Best Places to Visit-Top 60 for 2022

Best Places to Visit

After two long years of lock-downs and travel uncertainty, the itch to go somewhere new is as strong as ever. Whether you want to go somewhere to be in touch with nature or visit a bustling city, travel domestically or somewhere exotic and full of new culture, this list has got a place for you. So, dust off your passport, dig your suitcase out of the back of your closet and pick a place or two (or all sixty!) from our list of the sixty best places to travel in 2022.

1) New Orleans, USA

Everyone knows about this Mardi Gras capital, but it’s a gem worth visiting any time of the year. It has something for everyone, spooky history, beautiful architecture, great food, and a bustling nightlife that makes this a must visit at least once in your life.

2) Rome, Italy-Best Places to Visit

Looking for someplace a little more historic? Anciently historic? Look no further than Rome! The Italian capital was the heart of history and that shows. If you want to be immersed in history, but can’t find a time machine, Rome is the place for you.

3) New York City, USA

NYC, the melting pot of all melting pots. If you visit the Big Apple, it’s almost like taking a trip around the world all at once. Have your quintessential moments in Time Square and at the Statue of Liberty or find a little local hole in the wall and be like a local!

4) Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Best Places to Visit

Climb to the top of the tallest building in the world and enjoy an amazing view of this jewel of a city. It’s a home for all things culture, art, food, you name it, the city’s got something that’s sure to leave an impression.

5) London, England

London’s calling, can you hear it? Who hasn’t dreamed of having tea in this English capital. Whether you want to take a classic vacation or you’re into something a little funkier, London won’t disappoint you. Hey, maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll even spot a royal!

6) Bali, Indonesia-Best Places to Visit

Looking for a vacation spot that’s a little more natural? Where you can feel like you (and maybe even your special someone!) are the only person in the world, but in a less lockdown sort of way? Then visit the naturally beautiful Bali in 2022!

7) Las Vegas, USA

Looking to blow off a little steam after so long stuck at home? Vegas is ready to welcome you back! Even if you’re not a gambler, the sheer number and caliber of the shows and restaurants waiting for you will take your breath away.

8) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Best Places to Visit

Want a taste of the tropics and spend some time on the sand? Visit Rio! That’s not all, though! There are breathtaking views and hikes to blow your mind. Let’s not forget Carnival either! Rio’s worth a visit every day of the year.

9) Sydney, Australia

We’re going down under with this installment. It’s definitely worth the flight to get a view of the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. You’re just a drive away from the outback, but it’ll be hard to get yourself out of Sydney once you’re there!

10) Barcelona, Spain-Best Places to Visit

It’s hard to find a reason not to visit Barcelona! Walking down Las Ramblas will take your breath away. The buildings, the colors, the bustling city life that’s somehow still laid back? Grab some tapas and try to figure out why you didn’t visit sooner!

11) Machu Picchu, Peru

This one may not be for the faint of heart. The Machu Picchu hike can be intimidating, but it’s worth it! Not just for the bragging rights. It’s a spiritual mecca, but the views alone make this a bucket list visit for your 2022.

12) Florence, Italy-Best Places to Visit

Florence, the home of some of Italy’s most prized gems. The Duomo, the museums. You could spend a week alone just visiting all the places that once hosted some of the greatest artists in history. Florence won’t disappoint you, once you visit, you’ll be itching to come back.

13) Santorini, Greece

This island destination is a quintessential visit if you want to experience Greece. It’s architecture is famous and for good reason. The downside? During the off season, it can become deserted, so make sure you plan your trip so you can get the full experience!

14) Cape Town, South Africa-Best Places to Visit

Cape town is a perfect blend of bustling city life and natural beauty. It’s near one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, Table Mountain, after all! It’s been lauded for both its natural and cultivated beauty that you don’t see everyday!

15) Grand Canyon, USA

There’s a reason why the Grand Canyon is on so many bucket lists. It’s truly a wonder of natural beauty. You can’t visit and not be in awe of just how, well, grand it is. Even if you just for a day, it’s worth a visit!

16) Great Barrier Reef, Australia-Best Places to Visit

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. You’ve read about it in school, now it’s time to go visit! Make it the focal point of your trip and have an experience you’ll never forget. 

17) Bora Bora

Want a little taste of paradise? Bora Bora is as close as you’ll get. With its beautiful water, secluded bungalows and out of this world scuba diving, you’ll never want to leave this island paradise. What better way to spend your post-lockdown vacation?

18) Yellowstone National Park, USA-Best Places to Visit

Yellowstone is the USA’s most famous national park, for good reason. Between the natural geysers and the unique opportunity it offers to get close to wildlife you don’t get to see in most parts of the world, it’s the perfect outdoorsy vacation destination.

19) Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the perfect place to enjoy some clear water and sandy beaches. It’s got nearly perfect weather all year round that makes it a hit spot in the summer or as a winter getaway. After so long stuck indoors, you need a little fun in the sun!

