Top Tourist Destinations in the USA 2022

Having a large population and much diversity, the United States has many amazing tourist destinations ranging from the wonderful skyscrapers to the glacier tours of Alaska and Yellowstone to the beautiful sandy beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii.With such a huge number of tourist destinations in the USA, it isn’t easy to list all states or even cities, but in this article I have narrowed down ‘Top 15 Tourist Destinations in the USA for 2022.’

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1. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in the USA. It was established in 1872. It was meant to preserve many hot springs, geysers, and other thermal areas and preserve the wonderful wildlife and rugged, beautiful appearance.

Yellowstone is positioned on top of a huge hot spot where molten, hot, and light mantle rock rises to the surface.

2. Manhattan-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Manhattan is among the five boroughs in New York and is what people most often imagine as New York. Its familiar skyline and beautiful sights are common on screens.

When you walk through the skyscrapers’ shadows, you will find the Statue of Liberty right in front of you, and the sight is breathtaking.

3. Statue of Liberty

Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Being a universal symbol of freedom, this Statue of Liberty is the most familiar icon in America and the largest statue globally. Standing tall in New York Harbor, tourists can view the statue from several points around the City. Most common is the Battery Park, or by taking a ferry right to the statue.

You will get different options; including grounds, pedestal, or crown tickets allowing different site access levels.

4. White House -Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

The White House is the Head of States’ official residence, and one should prioritize viewing the White House when you are visting Washington.

The White House’s position and visibility from the street provides a pedestrian region for an excellent point for a great snapshot.

Tours of the White House are not at a cost, however, travelers must get reservations within a minimum of three weeks in advance.

5. Walt Disney World Resort

It is located in Orlando and is the leading tourist attraction and entertainment attraction in the United States that caters to people of all ages for decades.

A top attraction in the USA, it attracts millions of families yearly. It has everything needed for an absolutely fun and memorable vacation. Shopping malls, theme parks,theaters, water parks etc, it has it all!

6. Waikiki-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

It is home to the well-known beach in the Hawaiian Islands, and there is a possibility that it is the most popular beach in the Pacific. Waikiki has become a tourist attraction site for over a century.

Shopping, surfing, dining, and sunbathing are among what makes this small part of Honolulu so famous with tourists of all ages from different parts of the world.

7. Golden Gate Bridge

Arching through the San Francisco Bay, joining Marin County and San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge has been an iconic structure in California. The bridge’s orange-red color is a symbolic accent that brings a completely different sight to the City.

8. Freedom Trail in Boston-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Boston’s Freedom Trail is an approximately 2.5-mile trekking route that leads past some of the City’s most essential historical attractions.

Aligned are the red bricks, inlaid in the sidewalk, which indicates the route, making it easy for tourists to find their way easily.

9. Grand Canyon-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

The Grand Canyon is among the leading tourist destinations within the United States. It is found in the northern region of Arizona. The Colorado River has curved it to the current state for many years; the canyon attains a length of 446 km (277 miles) and a depth of over 1.6 km (1 mile)

10. Florida Keys

Tourist Destinations in the USA
Tourist Destinations in the USA

The Florida Keys is formed by a 120-mile series of tropical islands meandering at the lower part of the Florida peninsula, conjoined to the shore by a chain of bridges.

The most spectacular bridge, the Seven Mile Bridge in the Lower Keys, is a wonderful feature. Many filmmakers, including Fast and Furious and True Lies, have acted on the Florida Keys.

11. Denali National Park-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Tourist Destinations in the USA

The Denali National Park is found in Alaska. Mount McKinley is within the park and is North America’s highest mountain.

Also, the park protects a wonderful arid area that contains grizzly bears, moose, wolves, caribou, and numerous other creatures.

12. Las Vegas Strip

Tourist Destinations in the USA

Las Vegas is the central gambling location globally, found in the southern part of Nevada’s arid area. Clients can be in a wide region of Las Vegas, but many of them are found in the southern part of Boulevard.

Casinos are usually characterized by names and themes that evoke mystery, Romans, and far-away destinations.

13. Yosemite National Park

Tourist Destinations in the USA

Along the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, you will find Yosemite National Park. This unique destination is known globally due to its breathtaking scenery.

Just inside this park, visitors can view the spectacular granite cliffs, see sequoia trees that are hundreds of years old, and admire clear waterfalls.

14. San Francisco

San Francisco’s culture has got the influence of its diverse ethnic groups and several social movements. The best way to view the City near the bay is to walk through the surrounding by foot or wire cage. From the Castro to the Mission district, you’ll find many boutiques and restaurants serving nearly all kinds of cuisine.

15. New Orleans-Top Tourist Destinations in the USA

Offering a unique blend of cultures, from European to Caribbean, New Orleans has a distinct offering to visitors. A delight for music lovers who can enjoy the rhythm of Jazz and blues. The nightlife of Bourbon Street where you can dance the night away of have a tasty dish of Gumbo and shrimp.


America’s beautiful and unique topography makes it an important trove of the most notable places. Along the coast, there are natural sites to explore and appreciate.

I hope the stated sites gave you a glimpse of the extraordinary landscapes and attractions found in the US. Whether you’re interested in a vacation or something better, there are several unexploited gems that you’ll need to explore, but indeed this is a cool place to start.

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