Best Socks for Tennis-Top 20 for 2022

Best Socks for Tennis

Best Socks for Tennis: In the last hundred years, we have seen a lot of changes in tennis clothing. Technological advances in clothing contribute to the evolution of tennis and other sport. Cotton is no longer the favored choice in tennis and sport as a whole.This new trend in tennis clothing is even more so with tennis socks. The top 20 best socks for tennis available on the market have gone through various evolutions to provide the best protection and comfort while on the field. Today, socks do not just cover your feet but also contribute to your performance.

Companies like Adidas,  Dri-FIT,  ClimaCool, and Nike are examples of these clothing technologies. Professional tennis players, and recreational players, opt for these better performance clothing choices because it keeps them dry, cool, and more comfortable than traditional tennis socks. To choose the right socks to enhance your on-court performance, you need to know what clothing technologies are available and how they can help your performance.

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Best Socks for Tennis

Understanding Sock Materials and Construction.

Your feet are one of the sweatiest parts of your body, as  250,000 endocrine sweat glands cover them. New technological design performance fabrics help to absorb and disperse this moisture. It also prevents blisters and discomfort in a long tennis match.

Popular Materials for Tennis Socks.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is the new generation wool fabric that is super absorbent, thermostatic, and itch-free. The fine fibers are soft and help your feet stay comfortable. Merino wool can absorb approximately 30% of its weight in moisture keeping the feet dry.

Wool fiber is breathable, cooling the feet in hot conditions. It keeps the feet dry by wicking moisture and cushions the feet for extra comfort. Wool socks are expensive and dry slower than synthetic socks.

Synthetic Fibers-Best Socks for Tennis

Synthetic socks are usually a blend of more than one synthetic fiber. These fibers’ incorporation in selected areas assists with specific functions like cooling, reinforcement, etc. Materials like nylon, lycra, and spandex retain their shape well. Socks from these materials create a snug fit and add extra arch support.

Synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene have excellent moisture-wicking abilities that keep your feet dry. And prevent blisters. Although they dry fast, are moisture-wicking, durable, and provide excellent cushion, they are uncomfortable in warm conditions.

Ingeo Fibers

Ingeo (IN-gee-oh)  is an natural fiber derived  from corn,  similar to polyester. This geo-green fiber provides impeccable insulation. It is not just outstanding in moisture-wicking but also retains less odor than other synthetic fibers.

The manufacturing process of Ingeo emits 50% fewer greenhouse gasses and requires half the energy to produce than polyester. Because the material is plant-based, it is 100% biodegradable. Ingeo is not durable, so materials are usually an Ingeo cotton blend.  It is extremely soft with non-irritating properties and perfect for sensitive skin.

Silk-Best Socks for Tennis

Apart from being soft with a smooth texture, silk has natural moisture-wicking properties. The material is lightweight and comfortable against the skin. Silk is not as durable as wool and synthetic fabric. Silk is a natural fiber, and one of its major abilities is natural insulation.


Cotton on its own is too abrasive for athletic uses. 100% cotton socks are very absorbent. Sweat quickly saturates the cotton then dries slowly, causing friction and blisters. A cotton blend with polyester or Ingeo is more moisture-wicking, softer, and causes less friction.

Features That Make Socks More Comfortable.

Padding –

Padding can be a real foot-saver in a long tennis match. It protects the heel and the ball of the foot and provides cushioning. An increase in the weaving in the desired area creates an increase in density to form a cushion.

Some manufacturers also use acrylic and other long-wearing material like polyester for padding. Be mindful of the amount of padding in your socks, for it can cause your shoes to be too tight and uncomfortable.

Arch reinforcements – Best Socks for Tennis

People with high arches can develop arch pain or even plantar fasciitis without proper support when partaking in sporting activities.  There are socks available on the market with a tighter weave to reinforce and support the arch.

These compression socks add extra support for people with normal arches or flat feet.  Reinforcement socks, however, do not replace supportive footwear. With the right shoes, it will enhance your performance.

