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Who doesn’t love free tools? The challenge with free tools is that there are often missing capabilities especially if there is a paid version. There is, however, a solution to this dilemma, which is combining free tools to provide all the necessary capabilities to complete a task. In the case of reviewing a blog for grammar and SEO, there are five free tools that are ideal for this purpose when combined. The end result is excellent content that meets all requirements for content creation in the content marketing process.

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Introduction to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about curation, creation, and circulation. Curation and circulation are an easy part of the Content Marketing process for me as a blogger. Curation is about the credibility and reliability of the information in my content. I acquire all supporting information from trusted sources through a process of validation. Distribution is easy too, as I have been using social media content promotion tools such as Quuu Promote, Shareaholic, and Viral Content Bee. These tools distribute my blog on various social media platforms for a reasonable cost. These platforms have been very useful, however, I have a greater appreciation for Quuu Promote as it only accepts high-quality well-written content.

The challenge that I have with Content Marketing is the creation process, as my writing sometimes sucks. I said it; my writing sucks at times, especially when I write a very long detailed article and forget to “cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s”.

The 3 C’s of Blog Content Marketing

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Using a social media circulation platform that approves only quality content, requires that I put a bit more time and effort into ensuring that blog posts have minimal errors and that they are optimized for ranking on Google. Quuu Promote reviews my content and makes recommendations for correction, however, sometimes the level of corrections that are needed especially as it relates to grammar, needs a more comprehensive audit because I suck. In light of this, I have been using five free tools to create, prepare and review my blog post for publishing online and submission to Quuu Promote and Viral Content Bee.

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Blog Review Process

Rather than outline the free tools and discuss what they do, I will give a step by step process to how I use the tools throughout my blog writing process. Now, I must admit that I don’t use the tools all the time especially for shorter content, however, the aim in blogging is to produce longer (1,000 words and above) quality content that improves SEO. All the free tools recommended have a premium version, however, I find that using all 5 free tools in my review process covers all the necessary areas for review.

1. Write Blog in Rough Format in WordPress

I use WordPress, so I write my articles on the WordPress platform in a very rough state. I just let my thoughts flow freely within the context of an organized structure as it relates to what was envisioned in the curation process. WordPress is free, however, it usually has to be hosted on a paid platform.

2. Use Grammarly To Correct Basic Grammar Errors

As I freely write my thoughts, Grammarly is underlining my errors and providing recommended corrections. This is done through the installation of the Grammarly browser extension. See example below.

free seo tools
free seo tools

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3. Use Yoast for Readability and SEO

Yoast is a free plugin for WordPress. This tool is very comprehensive in checking for readability and SEO. I usually use this after correcting with Grammarly. Please see the sample readability and SEO report below. The aim is to get all lights green. For each recommendation, there is a blog article that explain what is expected in terms of the correction.

SEO Report

SEO Checker
Seo Checker

Readability Report

Readability Checker - Website Traffic
Readability Checker

4. Use Title Case Converter for H1, H2, H3 Tags in WordPress

Yoast sometimes makes recommendations as it relates to the H1, H2, and H3 headers, so I use the title case converter tool after correcting the errors highlighted by Yoast. There are many rules to title case, which I only realized after submitting my content to Quuu Promote and receiving the message below.

After receiving the message above, I found this great title case converter tool. Usually, I put it on New York Times settings, as who can go wrong with following the New York Times. Please see the example below.

free seo tool

5. Use Scriben To Correct Grammar and Sentence Structure

Scriben is another free tool for grammatical correction. It picks up additional grammatical errors which are not covered in the free version of Grammarly. It is very good at providing alternative sentence structures based on grammar rules. It also has a browser extension. As seen in the image below, it highlights the errors, then you can right-click to see notes on the error and also correct it.

free seo tool


There it is, an outline of 5 free tools to use for Blog SEO and grammar. Utilizing these tools in combination will surely enhance your effort at content marketing.

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