The Travel Virgin

My name is Lori Lewis(MTB), the creator of the The Travel Virgin, a space for newbie travelers, bloggers, hikers and backpackers.

The inspiration for this website is my life and my memories of being a newbie traveler. Imagine, going on a plane and embarrassingly trying to figure out where the seat belt is. More so, learning how to open the bathroom on a plane. Yes, buckling up myself, was indeed the most memorable experience for me. Reason being, unlike being stuck for a few seconds in the bathroom, the buckling of the belt was witnessed by others.

Another one is when I packed 3 suitcases on a trip to China. Unbeknownst to me was the arrangement for my guide to take me to the hostel by train and bus. Eventually, I got over experiencing travel hiccups.

I will share these and other stories about myself in the blog. Additionally, I will share tips for planning a trip, loads of informational material related to travel. This blog will be a little mix of me filled with expertise from myself and other experienced bloggers.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Safe travels,

Lori Lewis

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