Fit – product pages will provide manufacturer-specific size information. Their information will help you choose the correct size. It is advisable to pay attention to how the socks fit on the heel and toe when trying them on. Socks that are too long can bunch over the toes, and too short socks may slide into the shoe.

Try socks on with shoes if they have reinforcements or padding.  It prevents shoes from fitting so tightly when wearing them. Choose comfort above brand names and styles to ensure healthy feet.

Tennis Socks Styles

Every tennis player has their own choice of style that offers them comfort. The men usually play with long socks while the woman wears ankle socks or no-show socks. Below we will review the different socks syles.

​ Crew Socks (long)-Best Socks for Tennis

​ These types of socks are common in the realm of tennis. They are known for their ability to absorb sweat on hot days. Crew socks also protect your legs from the ultraviolet sun rays (UV) that can be harsh on your skin.

Long socks also provide a sense of style and tradition and are popular with men tennis players.

Roll-top Socks

These type of socks has a minuscule role to play.  The roll-top is to ensure that your shoes do not swallow the sock. Longer roll-top socks also absorb sweat. The roll-top is provides a more comfortable fit.

​ Quarter Socks and Ankle Socks-​Best Socks for Tennis

​ Ankle or Quarter Socks or mini-crew socks stop just above the ankle. These socks permit peak movement to the ankle for quick on-court turns due to their small size. They do not slide down into the shoes, and they are a great alternative to no-show socks.

Ankle socks are slightly shorter than quarter socks. Quater socks conceal the ankle bone. These socks provide optimal protection for players that endure  Achilles issues and blisters on their heels.

No-show Socks-Best Socks for Tennis

​ These socks do not show above the sneakers. The advantage of these socks is that the calf and ankle are bare, and you do not have sweat-soaked fabric around them. Unfortunately, they slip down into the shoe during play and cause friction on the skin that in turn causes blisters.

Your first line of defense in tennis is a pair of high-tech socks that will keep your feet dry, blister-free, and comfortable and up your performance. Choose the right pair of socks, and you can avoid blisters, unwanted odors, moisture, and discomfort. Here are the top twenty best socks according to tennis players and experts.

Top Best Socks for Playing Tennis

1. Danish Endurance Crew Socks

These performance tennis crew socks for men and women will add flair to your tennis wardrobe. This soft organic cotton sock is gentle on the most sensitive skin types. Apart from being breathable due to the technically crafted cooling lanes, Danish Endurance socks feature light padding for extra comfort during the match.

These moisture-wicking socks will keep the feet dry, blister-free, and comfortable throughout the match. The designers from Copenhagen wanted to ensure a safe product out of fair working conditions without undermining quality. These socks are available from small to large for men and women.

2. Amazon Essentials Woman Crew Socks-Best Socks for Tennis

This cotton-synthetic blend (60% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 3% Elastane) socks has everything you need to enhance your performance on the tennis court. The natural cotton fiber mesh makes the material breathable and helps absorb moisture away from the skin.

Amazon Essentials Woman Crew Socks  has built-in arch reinforcement for extra support and zone cushioning for lasting comfort during long matches. Spandex helps the sock retain its shape and provides a better fit. The smooth toe seam eliminates abrasions and blisters. These six are available from size six to twelve.

3. thorlos Unisex TX Max Cushion Crew Socks

​ In those long, high-tension matches, everyone wants high-performance socks they can trust. These socks are an 85% Acrylic, 12% Nylon, 3% Elastic blend. Padding is provided for toes, heels, forefeet, and sidewalls to protect the feet against the inside of the shoe.

Apart from protection from blisters and pain, the synthetic material is moisture-wicking to move the sweat away from the skin. thorlos Unisex TX Max Cushion Crew Socks has high durability fibers that are weaved into the toes to resist wear. The intent is for the design to follow the contour of the foot to offer a better fit. Sizes are available from small to large.

