Travel 101 – FAQs, Everything You Need To Know

What is Travel?

Travel is the movement of people from one geographic location to another. This movement is usually over some amount of distance. Travel can be done through many modes of transportation which include airplane, bicycle, car, train, bus, boat, ship, and even by foot.

What is the purpose of travel?

The purpose of travel can be many which include but are not limited to:
1. To experience another culture and its people
2. Business engagement
3. Try a new cuisine
4. To visit family and friends in another location

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a product or plan that is purchased that will cover the cost of losses that may occur when one travels. It serves as protection from a variety of travel risks which may include flight and trip cancellation, sickness, damaged/lost/delayed baggage, job loss, trip interruptions. Popular travel insurance companies include World Nomad Partners and Travel Insurance Masters.

How much is travel insurance?

There is no standard cost for travel insurance. Several factors determine the cost for insurance, these include the length of trip, age of traveler, the destination, etc. To determine or to get an idea of what insurance may cost, you can use the travel insurance calculator below.

Where can you travel without a visa in 2020?

Where one can travel without a visa depends on which country they are from and the type of passport that you hold. If you are from the United States, please see the list of visa and passport-free countries.

Do you need a passport to travel within the USA?

US citizens do not need a passport to travel or fly domestically. If a US citizen is traveling internationally, they may need a passport. As of October 21, 2021, a REAL ID will be required if you are taking a domestic flight. The most common REAL ID is a driver’s license. The TSA website has a complete list of acceptable IDs.

It is necessary to check if your ID issued by your state is Real ID compliant. The easiest way to check is to examine your ID to see if has a star in the top right-hand corner. If you are uncertain as to whether your ID card or driver’s license is a real ID, you should make contact with your local government for assistance and information.

What is a travel document number?

A travel document number is a set of numbers that identifies an individual who is traveling. It is found on official documents or identifications used for travel which include visas, passports, and other travel forms.

What is travelers diarrhea?

Travelers’ diarrhea is an intestinal infection that is caused by eating food or drinking water that is contaminated. It usually is not very serious but causes unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal cramps and loose stools. There are a number of over the counter medications that can be used to help with the symptoms. Travelers may travel with these medications just in case there is an occurrence.

What is a travel ban?

A travel ban is a law or order preventing a particular group or person from entering a country. An example of a travel ban is the executive order that was signed by President Donald Trump on Jan 27, 2017, and later revised on March 6, 2017, this ban prohibited and barred entry of refugees into the United States from six countries ( Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen).

What is travel agency?

A travel agency is an organization whether public or private that provides services that are travel and tourism-related. These services include but are not limited to the finding and/or providing and/or arranging of the following for travelers:
1. Accommodations for travelers at hotels, guest houses, villas, etc.
2. Indoor recreational activity for travelers
3. Airline tickets and ground transportation for travelers
4. Car rental services
5. Cruises for travelers
6. Travel insurance
7. Tour packages
8. Timetables for public transport

What is travel advisory?

A travel advisory is an official information from a government on matters related to the safety and well being whilst traveling abroad. An example of a travel advisory is when a country sends out information to its citizen that there is an impending hurricane in another country. This advisory will allow its citizens to take the necessary precautions if they are in that particular country or are about to travel to that country. Countries often post advisories on their official websites such as the United States travel advisory website.

What is travel visa?

A travel visa is an official authorization that is granted by a country or territory that allows a foreigner to enter or remain within that territory for a specified time. There are various categories of visas that a country may issue. In the United States, there are two types of visas, nonimmigrant visas for temporary stays and immigrant visas for permanent stays..

What is travel voucher?

A travel voucher is a compensatory document that can be used to offset future travel-related expenses. Vouchers have a time frame in which they can be used. An example of a travel voucher is when an airline gives you a document that states that you can redeem 20% off your next flight to a particular location before a particular date. Travel vouchers can have varying conditions for use.

What is travel brochure?

A travel brochure is a promotional written material that is used to advertise travel destinations, vacation packages, and tours, hotels, villas, guest houses, tourist events, etc. Travel brochures are very useful when deciding on and planning a vacation.

What is travel protection?

Travel protection is usually a comprehensive offering of travel insurance and additional travel assistance services. Many times the word travel insurance and travel protection are used interchangeably, but it should not be. Travel protection provides a seamless, customized all in one purchase package. A few years ago this was not the case and often the term travel protection was used to refer to varying the compensation for events such as flight cancellation. The confusion with this term years ago often caused many travelers to be greatly disappointed when an event occurs and they realized that they bought an add-on travel product that did not include travel insurance.

How many ounces is travel size?

