The Longest Beach in the World 2021

Longest Beach in the World

When people express their thoughts on a great vacation, it is often said somewhere in their description “long relaxing walks on the beach”. The Travel Virgin is here to help you realize your vacation dream as we unveil our article on the “Longest Beach in the World“. So if you really want a long, rather an extra extra long walk on the beach, we can direct you where to go.

Longest Beach in the World-Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil

The longest beach in the world is the Praia do Cassino Beach, which is located in Brazil. Stretching an amazing 157 miles, it runs from Rio to Uruguay. Now, to really give an idea of the stretch of the longest beach in the world, we have done some research on how long it would take to walk the entire stretch. Using Naismiths Rule which states that 3 miles is equivalent to 1 hour of walking. It would take an estimated 52 hours of uninterrupted walk to cover the entire beach stretch. This calculation is based on all other variables in Naismiths Rule not being considered such as climbing, descent and break time.

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If the walk of Praia do Cassino Beach is pretty much flat, without any inclines or descents, it would take 52 hours or rather 2 days and some hours to walk the beach with no sleep, rest or food breaks taken.

Walking The Longest Beach in The World Taking Into Consideration Breaks and Sleep

So yes, The Travel Virgin will go ahead and do a rough calculation, as we know that some of our readers may have walking the entire beach on their bucket list. Not sure by what means, travelers will achieve this task whether they will stop, go back to their hotel room or vacation rental, then drive to the spot where they left off or maybe they could investigate staying at various rentals near the stretch or rent a RV. But lets get to the task at hand, doing a rough calculation of walking the entire stretch with breaks and sleep considered.

DetailsTotal TimeAdded Time
Start Walk in Morning
8:00 A.M

End Walk at 7 P.M

11 hours in the Day
Less 2 hours for Meal Break
20 minutes break for each hour of walking to enjoy the scenery

Less Meal Break of 2 Hours=9 hours for walking
Less 20 minutes for each hour, 180 minutes (3 hours)=

5 hours

Total Time Needed

For Every 11 hours, 5 hours added for meal and breaks to enjoy the scenery. This task is suppose to be enjoyable, its not a marathon, so sitting on the beach, relaxing etc is expected.

So 24 hours estimated added time to the 52 hours = approx. 76 hours, 3 days and 1 hour to walk the entire 157 miles
The Travel Virgin Calculation To Walk The Longest Beach In The World

There you have i t!! Our very rough calculations of taking 3 days and 1 hour to walk the entire stretch of Praia do Cassino Beach in Brazil. Now if our calculations seems to be that of a Travel Virgin, please write us. We will surely make adjustments in our calculation table above.

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The beauty of the Praia do Cassino is seen in the gallery below. The pristine blue water and the majestic evening sky. These views are definitely worth a trip to Brazil.

Hotels and Villas in Proximity to Praia do Cassino Beach

Below are some hotels and villas that are discounted that are in close proximity to Praia do Cassino Beach. Click the link and adjust dates as necessary.
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