Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii: Top 10

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii: Top 10: Out of all the majestic sights of the earth, nothing comes close to the grandeur of Hawaii beaches. In the realms of the fabled land of Hawaii, there exists a diverse and wide variety of beaches. Whether you are a swimmer, surfer, snorkeler, and nature lover; Hawaii has a beach for your desire. This beautiful island has a number of black sand beaches. Additionally, there are green sand beaches to go along with the tons of natural beaches. So if you are looking for the perfect beach in Hawaii, look no further than this article.

Hapuna State Beach

Hapuna State Beach is the most popular beach on the island. It is so popular that you would be hard-pressed to find parking if you don’t arrive early. The beach is located on the Kohala Coast on the northwestern shore of the island. It stretches about a half of a mile and is favored by swimmers for its calm swimming conditions and its family atmosphere.

The beach is visited by thousands upon thousands of people every day and its offers tons of features. There are lifeguards, public showers, food, and beverages are also readily available.

Kaunaoa Beach

The Kaunaoa beach is a white sand beach. It is located on the Kohala Coast and it borders Hapuna beach. The beach is famous for its swimming, snorkeling, and family atmosphere. It is also known for the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel which sits on the outskirt of the beach and provides excellent service.

Kaunaoa beach is public property and anyone can come to enjoy the blissful sea atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by an exotic and diverse water ecosystem which makes for a very enjoyable time.

Punalu’u Beach-Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Punalu’u Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii. The beach is situated between the Pahala and Naalehu and is located on the eastern shore of Hawaii. It is favored for its ease of access and the black sands. The beach is known as ‘the Black sand beach’ due to the fact the sand is black in color. The black color comes from the lava that the shoreline is made of. 

The water of the beach is not for amateur swimmers, it has a strong current and you should check with the lifeguard on duty before entering the water.

Waialea Beach

The Waialea beach is the most popular and busy beach on the island of Hawaii. It is a white sand beach that owes its popularity to its proximity to Waialea bay. The beach is situated on a slope and thus the waters of the beach are generally very calm. Its calm waters are why it is so widely favored by families. The beach contains diverse marine life and is popular for snorkeling, and scuba diving. In the winter the beach is mostly populated by expert surfers. 

The Waialea beach is also known as “Beach 69” it has suitable toilet and shower facilities. The parking area is also fairly large.

Kahalu’u Beach Park-Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii v

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Kahalu’u Bay is the go-to beach for snorkeling enthusiasts. It is located near Kailua-Kona which is itself a top tourist destination. The beach is surrounded by coral reefs and exotic marine life. You will see a variety endangered sea turtles, bright exotic fishes, sea urchins, and even octopuses around the beach. Family members usually come to the beach to experience rich marine life.

Manini’owali Beach-Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

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Manin’iowali beach also goes by the name of Kua Bay beach. It is a predominantly white sand beach that sits on the western shore and faces Kua bay. During the summer people come here from all over the world to enjoy snorkeling and swimming, while in the winter the bug waves make the beach an ideal spot for surfers. You can also take your family to enjoy the dolphins and sea turtles.

The beach is safe and lifeguards are always on duty. Food and drinks spots are also around the beach. Should anything serious happen the town of Kona is just a few miles away.

Kamakahonu Beach

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

The Kamakahonu Beach is commonly referred to as the Kid’s beach or the king Kam beach. It is the preferred beach of choice for families. Especially family members with younger kids. The beach has soft sand and the waters of the beach are extremely calm within the protected cove. The Beach is located between the Kailua pier and the Kamakahonu national historic landmark in Kailua-Kona. It is very easy to access and is a very beautiful beach. The beach only has about 200 feet of waterfront but despite its short size the beach is extremely popular and is a popular tourist spot 24/7 in the summer and is mostly deserted in the winter. 

Spencer Beach-Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Spencer Beach is located on the outskirt of the northwestern shore of the Big Island. The beach is more commonly known as the Kohala Coast and the beach is known as a family spot. Most families come to the beach for its calm waters. Parents will enjoy that there are many trees to provide shade while the kids will enjoy the water and the sand. The beach is protected from the strong current by a reef. The reef is an excellent snorkeling and scuba diving spot.

Makalawena Beach

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Makalawena Beach is a secluded beach. You will need to walk for 20 minutes along a path in the lava to access this beautiful beach. It requires considerable effort and time to reach the beach so that is why this beach is favored by exclusion seekers and lovers of nature. The beach has ultra-soft sand and gentle clear water. There is also a large reef by the beach, the reef is an ideal snorkeling spot.

Papakolea Beach-Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii

Papakolea Beach is colloquially referred to as the Green Sand beach. Don’t let the name deceive you. It is not a calm swimming spot. In fact, the beach is famous for its rough waters. The main claim to fame of Papakolea Beach is its unique geology. It is one of only four beaches in the world that has olive green shade sand. The green shade sand is because of a phenomenon caused by deposits of olivine, a crystal that was formed millions of years ago during eruptions of the volcanoes. Despite the uniqueness of the beach, it is not that popular of a tourist destination.

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