20) Amsterdam, Netherlands-Best Places to Visit

Amsterdam is a great choice for the traveler who wants to visit somewhere a little more unconventional. Unlike some capitals, Amsterdam is a fairly small city, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Join in the city’s bike culture and take in the sites while on wheels.

21) Cinque Terre, Italy-Best Places to Visit

Cinque Terre, five lands in English. Five picturesque coastal hamlets that will give you a photo ready moment at any time of day, any day of the year. Don’t just pick one to visit, take the train and stop in at all five.

22) Norway

Norway brings Scandinavia to our little list of must visit destinations. It’s not hard to see why. While it’s a small country, its natural beauty will make you stop in your tracks. Feel like you’re in a fairytale and, maybe, you just might find a troll during your stay.

23) Cook Islands-Best Places to Visit

When you visit the Cook Islands, you’ll feel like the rest of the world just stops existing. While not a destination for travelers who like city life, this is the spot for the person who wants something a little more rustic from their next vacation.

24) Westfjord, Iceland

This all too often overlooked destination really deserves a spot at the top of everyone’s must-visit list. The towering mountains will make your head spin in the best possible way and its breathtaking beauty will stay with you long after you’ve returned to everyday life.

25) Puerto Rico-Best Places to Visit

Puerto Rico offers its visitors culture and history that make this spot a great choice for your next vacation. It’s a beautiful Caribbean paradise that will make you feel like you’re in a movie every day of your visit. Brush up on your Spanish and go!

26) Belize

Looking for a place where you can do some underwater adventures? Belize is the perfect place for you. Test your skills at scuba diving, swim with sharks, spend every day on the beach living your best mermaid (or merman) life! Belize makes that all possible!

27) Burgundy, France-Best Places to Visit

Want to visit France, but Paris isn’t doing it for you? Try Burgundy! Go wine tasting, take in the history, or just go for a nice, long walk. This region lets you take your vacation at as slow or as adventurous a pace as you want.

28) Vancouver Island, Canada

This destination is perfect for the adventurous traveler. Go during the summer and catch some waves enjoying the Canadian surf. Go during the winter and enjoy watching the storms form in the distance, just make sure to bring a camera, a good winter coat and an umbrella!

29) The Scenic Rim, Australia-Best Places to Visit

Australia makes its third appearance on this list with The Scenic Rim, and with good reason! It doesn’t joke around, it’s huge and not for someone who wants a nice small scaled vacation. Visit one of six natural parks here and enjoy Australia’s nature!

30) Auckland, New Zealand

Visit New Zealand right by making its most populated city your destination. You’ll get a taste of the multi-cultural scene of the country in this hub that offers you one-of-a-kind experiences no matter what your interests are. Let’s be honest, the views aren’t that shabby, either.

31) Dublin, Ireland-Best Places to Visit

Looking for some living history and a fun vibe? Visit Dublin. You can get a taste of world-class dining or make friends with the locals. You won’t get bored in this medieval city. Once you set foot in the city, it’ll charm you!

32) Freiburg, Germany

Get a little taste of sunshine in Freiburg! It reports that it’s the sunniest and warmest city in Germany, which will make enjoying this historic town even easier. While not as famous as Berlin, this city is well worth its own visit in 2022.

33) Nicosia, Cyprus-Best Places to Visit

Visit some of the best museums in Cyprus when you visit Nicosia. It’s a fairly cost-effective vacation that will certainly scratch the travel itch in anyone. Spend a few days here taking in the sites and you’ll make enough memories to last you a lifetime.

34) Santa Fe, USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one of the USA’s most unique cities.  It’s an art capital and one of the cities in North America with the richest histories. Get used to the elevation difference and go visit the highest state capital in the US!

35) Anguilla-Best Places to Visit

Feel like you’re living in a billboard when you visit Anguilla. The soft, white sandy beaches and awe-inspiring sunsets will seem so unreal you might just have to pinch yourself a few times to convince yourself you’re not imagining things. Go relax and unwind in paradise.

36) Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital may not have been the first place you thought of when planning your vacation, but it should be now! If you’re a history and art buff, this destination needs to be your next vacation spot. Once you’re there, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit sooner.

37) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador-Best Places to Visit

Does this destination really need any introduction? Visit the famous flora and fauna that inspired some of the most influential scientists in history. Go for the history! Visit for the nature! Go for the turtles! Is there a reason not to visit?

38) Majorca, Spain

Yet another beach destination! This Spanish island is perfect if you want a combination of beach days and fun, lively nights. Take a nice walk around one of the cities on the island, visit the shops, go for a swim, and forget all your worries.

39) Porto, Portugal-Best Places to Visit

Visit Portugal’s city of bridges if you’re looking for beauty, culture, and relaxation. Drink some famous Port wine right where it’s made and spend your vacation days visiting one of the many museums in the city. You’ll feel so relaxed, you’ll be sorry to go home!

40) Seychelles

Whether you want to spend all day sunning on the beach or you want something a little more adventurous by visiting the nature reserves and seeing some rare animals, you’ll be the envy of all your friends when they hear all about your Seychelles vacation.

