute Animals in Australia

In the vast wilderness of Australia; there exist a rich and highly diverse ecosystem. The continent is home to dangerous predators, exotic fauna, and some of the cutest animals on earth. Let us see what the vast land down under has to offer and admire 16 cute animals in Australia .


By far, the cutest animal anywhere on the earth. The Koala is a mammal that looks like a small little bear. Their fuzziness, furry ears, stout-like body, and small size is what had endeared them to people’s heart. 

They are primarily located in Australia’s coastal areas and are trees dwellers. Their diet mostly consists of tree leaves. They are cute as they are fragile and you should always handle them with care.

Kangaroo-Cute Animals in Australia

The animal that is most synonymous with Australia. By some estimation, the vast land holds over 50 million kangaroos. There are over 55 different species of animal that are native to the land; some are very tiny while others can reach the height of an adult male.

They are dangerous as they are cute. Ubiquitously found in the land. You are likely to find this cute fuzzy creature on your travels.

The Quoll

The Quoll is as cute as they come. This carnivorous, cute cat-like creature is nocturnal and it preys on other mammals birds, and insects. The small animal poses no danger to humans but can be deadly to other small animals Sighting of the animals are rare and you should count yourself very lucky if you ever come in contact with the animal.

 The Quokka-Cute Animals in Australia

The Quokka might be one of the cutest animals to have ever existed. Its big eyes, small stature plus fuzzy appearance make them extremely photogenic. The animal is strictly herbivorous and is a sight to behold. You will fall in love with the animal at the first sight. It is an extremely friendly animal but you should take care to stay away no matter how much you want to cuddle the Quokka.

The Wombat

The Wombat is another one of Australia’s gems. It is a small fuzzy bear-like creature. Its cuteness is what had endeared it to the public. Wombats have short, stout legs and wide bodies are mostly found in vast numbers in the large forested land of Australia. They are herbivorous and quite photogenic. 

Dingo-Cute Animals in Australia 

Dingo is one of the largest carnivorous animals in Australia. It is found in large numbers and looks like a hybrid between a dog and a leopard. While cute, the animal is terrifying and could rip human flesh from the bone if the mood strikes it. IT is found all over Australia except in the region of Tasmania.


The Platypus is a strange-looking creature. The egg lying creature lives on the outskirt of rivers in burrows. The animal has a small brown furry body and webbed feet. It has the bill of a duck and the tail of a beaver. The animal is very shy, should it sense even a little danger it would look to hide.

Echidna-Cute Animals in Australia

The Echidna is in equal parts terrifying and cute. Its body is covered with spines similar to those of hedgehogs and porcupines. The animal has a long tongue and mostly eats insects. Don’t be sucked in by the cuteness of the animal. This small animal is best photographed from a distance.

The Bilby-Cute Animals in Australia

Cute Animals in Australia

The bilby is a small rat-like creature that has been said to inhabit the land for over 15 million years. The small size plus the cute fuzzy nature of the nocturnal critters is why they are so beloved. They can mostly be found in the vast deserts of Australia. You should find one pretty easily.

Sugar glider

Cute Animals in Australia

The sugar glider is more akin to a living breathing pokemon than to an animal. The small creature is like a mixture between a squirrel and a possum. The creature can be found in droves in the vast forested lands of Australia. You will just need to be quick to catch a glimpse of the flying mammal.

Sea Lion-Cute Animals in Australia

Cute Animals in Australia

The sea loin has affectionately been termed the puppies of the sea. They are mostly native to the coastal southern regions. They look like seals and even at a closer glance you would be hard-pressed to find the difference, but one thing is for sure the sea lion is one the cutest sea creature in existence.

Sea turtles

Cute Animals from Australia

While turtles are found all over the world. There is something really special about Australian sea turtles The great travelers of the sea can often be seen on the beaches of Australia and have found themselves a special place in the hearts of the general public. Cuteness personified these hardshell creatures are among the most widely seen animals in all of Australia.

Kookaburra-Cute Animals in Australia 

Cute Animals from Australia

The Kookaburra is one of the largest kingfisher birds in the world. It is elegant as it is cute. The bird is not only known for its cuteness but also for its human-like laughter and people come from all over the world to hear and catch a glimpse of the laughter. The bird is very common in Australia and should you desire you will see it.


Cute Animals in Australia

The Emu is one the tallest birds in Australia and from a distance, the tall bird could be mistaken for an Ostrich. It is one of the most sublime creatures on earth and also has a fair of cuteness to it. The bird has a weird diet and mostly feeds on grasses and leaves, fruits and insects.

Cassowary-Cute Animals in Australia

Cute Animals in Australia

The Cassowary is one of the strangest looking bird in all of existence but behind the strangeness lies a very cute bird. It is a heavy bird and can’t fly. If you see the bird you should stay away because it has the most powerful kick of all animals.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Cute Animals in Australia

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a parrot-like creature that is native to the land down under. One of the cutest birds around. It has the body of a parrot but unlike the parrot, it is multi-colored and people find it not only elegant but also very cute.

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