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planning for a trip blog
In light of the frustration that I was experiencing in planning for a trip, I started to jot down a simple checklist. This, however, evolved into a detailed step-by-step trip planning guide. I am certain that after reading and following this guide, you will spend less time planning for a trip and avoid risks.
planning for a trip blog
Now when someone mentions traveling to Hawaii, I refrain from voicing an opinion. If asked directly if I’ve ever been, I smile and say I have. Now most people wait for further details. They stand or sit quietly hoping I’ll delight them with tales of fabulous food, gorgeous scenery and striking sunsets. But I don’t engage. I hold my memories close so as not to spoil their preconceptions.
planning for a trip blog



  • Best Beachfront Villa in Ecuador 2022-Villa Nautica
    Ecuador is an incredibly beautiful country that has beautiful landscapes and some of the best beaches in the world. A must-visit location for serial vacationers. If you are planning a vacation to Ecuador, look no further than Villa Nautica, a 2 bedroom duplex, located on the Mirador San Jose beach. Offering magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and of Isla de la Plata, this luxurious accommodation is the ‘Best Beachfront Villa in Ecuador.’
  • Best All-Inclusive Negril Jamaica 2022-Negril Beaches Resort Jamaica
    Negril Beaches Resort Jamaica is a well-known family resort on Seven Miles Beach. This opulent resort is spread out over 20 hectares and offers breathtaking views of the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. It opened its doors in 1997. It is the sister brand to Sandals Resort and is located on Norman Washington Manley Boulevard in Long Bay, Jamaica. Its popularity can be attributed to its location on the site of the award-winning Seven Mile Beach. It has an enormous water Park, the rooms are spacious and modern. The restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, an endless supply of premium bourbon, and there is scuba diving and a variety of other activities to choose from.
  • Best Vacation Rental in Tanuf Oman 2022-The Pool Villa
    Tanuf, a locality of Sultanate of Oman is a great tourist destination. Visiting the ruins of this ancient village is what vacation explorations are made of. No need to search online for the best vacation rental in Tanuf, as this article will guide you. The Travel Virgin has selected The Pool Villa as the best as it has all the amenities that is needed for a comfortable and relaxing stay in Tanuf.
  • The Best Luxury Resort in Panama 2022-Vacationing at Bocas Bali
    Are you looking for a luxury vacation in Panama? Look no further than one of the sixteen Bocas Bali luxury water villas. The perfect Caribbean holiday getaway for couples or individuals seeking an intimate, relaxing vacation or an escape from a busy life. The accolade of being the ‘Best Luxury Resort in Panama,’ is justified in this article.


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