41) Napa Valley, USA-Best Places to Visit

America’s wine country doesn’t need much advertising, but here we are anyway! It’s the perfect destination for any type of vacation, from a romantic getaway to a weekend with friends, touring through Napa Valley will provide you with more fun and memories than you’ll know what to do with!

42) Quito, Ecuador

Visit the capital of Ecuador and check off one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites with a hop over to Old Town, because in Quito, old and new meld together in ways you’ll wonder at during your entire vacation!

43) Yucatan, Mexico-Best Places to Visit

Looking for a peaceful vacation spot that’s not in your backyard? Yucatan is the place for you. It’s reported as one of Mexico’s safest cities, so you can leave all your worries at home when you visit here. Visit one of their nature parks for some added peace!

44) Pink Granite Coast, France

The Pink Granite Coast is a must-visit destination for anyone who is looking to take a romantic vacation in 2022.  The coastline offers one-of-a-kind views of its uniquely colored rocks that will make any walk seem like you’re in a painting.

45) Namibia-Best Places to Visit

Is 2022 the year for you to take that Safari you’ve always dreamed of?  Then pack your bags for Namibia. You won’t be sorry when you get a load of the natural landscape and wildlife you’ll be treated to. Bring your camera and get ready for an adventure.

46) Chefchaouen, Morocco

While often overlooked compared to some of Morocco’s other cities, Chefchaouen is well worth a visit. The architecture and views are to die for and the vibe is nice and relaxed. Go enjoy some fantastic food and learn about the city’s fascinating history.

47) Taormina, Italy-Best Places to Visit

We head back to Italy for this installment, this time to one of Sicily’s prettiest towns. It’s known for its beaches and wonderful weather, but that’s not all. You’ll also be able to spend hours browsing the shops and tasting all the local food you can eat.

48) Costa Rica

For an exotic trip into nature, Costa Rica is the place for you. Not only does the country offer enough national parks to fill a vacation of any length, thrill seekers will be able to get an adrenaline rush by zip lining, rafting, and more!

49) Singapore-Best Places to Visit

This island country offers varied experiences that make it the perfect destination for nearly any traveler. Take in its history. Get in touch with nature. Try some of the local cuisine that gives Singapore a name as a leader in health in Asia. Visit and you’ll never want to leave.

50) Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert isn’t just any desert. What makes this a go-to destination is just how diverse it is. This special gem offers volcanoes, geysers, marshes, and more. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll want to visit, and soon!

51) Shikoku, Japan-Best Places to Visit

Shikoku is the smallest of the islands that makes up Japan, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well worth a vacation. If you love Japanese culture and want to really immerse yourself in it on your next trip, this is the place for you.

52) Kent’s Heritage Coast, UK

Kent’s Heritage Coast is great for the traveler who doesn’t want to stay in just one spot on their vacation. The coast is gorgeous and varied in its views, and you won’t have any trouble feeling at home in any of its charming, bustling towns.

53) Atlanta, USA-Best Places to Visit

Atlanta has become a popular hub in the US south. It’s got a famously fun and exciting nightlife and a great art and music scene. You won’t have to sacrifice fun or culture for the whole family when you decide to visit this American hotspot.

54) San Francisco, USA

San Francisco has its fair share of reasons to visit. The art, the famous hills, the Bay. Not to mention the sites. Whether the Golden Gate Bridge is your thing or Alcatraz is more your speed, you’ll never have trouble being entertained in San Francisco!

55) Niagara Falls, Canada-Best Places to Visit

Niagara Falls is one of the Wonders of the World and it definitely deserves a spot on everyone’s travel bucket list. Take a ride on one of the Maid of the Mist boats and see the falls up close and personal.

56) Yosemite National Park, USA

If you’re ready for an adventure, visit Yosemite. Try your hand at rock climbing or rafting, or just go for a hike. Whether you visit in the summer or the winter, you’ll find breathtaking views that will make your visit absolutely worth the trip.

57) St. Lucia-Best Places to Visit

Relax in style in beautiful St. Lucia. Leave all your troubles behind while you spend your days on beautiful, quiet beaches or going for hikes through the island’s rainforests. Either way, we bet you’ll never want to leave, and we don’t blame you!

58) Banff National Park, Canada

Are you looking for adventure in the Canadian wilderness? Or are you looking for a cozy little vacation nestled in a cozy little village away from all the sounds of the city? Either way, Banff National Park may be the place for you!

59) Maldives-Best Places to Visit

The Maldives are your go to place to visit if you love ocean life. Go diving and see the diverse array of fish, and maybe a shark or two, that call the water around the islands home. It’s the perfect place for both adventure and leisure.

60) Phuket, Thailand

Our last entry certainly isn’t our “least”! Phuket is a great choice, no matter the type of vacation you’re looking to have. Have adventures kayaking. Relax on the beach. Try to catch a few waves surfing. Enjoy the lively nightlife. The options are nearly endless!

Did you find your next vacation destination? We bet you won’t be able to pick just one!

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