Is Agoda a Legit Site? The Travel Virgin Answers

There are many websites on the internet offering travel agency services. In your search, you may have come across Agoda and you may be wondering “Is Agoda a Legit Site?” The Travel Virgin is here to answer your question as you do your due diligence.

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Is Agoda a Legit Site ?

Agoda is indeed a legit and reputable booking website. Launched in 2005, it was purchased by Booking Holdings (formerly the Priceline Group) in 2007. Booking Holdings has a conglomerate of travel agencies which include popular websites such as and

What Travel Agency Services Does Agoda Offer?

Agoda offers the following travel agency services:

Accommodations-Hotel, Homes, Apartments, etc
Flights is agoda legit
Airport transfer is agoda legit
Car rental

How Is Agoda Different From Other Travel Agencies?Is Agoda a Legit Site

Agoda does have similar offerings to other online travel agencies, however, it has distinguished itself by its having a reputation for providing the best prices for hotels. It has a “Best Price Guarantee Policy” which offers to match or beat any hotel price on the internet once you are able to show that it is available at a cheaper price on another booking platform. There is also a VIP program for users who have had a certain amount of bookings to access special discounts. In 2019, it released its “book without a credit card” which was made available in the Philippines. In Australia, it offers a payment plan package where people can book accommodation by paying installments interest-free.

Conclusion-Agoda Is a Legit Website!!

Agoda is a leading travel agency and its legitimacy is without question. Many have reported good experiences with using the platform but as with all travel agencies, it is not absent of a few hiccups along the way. So there you have it, we have answered the question of ‘Is Agoda a Legit Site?’

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