According to TSA, In your carry-on bags, you are allowed to carry liquid toiletries such as make-up, toothpaste, and lotion, in bottles or containers that are properly labeled as containing 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less.

What is travel card?

A travel card is a special type of credit card that gives rewards in the form of travel-related benefits. A regular credit card may give cashback rewards, gift cards, products, and discounts. An example of a travel-related benefit is when a travel cardholder spends a certain amount of money, they may be able to use points accumulated based on purchases towards cover a portion of or an entire trip.

What is travel itinerary?

A travel itinerary is a schedule that shows details on the destination that you are traveling to and the specific time that you will reach your destination. A travel itinerary is very useful as it organizes your travel time and provides useful information for your trip.

What is travel consultant?

A travel consultant is a person who provides assistance when someone is planning a trip. They coordinate and book travel arrangements for their clients and providing guidance on travel requirements.

What is travel credit?

Travel credit is a reimbursement for a specific travel expense. When a credit cardholder uses his card to pay for a travel-related expense by purchasing from a traveling merchant, a credit is issued to the cardholder. This credit is reflected on the cardholder’s statement.

What is a travel guide?

A travel guide leads travelers/tourists to and from their destination. He or she provides information on the history, culture, and heritage of a particular location. A travel guide organizes trips and sightseeing to events, museums, parks, heritage sites, etc. A Travel Guide has a repository of information on where to go and what to do.

In the United States, these persons are referred to as tour guides and in Europe, they are referred to as tourist guides.

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine is a specialized focus by medical practitioners on the prevention of travel-related illnesses such as traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, etc. This interdisciplinary field not only focuses on infectious diseases but also the personal safety and environmental risk factors for travelers.

Are travel agents worth it?

Travel agents are definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend hours researching your next trip or if you are an inexperienced traveler.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent in 2020?
1. They have up to date information on everything new and exciting in the world of travel.
2. They save you the stress and time needed to organize your travel itinerary.
3. Traveling can be a very complicated
4. They provide you with savings and value for money.
5. They offer unique services and have a network of connections to ensure that you have the best travel experience.

If you are an inexperienced traveler or if you just need a detailed guide to plan your next trip, please check out The Travel Virgin’s Trip 101.

Which companies are best for travel insurance?

Top 8 Travel Insurance Company for 2020
1. World Nomads – Highly Rated, A Very Comprehensive Coverage Get A Quote Today
2. InsureMyTrip: Best Value Get A Quote Today
3. Aardy: Excellent Plans for Seniors Get A Quote Today
4. Travelex – Very Comprehensive Get A Quote Today
5. Allianz Travel Insurance: A Global Leader Get A Quote Today
6. HTH Travel Insurance: Great for Seniors Get A Quote Today
7: Nationwide : The Best for Cruises Get A Quote Today
8. GeoBlue: Good Medical Coverage Get A Quote Today

The Travel Virgin has answers to the most frequently asked travel-related questions. Please use the search bar in the menu item to search for questions. If your questions are not listed, please write your question(s) in the comment section so that we can add your question to the FAQs.

What is Domestic Travel?

Domestic travel is traveling within the borders of a specific country. This type of traveling can be done via various means of transportation. When domestic travel occurs using an airplane, the trip is called a domestic flight. These flights are done through domestic terminals.

Busiest Travel Days of The Year

The busiest travel days of the year are:

  • November 27
  • November 30
  • December 1
  • December 21-29

Other Words For Travel

  • trek
  • journey’
  • voyage
  • peregrinate
  • tour
  • pilgrimage
  • trip

10 Best Online Travel Agencies of 2021

The Travel Virgin has answers to the most frequently asked travel related questions. Please use the search bar in the menu item to search for questions. If your questions are not listed, please write your question(s) in the comment section so that we can add your question to the FAQs.

10 Step Guide to Planning a Trip – The Ultimate Guide

  • 1- Select Your Destination(s) and Identify Places to Visit and Activities
  • 2- Determine the size of your Party and your Travel Style
  • 3- Research Entry Requirements
  • 4- Research Accommodation, Flight and Insurance
  • 5-Determine your Contingency and Budget
  • 6- Acquire Visa and Purchase Flight Ticket, Insurance and Accommodations
  • 7- Prepare for your Trip and Pack your Essentials
  • 8 – Final Preparation
  • 9- Review Step by Step Guide
  • 10-Traveling to your Destination


Car Rental

Tour Company


Bus and Trains

Trip Planning Guide

Travel Virgins, Remember to Never Travel Without InsuranceTravel Insurance. 

