The Meaning of Round Trip and 4 Other Types of Fares

The Meaning of Round Trip and 4 Other Types of Fares

A fare is defined as a journey for which a price is paid. There are many types of fares whose definition is based on the nature of the journey. In this article, the meaning of round trip and 4 other types of fares will be provided.

Types of Fares

  • Round Trip
  • One Way Trip
  • Round The World Trip
  • Open-Jaw Trip
  • Multi-City Trip

What Does Round Trip Mean?

A round trip is defined as traveling from a location and then returning to the same location. A round trip can be taken using different modes of transportation such as a bus, train, airplane, etc. In the case of a flight, a round trip is often thought to be cheaper than buying two separate one-way tickets. This is so as airlines often give special discounts for round trip flights.

The Meaning of Round Trip

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What Does One Way Trip Mean?

A one-way trip is defined as traveling from a particular location to another. This type of fare is ideal for travelers who plan on having a long or indefinite stay at their destination.

what does one way trip mean

What Is Round the World Trip?

A Round the World trip is traveling from one destination to another and making multiple stops on the way then finally returning to your original home destination. On an around the world trip, you can stop at several destinations where the stop is not a layover but a stopover that allows you to go outside of the airport and explore the destination.

Round The World Trip
Round The World Trip

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What Is an Open-Jaw Trip?

An open-jaw trip is when you travel from a location to a destination but the original departure location and or destination is not the same on the return trip. There are actually 3 types of open-jaw trips which are described below.

Destination Open-Jaw

This is where a traveler travels from one location to another but returns to the original location from a different place. For example, depart Florida to New York, but on the return trip fly from Philadelphia to Florida.

The Meaning of Round Trip and 5 Other Types of Fares

Origin Open-Jaw

This where a traveler departs from one location to another but returns to a different location. For example, flying from Canada to New York, but returning from New York to Manchester.

The Meaning of Round Trip and 5 Other Types of Fares

Double Open-Jaw

This is where two totally separate travel routes exist. For example, flying from Florida to New York, but on the return trip flying from Atlanta to London.

The Meaning of Round Trip and 5 Other Types of Fares

What Is a Multi-City Trip?

A Multi-City Trip is a trip to a destination where there are several stops in multiple cities on the journey.

multi city trip


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What does a Round Trip Mean?

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