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Anyone who has been traveling for years, who is asked the question ‘is Legit?’ may respond ‘what rock have you been living under?, is one of the most if not the most popular online travel agency. Well this website is called The Travel Virgin and there is a special place in our hearts for newbie travelers even though we provide content for seasoned travelers. We are keen on answering questions which newbie travelers may not have the answers to.

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Is Legit? is a legitimate online travel agency established in 1996 in Amsterdam. It has a very extensive listing of over 28 million. Whether travelers are searching for vacation homes, a bed and breakfast, hotels, apartments, villas, luxury resorts, cabins, or hostels, it has it all. also offers attractions, flights, car rental, airport and taxi service.

There are so many websites providing travel related services, but the Travel Virgin has rated as the number one travel agency for 2021 in our our article ‘The Top 10 Online Travel Agencies for 2021‘. is a one stop shop for travel services as evidenced by the features outlined below.

List of Services of

AccommodationsIs Legit
Car Rental Is Legit
Airport Taxi ServiceIs Legit

Advantages of Using Legit

  • As a business traveler, it is easy to find hotels that are business-friendly.
  • Provides an extensive listing of travel services.
  • mobile app is one of the best travel apps and is highly rated.

The Travel Virgin has adequately answered the question of ‘Is booking com legit?’.

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