Tourist City in Mexico-The Best Revealed

Mexico City is the top tourist destination in Mexico. The city is strategically located, with two wonderful volcanic mountains, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, which are more than 5000 meters high.

While Mexico is huge in terms of area and population, most of the city’s leading tourist destinations and famous activities to do are in the historic city center of Mexico City, a 15-kilometer square UNESCO World Heritage Site with many important buildings showcases the distant past up to the 19th century.

Mexico City is among the most desired tourist attraction site in Mexico. A rich history of the city and the Spanish colonization can be witnessed on foot while trekking. Discover other things to see and do in this vibrant city with our list of the top attractions in Mexico City.

1. Zocalo

tourist city in mexico

The most important part of Mexico City is Zócalo, the Constitution Square, where the country’s proclaimed its first Constitution in 1813. It is among the biggest squares in the world. The city was built after the defeat of the Aztecs. The city was built on Aztec ruins.

Dominated by the top three of Mexico City’s frequently visited tourist destinations – the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Templo Mayor with its wonderful sculptures – Zócalo is the perfect place to explore this historic city.

A few minutes’ walks from Zocalo will lead you to a three floors view of murals by Diego Rivera’s well-known artist in the education ministry. Entry is free.

2. The National Museum of Anthropology-Tourist City in Mexico

tourist city in mexico The National Museum of Anthropology
tourist city in mexico

It is a popular and one of the most significant historical sites in the continent sitting in Chapultepec reserve and is not easily left out because it has a huge symbolic figure just beside its entrance.

As eye-catching as it is, the building’s huge collection consists of archeological features extracted from past Indian ways of life and present-day Indian occupants of Mexico. The National Library of Anthropology is another feature, founded in 1831 by Lukas Alaman. Emperor Maximilian later established it into a record 300,000 volumes.

3. The Palace of Fine Arts

Mexico City’s most important cultural landmark, the Palace of Fine Arts, is an architectural gem. This large marble structure was designed professionally by Adamo Boari, an Italian designer.

The palace acts as an opera house and concert room hosting many traditional and international dance and concert productions. Many visitors visit the place to enjoy a view of its wonderful interior designed by famous artists like Diego Rivera and many others.

Suppose you’re able to see a performance here. In that case, you’ll also be gifted a chance to enjoy the theater’s stunning interior décor, like its spectacular glass-mosaic curtain depicting the Valley of Mexico and its spectacular volcanoes.

4. The National Palace-Tourist City in Mexico

tourist city in mexico

Covering the eastern side of Mexico City’s main square, Zócalo, the immense National Palace built of reddish tezontle rocks and posting a 200-meter-long façade, is the president’s official residence.

It acts as a seat of Spanish established on Aztec palace in the ancient period and has not interfered with and enlarged through the years. It is the oldest but finest building in the city depicting notable features. This is one of the best offering of the tourist city of Mexico.

Other attractions here are the National Archives, having useful historical documents, and the Biblioteca Miguel, a huge library.

5. National History Museum-Tourist City in Mexico

Situated at the top of a hill overlooking the city. This castle has served as a military academy, imperial residence, and presidential home. During the Mexican- American war, a number of children lost their lives trying to defend the Mexican flag here and this palace is now dedicated to them.

Another top attraction of this tourist city of Mexico,is the world-class National History Museum. Having been built in the 18th century, The Aztec building occupied the Chapultepec Castle, but the Spanish hermitage later came in and occupied it.

The museum was opened in 1944 and is home to an impressive collection of pre-Columbian material and reproductions of ancient manuscripts. A large number of exhibits showcased the history of Mexico since the Spanish conquest.

Other key features are the Mexican apartments inhibited by the popular Charlotte and Maximilian. It was decorated in a neoclassical appearance and has furniture brought from Europe. The castle also has beautiful views over the city.

6. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

tourist city in mexico The Palace of Fine Arts

It is said to have attracted its first pilgrims during its commission in 1531. The Roman Catholic Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a tourist attraction attracting many visitors and worshipers every year, particularly in the feast day season each December 12th.

It was built next to the actual place where it is speculated that Virgin Mary emerged. The place has unique structures overlooking a wide public square adorned with several interesting modern features, such as a huge cross made of concrete with a unique chime and clock.

There are many things highlighted, including a wonderful altarpiece given to Mary during the 16th-century. It was established in 1976 and is famous due to its unique structure.

7. The House of Tiles

The House of Tiles is found next to the picturesque Church of San Francisco. It was built in 1596 has a beautiful façade. Conde del Valle de Orizaba decorated it, and it still looks as good as new after 150 years, with beautiful blue and white tiles.

Its popularity increased after José Clemente Orozco, a renowned artist, painted the sculptures displayed near the stairs in 1925. Visiting The House of Tiles means that you can dine at the restaurant in the building’s spectacular courtyard, surrounded by one very large work of art.

8. Alameda Central-Tourist City in Mexico

Alameda Central boasts many beautiful fountains and sculptures that are spectacular and neatly kept and were laid in 1592 at the site where it was once a market full of activities. It is still a busy place, mostly during Christmas Eve, when it is well decorated and beautifully lit.

The stunning Palacio de Bellas Artes is found near the park. It is well known for hosting theatrical and music performances and other key art exhibitions. This is one of the best attractions of the tourist city of Mexico.

Final Thought- Tourist City in Mexico

Mexico City is the top tourist destination in Mexico by volume of international tourism, hotel capacity, cultural attractions, and heritage. More travelers have been attracted due to the rapid integration of Mexico into the economy. Thus, Mexico City has become the most visited city in Mexico.

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