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Blue Heron Bird Eats Entire Alligator On Video-Wildlife Candid Camera

December 11, 2020

blue heron
Blue Heron

A couple of years ago, I was on vacation in Australia, and I was by the lake watching a few birds. I was not expecting to see anything eventful, but then I saw a Blue Heron bird swoop into the water and ate an entire Alligator. When I told my friends, they listened with amusement and even had jokes. I may not have had a video that day to prove my tale but this post is to Jack, Emily, Kevin, and Marilyn. It’s 6 years later, and I came across a news report of a bird eating an Alligator. This random post is to share the videos below to prove my story.

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Blue Heron Video 1

In the video above, a Great Blue Heron eats a baby alligator in the Viera Wetlands near Melbourne. This is indeed possible, and the Heron ate the Alligator with ease.

Blue Heron Video 2

Sibley’s Birding Basics: How to Identify Birds, Using the Clues in Feathers, Habitats, Behaviors, and Sounds (Sibley Guides)

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Again, a Blue Heron Bird is captured eating an Alligator. The Blue Heron Bird is mostly found in North America. They are experts at catching their prey as seen in the videos. This skill is because of their ability to stand still for a long period as they observe and wait for fish and other prey to come within their range. They are indeed very ambitious and have been known to choke to death whilst attempting to swallow large fishes. Their diet consists of mostly fish, mice, small creatures, and insects.

The tall, long-legged great Blue Heron is mostly found in North America.

The Blue Heron is a lone hunter although it nests in colonies. In the Caribbean, there is a Great White Heron that belongs to the same species.

Written by: Taniesha Lowe, Guest Writer

How To Get 600,000 Real Visitors To Your Website In A Month-Improve Your Chances For Sales, Sign-Ups, and Leads in 2021

December 27, 2020

Many websites struggle to get traffic. As someone who has several websites, I have searched the internet for services that can provide real visitors to my websites, with not much success. I must say that each time that I find a promising website that offers traffic referral services when I read the fine print it says that the traffic will not convert into sales. I DONT KNOW ABOUT ANY OTHER BLOGGER OR WEBSITE OWNER BUT ANY TRAFFIC THAT GOES TO MY WEBSITE SHOULD BE REAL VISITORS AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONVERT INTO SALES.

Get 2500 Real Visitors To Your Website For Free- Click Here

I Found A Program That Provides Real Traffic That Can Actually Convert Into Sales

I cannot trust websites that say that they can send 1 million traffic to my website but then say that there is no chance for it to convert into sales as it simply traffic aimed at improving SEO. That is Absolute Rubbish!! That definitely sounds like a bot that they are using and not real visitors.

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I Finally Found A Source For Real Traffic!!

I no longer have to try these gimmick offerings and have now found a program that provides real visitors whose visit to your website can actually convert to sales. This is the best program on the internet and it worked for my websites !! All you have to do is select the page on your website to direct the traffic and then indicate which country you would like your visitors to come from. As simple as that and thousand of visitors will start visiting your website.


How Can A Program Give Traffic From Real Visitors?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. The traffic comes from 3 sources namely:

  1. Parked Domains that receive traffic and it is redirected to your website
  2. Partnership With Website that has high traffic volumes, some of which is redirected to your website
  3. Shortened URLs service that uses their inactive URLs to now redirect traffic to your website.

As simple as that, this is the program of SIMPLE TRAFFIC, which is becoming quite popular amongst websites and bloggers who actually want real traffic to come to their website. Traffic that has the possibility of converting to sales.


Traffic From Real Visitors That Can Be Checked in Google Analytics

The Amazing thing about the Simple Traffic Program is that you can use your Google Analytics To verify the traffic to your website and the country it is coming from. This feature for me is critical. I remember having a dialogue with a particular website owner who had a traffic referring program but then he simply said that there was no way for me to verify the traffic. So essentially, he meant that I should trust his word. That for me definitely made me discontinue my subscription. Any Traffic To Your Website Must Have The Means To Be Verified!!.


Benefit of Simple Traffic Program

Benefit of Simple Traffic
Benefits of Simple Traffic

I hope I have served to help my fellow website owners and bloggers. Please leave a comment below and I will surely respond if you have any questions. This website not only serves to provide travel advice but is a portal for bloggers to share the latest info on how to improve SEO.

