5 Traditional Thai Foods You Need to Try Right Away

Traditional Thai Foods

Thailand is a place rich in history and culture. A trip to Thailand is refreshing and wonderful. Whether you want to party all night, play water sports, go crazy shopping or have a nice and quiet day at the beach. You can have it all in Thailand. A place where the beaches never get old and the food never gets cold. Traditional Thai food is famous all over the world for multiple reasons. And what is the best place to try some of the most delicious and authentic Thai cuisines in Thailand? Just like the islands in this country, the choices of Thai foods you can try are eternal. You will surely fall in love with everything you try.

Every time you get tired of wandering through the beautiful locations that the country offers, take a break and sit down to indulge in some delicious Thai food. You will find Thai foods in luxurious restaurants all around the world but it tastes best in Thailand. And here are our top 5 favorite foods that you should definitely try on your trip to Thailand.

Pad Woon Sen

Made from cellophane noodles, this classic stir-fried glass noodle dish is a treat for everyone. The noodles are stir-fried in a wok with garlic, vegetables, prawns and multiple seasonings, and scrambled eggs among other things. This dish may look simple but it brings in a burst of flavors. you would want to eat again and again. And we all know that anything fried in a wok is simply magic. This dish is versatile and goes well with a lot of other things. You can have it in multiple varieties which is simply amazing. This dish will add another star to your Thailand tour package from India.

Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn-Traditional Thai Foods

Thai curries are famous all around the world and this delicious seafood coconut curry is served in a whole coconut, so that is a double treat for you. The coconut is hollowed out and filled back up with this delicious curry. If you love seafood, you would find prawns and squid inside the curry to fill you up. The spices fill the air with a wonderful aroma and the coconut flesh blends in the curry like it has always belonged there. Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn is a treat that you must not skip over.

Mango Sticky Rice

There is no doubt that Thai mangoes are the best all over the world. They taste even better in this sticky rice combo. Coconut milk is infused in the sticky rice making it creamy and delicious to eat and when combined with the sweet and sour mangoes the taste is unexpectedly amazing. This dessert is the best treat to enjoy after you have indulged in delicious and spicy Thai dishes. Calm down those spice sensations with this sweet dessert that will fill you up even more. And it tastes even better when you drizzle sweet coconut cream over the rice.

Pad Kra Prao-Traditional Thai Foods

If you are unsure what you want to eat, we would like to suggest Pad Kra Prao. A go-to dish for all the locals, Pad Kra Prao is stir-fried rice with minced pork. If you do not want to eat pork, the dish also comes with other variations like chicken, beef, and seafood.

This hearty and filling dish is topped with a fried egg and seasoned with fish sauce and chopped chili. The amount of flavor can not be described in words and this delicious dish is available everywhere you go.

Khao Soi-Traditional Thai Foods

The last dish on our list is an iconic yellow curry rice noodle soup. A bowl full of boiled egg noodles and fried egg noodles is served immersed in curry soup with minced vegetables and meats as the topping. This dish is spread across the country with different variations all over. It is yet to be decided which Khao Soi is the best. Maybe you should try one everywhere you go and choose for yourself which one was your favorite. But do not argue with anyone else about it. All the variations are loved by people all over the country and everyone has their own favorites.

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