How Many Seas in the World Are There?

How Many Seas in the World Are There

The Travel Virgin is here to provide the best answer to the frequently asked question of “how many seas in the world are there?”Many people will recall the name of the sea that is close to where they live but may not recognize the name of other seas that exit. This article will define “sea”, provide a list of seas in the world, and also dispel a long-held belief as it relates to the existence of only “seven seas”.

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What is a Sea?-How Many Seas in the World Are There?

A sea is a large body of saltwater that is most times partially enclosed by a large mass of land. Seas are located where the ocean meets the land. The only exception to this definition is the Sargasso Sea which is located in an open ocean and is without a land boundary. People may have believed that there are actually seven seas as the term “seven seas” was used for centuries to describe large water bodies which many interpreted as the actual amount of seas that existed. This is not true as there are many seas in the world. “Seven seas” in ancient times actually originated from referring to 7 oceanic bodies and not seven seas.

How Many Seas in the World Are There?
Sargasso Sea

How Many Seas in the World?

Please see the list of seas located in different oceans below. Based on our list, there are actually over 70 seas in the world which includes counting seas that are located within a larger sea and seas which are called seas but may not quite meet the definition. The International Hydrographic Organization supports this by listing over 70 water bodies that are classified as seas. Most credible sources on the internet do not give an exact number but a rough estimation, because the definition “sea” has been debated based on interpretation. This is quite evident, based on the literature found on the National Geographic website which states:

How Many Seas in the World Are There?
Excerpt from National Geographic

Supporting Article: Blue-Growth

1. Seas of the Pacific Ocean-How Many Seas in the World Are There?

  1. Arafura Sea
  2. Bering Sea
  3. Bohol Sea or Mindanao Sea
  4. Celebes Sea
  5. Coral Sea
  6. Banda Sea
  7. East China Sea
  8. Flores Sea
  9. Gulf of Alaska
  10. Gulf of Carpentaria
  11. Philippine Sea
  12. Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California
  13. Sea of Japan
  14. Seto Inland Sea
  15. Sea of Okhotsk
  16. South China Sea
    • Beibu Gulf
  17. Sulu Sea
  18. Tasman Sea
  19. Yellow Sea
    • Bohai Sea

2. Seas of the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Baffin Bay
  2. Caribbean Sea
  3. Celtic Sea
  4. English Channel
  5. Gulf of Mexico
  6. Gulf of St. Lawrence
  7. Hudson Bay
    • James Bay
  8. Irish Sea
  9. Mediterranean Sea
    • Aegean Sea
    • Mirtoon Sea
    • Black Sea
      1. Sea of Azov
    • Ionian Sea
    • Tyrrhenian Sea
    • Ligurian Sea
    • Sea of Marmara
    • Adriatic Sea
    • Gulf of Sidra
    • Sea of Crete
  10. North Sea
    • Baltic Sea
      • Gulf of Bothnia
  11. Sargasso Sea

3. Seas of the Indian Ocean-How Many Seas in the World Are There?

  1. Arabian Sea
  2. Bay of Bengal
  3. Gulf of Aden
  4. Gulf of Thailand
  5. Java Sea
  6. Gulf of Oman
  7. Persian Gulf
  8. Red Sea
  9. Timor Sea

4. Seas of the Arctic Ocean

  1. Barents Sea
  2. Beaufort Sea
    • Amundsen Gulf
  3. Chukchi Sea
  4. East Siberian Sea
  5. Greenland Sea
  6. Laptev Sea
  7. Kara Sea

5. Seas of the Southern Ocean-How Many Seas in the World Are There?

  1. Amundsen Sea
  2. Great Australian Bight
  3. Gulf St. Vincent
  4. Ross Sea
  5. Spencer Gulf

6. Landlocked Seas

  1. Aral Sea
  2. Caspian Sea
  3. Dead Sea
  4. Salton Sea
  5. ****Sea of Galilee (this is referred to as a sea but based on the definition of a sea, it would not classify as it is actually a lake with fresh water)


We hope The Travel Virgin has answered your question of “how many seas are there in the world?”. As per our credible support sources, no one has sought to give a definitive number but rather a rough estimate and a list, we are however certain that there are actually much more than “seven seas”.

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