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planning for a trip blog
In light of the frustration that I was experiencing in planning for a trip, I started to jot down a simple checklist. This, however, evolved into a detailed step-by-step trip planning guide. I am certain that after reading and following this guide, you will spend less time planning for a trip and avoid risks.
planning for a trip blog
Now when someone mentions traveling to Hawaii, I refrain from voicing an opinion. If asked directly if I’ve ever been, I smile and say I have. Now most people wait for further details. They stand or sit quietly hoping I’ll delight them with tales of fabulous food, gorgeous scenery and striking sunsets. But I don’t engage. I hold my memories close so as not to spoil their preconceptions.
planning for a trip blog



  • Places to Go for your 21st Birthday-Top 25 for 2022
    If you’re planning an early birthday vacation to celebrate your 21st birthday, these are the best places to celebrate
  • Golf Courses New York City-Top 28 for 2022
    Dozens of must-play courses in New York were left off of GOLF’s 2020-21 ranking of the Top 100 Courses in the United States. In this article, 28 are highlighted which are worth your attention. Make sure to use the best golf app when you visit these top courses.
  • Cities of Vietnam-Top 27
    A fast-growing country that is known for its adventurous spirit. Its cities are bursting at the seams with artistic expression and colonial architecture, and they are determined to keep moving forward. Many of Vietnam’s major cities feature a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture. The top cities of Vietnam are just waiting for you to discover their breathtaking natural scenery, cutting-edge urban designs, and ancient traditions.
  • Winter Hat for Infant-Top 20 for 2022
    When buying winter hats and beanies for babies, it is tempting to go for the products that will look cutest in pictures. Some hats and beanies are not wind resistant and can leave your infant unprotected against the elements. erformance is key when it comes to choosing hats for your little ones. There are so many different hats out there


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