Things to Do in Budapest Hungary-Top 20

Budapest is an architectural marvel, brimming with arts, culture, and nightlife. This capital city of Hungary represents everything done right by mankind. Most of the buildings in this city were built during the Golden era. The city is symbolic of romance and artists call it the site of dreams. It’s blessed with hot springs, eclectic cuisine, and history at its best. Let’s look at the top 20 things to do in Budapest Hungary.

1. St Stephen’s Basilica

Admire the ornate interior and intricate mosaic carvings of St Stephen’s Basilica. The highlight of the cathedral is an encased, mummified version of the Holy Right Hand of the first king of the Hungarians. Don’t miss the view from the rooftop which is a surreal experience.

2. Hungarian Parliament-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Adjacent to the Danube is the third-largest parliament building in the world. The inside of the building is a spectacular sight with regal facades, mile-long staircases, and rooms filled with art. Don’t forget to check out the building at night when it’s all lit up. A treat for the eyes.

3. Shoes on the Danube Bank

Located right next to the parliament building, are a row of shoes—a memorial that was erected in honor of the Jews that were shot into the Danube River. The victims had to take off their shoes before they were killed. You will often find the shoes filled with flowers as a mark of tribute.

4. Buda Castle-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

The Royal castle of Budapest houses the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a walk around the castle district as it’s packed with attractions from churches to changing of the guard’s ceremony.

5. Fisherman’s Bastion

This is one of the most popular forts around the castle district and closely resembles the Walt Disney logo.  Filled with lookout towers and turrets, Fisherman’s Bastion offers a spectacular view of the city. It’s a great spot for photos and has a café on the rooftop.

6. Panoptikum-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Under the castle district is a 1000m long labyrinth of caves full of history and unsaid stories. The caves are quite dark and best suited for those that love spooky things. They say Dracula was imprisoned here. Follow the maps and signs or you might get lost in this Chamber of Secrets.

7. Thermal Bath

Head over to one of the several thermal baths for an enriching experience. All over the city, classical revival buildings have been converted into public baths. Enjoy the thermal spring water full of minerals and healing effects. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and we encourage you not to miss it.

8. Szechenyi Chain Bridge-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Take a walk down this iconic bridge that spans the River Danube. You can admire all the historic buildings on both sides of the bridge. The bridge has pedestrian walkways and vantage points and is another great location for pictures. 

9. House of Terror

If Panoptikum left you craving for more horror, head over to the terror museum. The building has a dark past and includes memorials of victims that were tortured and killed inside it. We don’ suggest it for the weak heart.

10. Vampire Walking Tour-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

If you love murder mysteries, then we recommend the night tour of Buda castle district. Learn more about the mythological stories around Dracula as well as gory historical facts. This tour is an immersive storytelling experience and generally lasts around two hours.

11. Danube River Sightseeing

If you are looking for a relaxed and romantic getaway hop on to the evening cruises that will take you around the river Danube. The glass boats offer drinks onboard and have audio guides available. Overall,it’s a calming experience and lets you enjoy a beautifully lit-up city.

12. Gorge on Goulash

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary
Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

A visit to any city is incomplete without trying out its local cuisine. Goulash is one of the most popular Hungarian dishes. It’s another version of the beef stew and its origin dates to 1800.

13. Flippermuzeum-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary
Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Another unique place to visit in the city is its pinball museum with vintage-style arcades dating back to 1947. The décor is unusual with Guns and Roses and Indiana Jones pinball machines. There is an entry fee to this museum but once inside you can play unlimited games.

14. Central Café

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Literature lovers should stop by this café. With a printing press and library inside several prominent writers have given shape to their masterpieces in this café. The café has a rich historical significance with luxe interiors.

15.Vajdahunyand Castle

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

This castle is a mix of several architectural styles. There is a moat surrounding the castle which adds to its charm. It’s a fairy-tale castle with ample parks and squares. Entry to this castle is free.

16. Dohany Street Synagogue-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

This is the largest synagogue in Europe and the most majestic. The building has a museum inside and offers guided tours in several languages about Jewish history and the Holocaust. For an authentic experience, yarmulka caps are provided for free outside.

17: The Garden of Philosophy

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

In a secret corner atop a hill in Budapest lies a cluster of statues in a circle and symbolize the communication of human culture. You will often find folk singers and musicians actively singing in this park and the statues represent figureheads from different races.

18: Try the Somloi Galuska

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary
Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

A decadent treat, Somloi Galuska or the Hungarian version of a sponge cake is made with walnut, creams, raisins, and walnut. Need we say more why you must try it.

19: Visit a Ruin Bar

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Located in abandoned and pre-war buildings, the concept of ruin bar is very famous in Budapest. Some of the most iconic ruin bars in Budapest are SzimplaKert, Mazel Tov, and UdvarRom.

20: Tram 2-Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

Things to Do in Budapest Hungary

If you want to get an overall view and feel of the city, we suggest you hop into Tram 2. It is the easiest way to cover the city, enjoy the scenery, and give your feet some rest.

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