Written By : Eloise Bent, SEO Consultant

How To Advertise Your Start-Up Website On 100 Niche Websites for $5 in 2021

December 10, 2020

Advertising on Google can be such a costly endeavour especially if you are a start-up website and you have to compete with million dollar companies with high cost per click rates for target keywords. The Travel Virgin knows the challenges that start-up websites face in trying to acquire visitors that are interested in your niche. In light of this, we want to share ‘How To Advertise Your Start-Up Website On 100 Niche Websites for $5 in 2021

“This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

Google Advertisement is Good For Brand Awareness But May Be Too Costly For Start-Up Websites Who Expect Cost Per Click Returns

The Travel Virgin decided to advertise our article ‘Weekender Bags for a Quick Getaway-25 Best Picks 2020-2021‘ on Google. This article highlighted a list of recommended weekender bags. When a purchase is made from the links in this article, we will gain a commission for purchases as an affiliate. The cost per click for the main keywords related weekender bag is shown below:

KeywordsMonthly Search VolumeCost Per ClickPaid DifficultySearch Difficulty
weekender bag27,100$1.63100/10057/100
weekender bag for women18,100$1.49100/10041/100
weekender bag women18,100$1.49100/10049/100
women’s weekender bag18,000$1.49100/10049/100

Source: AirbnbSurvive Seo Audit Report

3 Months to No.1: The “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google

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To a small online store, the cost to pay per click may be quite expensive, given that the competition is at its maximum with paid difficulty at 100, which means a lot of persons are bidding on these keywords. Back to my weekender bag story. After a couple of weeks, I had a few clicks but only a few purchases which made the cost of advertisement greater than the returns. So I decided to turn off this particular Google advertisement as I did not get the financial returns that I expected. Essentially it worked out that for every $1500 spent my returns would be $220 in affiliate commission. This definitely was a losing advertising campaign.

How To Advertise Your Blog or Online Store On Over 100 Niche Websites

So as a WordPress user, I use a program called Shareaholic to share my content on social media. In the pic below, Shareaholic provides the share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. If you look on thousands of WordPress websites you will see these share buttons which are most likely provided by Shareaholic. Shareaholic is used on thousands of websites worldwide and reaches over 450 million persons monthly.

Shareaholic was used solely by me for its content sharing feature on my website, however in reviewing the Shareaholic dashboard, I decided to try out their advertisement feature. So I set the following parameters.

  1. USA target
  2. $0.05 cost per click
  3. $5 maximum

This was advertising parameters set for my weekender bag advertisement. In the third day of my advertisement, I had spent $4.25 on my Shareaholic weekender bag advertisement and got 85 clicks. Remember I had stopped my Google advertisement, so when I went on my affiliate account and saw weekender bags listed as sold, I was surprised. So I had made $15 after spending $4.25. Since then, I have just been running ads on Shareaholic like crazy so I am seeing great returns but because I am running so many advertisements I am not able to distinguish exactly which advertisement the sales are comes from. I only know that I am now making money using Shareaholic as an advertiser.

The Reach of A Shareaholic Advertisement

Shareaholic was sharing my advertisement on all of their webpages. Shareaholic does not use the Google formula of cost per click, they seem to just pretty much place your advertisement on all the websites which fall in the category that you select on their dashboard. Please see categories below on Shareaholic. Shareaholic does not use keywords instead it uses categories. So for my weekender advertisement I choose 3 categories from the Shareaholic dashboard:

1. Style, Beauty and Fashion

2. Shopping

3. Travel.

How Do To Know Where Shareaholic Places Your Advertisement

Shareholic only reports on the amount of clicks. However, I again stumbled upon a way to find out the websites that Shareaholic was sharing my advertisement on. I did a search on Google for one of my blog topics and realized that I had blog article results from page 1 to 14. Each page having at least 8 results showing my advertisement, so that is over 100 websites. I checked each results and saw that all these websites where Shareaholic website, with my advertisement featured on it, waiting to be clicked.

My recent article titled “Fiverr is The Best Freelance Service Provider For Start-Up Websites 2021” is currently being advertised on Shareaholic. Now, I released this advertisement today, December 10 and it is already showing 14 pages of results on Google, that is over 100 websites advertising my article. This article is being advertised on aged blog posts. Some of these aged blog posts have good SEO traffic monthly. Imagine my blog was released only a few hours ago and already it is showing on over 100 websites, and if someone clicks I will only pay 0.05 as that is my cost per click rate that I have set in Shareaholic.

Google Results Up To Page 14


Here it is that I was simply using Shareaholic as my social media sharing program. Only to find out that it has an advertisement feature which is quite useful not only to establish The Travel Virgin brand but to generate sales for products that I am selling directly or through an affiliate program. I recommend Shareaholic as an excellent app to use to increase the visibility of your website. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Please leave your questions and comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest SEO tips.

Written By: Lori Lewis, Creator, The Travel Virgin

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