Hiking at Garden of the Gods: The Ultimate Guide

Hiking at Garden of the Gods

If you’re looking for a new outdoor adventure, look no further than Garden of the Gods! It is one of the most popular destinations in Colorado Springs. With many 200 acres to explore, this national monument is one of Colorado Springs’ most popular hiking locations. Whether you want a quick stroll or an all-day hike, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful site. Hiking at Garden of Gods should definitely be on your bucket list. The red sandstone rock formations provide an incredible scenic backdrop whilst hiking.

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About Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods lies within Colorado Springs city limits. It covers 1,400 acres and includes the Rock Ledge Ranch which is a Historic Site. The Ranch was once the residence of Charles Elliott Perkins. It is one of the world’s most magnificent urban parks. There is additionally a wonderful Garden of the Gods Visitor Center onsite. 24 kilometers of looping walking routes are linked together by all these elements.

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The Garden of the Gods is a spectacular mix of grassed, wooded, and mountainous forested geological areas. The park is conveniently located near Pikes Peak Mtn. Known as “America’s Mountain” because it inspired the song “America the Beautiful,” its stunning scenery is a 300-million-year history lesson that can be discovered in its rock formations.

Garden of the Gods Hikes

The Garden of the Gods and the adjacent areas are well-known for their beautiful scenery. It can be experienced on a series of short to medium-distance hikes. Most trails on the east side are accessible by mountain biking, horseback riding and rock climbing.

The park has 15 miles of hiking and cycling paths, with the Perkins Central Garden Trail being the most popular. Visit the Visitor & Nature Center to pick up a free map that includes information on walking and cycling routes. Guided walks are also available.

The Best Garden Of the Gods Hiking Trails

Hiking at the Garden of the Gods is like visiting another planet. Because of its small size and accessibility, the Garden of the Gods is a destination that everyone can enjoy.

Siamese Twins Trail

Hiking at Garden of the Gods

This is a very popular hiking route in the Garden of the Gods. Located in the southwestern corner, not far from the southwest entrance. The Siamese Twins walk is only about a mile, but it provides some of the park’s most spectacular vistas. Epic panoramas of the Pikes Peak and the renowned Siamese Twins rock which abounds along this route.

Perkins Central Garden Trail

Hiking at Garden of the Gods

The Perkins Central Garden Trail is often deemed as the most popular of the walking trails. Named after Charles Perkins, who donated the property. The trail runs from Kissing Camels on Northern Gateway Rock to Cathedral Spires between Northern and Southern Gateway Rocks. Admiring the loop from the front immerses you in its magnificence.

The trail is rather flat and simple to walk. This makes it great for beginners, families or anybody wanting some peace on their strolls.

Palmer Trail

Hiking at Garden of the Gods

The Palmer Trail is considered a lengthier hike compared to the other trails in the park. Beginning at the main lot and finishing at the middle of the Siamese Twins route. This challenging trail runs along both sides of the park from near the Main Parking Lot to a point midway between The Twin Falls and The Giant Footprints formations.

The Ridge Trail

Hiking at Garden of the Gods

If a moderate trek isn’t enough of a challenge for you, the Ridge Trail is the way to go. Begin at the South Garden Parking area and make your way to the enormous Sleeping Giant formation. This one’s a little more difficult, but it’s very short (only about a half-mile round-trip). Approximately 100 feet of elevation gain should be expected.

Palmer-Scotsman-Buckskin Charlie-Ute-Susan B. Bretag Loop

If you love the trails described above, you will be eager to explore the Palmer-Scotsman-Buckskin-Ute-Bretag Loop. It is almost 4 miles. This lovely trek passes by some of the park’s most amazing rock formations as it circles the park.

Rock Formations at Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods was undersea once. Hundreds of layers of sand built up over millennia, solidifying into rock and sinking to the bottom. The stone has been formed by thousands of years of weather changes, water and soil erosion which formed beautiful shapes. The stone, however, may still contain traces of prior mountains, beaches, and sea. Fossils from the Jurassic Period and earlier have been discovered at the Garden of the Gods. The Garden of the Gods includes the most stunning rock formations, including some that are found nowhere else on earth.

Siamese Twins Formation

This is located near the junction of the Palmer and Siamese Twins Trails. The unique appearance and ability to provide a beautiful view of Pikes Peak Mountain make this formation extremely popular. It is a photographers delight!

Balanced Rock

This is close to the south western entrance and Garden Dr., and is most times crowed . The Balanced Rock doesn’t appear to be standing at all when viewed from the correct angle. This massive formation appears ready to collapse at any moment!

The Kissing Camels

Located on the western side of Northern Gateway Rock, the Kissing Camels formation may be seen. The camels, which are high above the park, appear to be kissing one another. It is easily be observed from the Palmer Trail.

White Rock

The White Rock is outstanding because of its bright white colour. This folded rock has a tiny cave to the west slope. This cave is known as Ketner’s Cave in memory of a man who was trapped inside. His inscribed signature on the rock in 1731 is part of the sightseeing on the trail.

Other Recommendations for Hiking Garden of the Gods

  • The park is modest, with the majority of the walkways being basic. Garden of the Gods is perched at a height of over six thousand five hundred feet. If you’re not used to hiking high elevations, take it easy on yourself.
  • Bring adequate amounts of water if you’re going on a hot day. It can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit easily. Ensure that you apply sunscreen, walking shoes, or hiking boots, dress appropriately with layers to avoid overheating. If you go with the children, make sure your kids remember their hats!
  • Deciding to climb the rock formations may appear to be a thrill, however, injury in the park be fall is frequent.
  • It’s also important that you follow the marked pathways. This is to avoid damaging the rock formations.

If you are looking for a new place to hike that has beautiful scenery, the Garden of the Gods is worth checking out. It’s one of the most popular trails in Colorado Springs. Hiking in the Garden of the Gods is an experience you won’t soon forget. We hope that this information will assist you in planning your next trip to the Garden of the Gods!

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