4. Celer Sport Ankle Socks (men and women)-Best Socks for Tennis

​ You can not go wrong with this combed cotton (88.3% ) synthetic (10.7% Polyester, 1% Spandex) blend.  Get peak performance out of these low-cut socks. The cotton and synthetic blend provide [perfect moisture-wicking, while the ribbed weave enhances breathability.

The toe is cushioned and reinforced for protection. The thicker yarn adds extra durability. A tab at the back of the shoe prevents the sock from sliding into the shoe. The cushioning protects the heel. The Spandex provides support and assists the socks to retain their form.  Celer Sport Ankle Socks reinforce the bridge for support and stability, in sizes from small to large for men and women.

5. Adidas Crew Socks for Men and Women

The perfect sock to enhance your performance for those long tennis matches. This machine-washable synthetic blend of  97% Polyester, 3% Spandex provides all the comfort you need on the court. The yarn is moisture-wicking to keep the sweat away from your feet.

To protect your feet from pain and blisters the sock is cushioned. Adidas Crew Socks for Men compressed arch provides comfort and a secure fit no matter how long or short your game is. They are available in large and X large.

6. Bering Ankle Socks For men and women-Best Socks for Tennis

​ Bering Ankle Socks  is a soft, comfortable, durable sock with a protective tab to prevent  Achilles and prevention friction. Combined cushioning on the sole and the heal to withstand and absorb impact. Reinforcement lends to durability on the heel and toe.

The breathable mesh provides ventilation and helps keep moisture from the skin, keeping the feet cool, dry, and preventing odor. An arch compression band stabilizes the bridge and provides a snug fit. Choose any size from six to twelve for your overall foot protection in the next tennis tournament.

​ 7. Nike Kids’ Cushion Ankle Socks   

Protect the champions of tomorrow. Nike for Kids  is a blend of  84% Cotton/11% Polyester/4% Nylon/1% spandex. With proper tennis socks, you provide them with protection and comfort while they learn, and grow their tennis future.  These socks are excellent and comfortable for active training on the court.

The fabric technology keeps the sweat away from their skin. An extra cushion is added, to absorb impact and prevent blisters. The mesh weave at the top of the foot provides ventilation and keeps the feet dry, cool and comfortable.  These socks are available in small and medium.

​ 8. Prince Quarter Socks for Men-Best Socks for Tennis

Excellent choice for moisture-wicking properties. The 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex material keep sweat away from the skin.  Spandex is elastic and stretchable and prevents the sock from losing its form.  Prince Quarter Socks has excellent compression abilities and is comfortable.

A smooth seam at the toe eliminates the bulkiness and prevents abrasion and blisters.  The mesh weave enhances ventilation and control moisture to keep the feet dry and cool. This premium, comfort fit is available from a six to a twelve.

9. Eallco Ankle Socks for Women

Nothing can enhance the game of tennis more than a comfortable pair of socks.  Eallco Ankle Socks is a combination of 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex. This combination offers socks that provide ample moisture-wicking.

The cushion tab at the heel protects against chaffing and blisters. Built-in elastic arch support prevents pain after a long match. It also provides firm and comfortable compression.  The heel is a natural cup form for a better fit. These socks are available in sizes seven to ten.

10. Paplus No-Show Compression Socks For Men and Women-Best Socks for Tennis

Compression improves the blood flow enhancing your speed, reaction with exerting less energy. These socks target zones with various levels of support through moderate to firm compression. Through compression, these socks promote blood circulation and oxygen flow that will help to prevent fatigue, swelling, and cramping.

Faster muscle recovery and plantar fasciitis are prevented when wearing compression socks. Paplus No-Show Compression Socks  are comfortable due to their breathable properties, with a light design. The fabric keeps your feet cool and dry.

11.  Fila Quarter Socks for men

A balanced blend of  97% Polyester, 3% Spandex provides all the support you need. This half cushioned quarter sock prevents pain and blisters on the heel for a comfortable tennis match. The Smooth seam at the toe eliminates abrasion and blisters.

The ribbed weave provides ventilation keeping the feet cool and dry. The spandex promotes arch support at the arch of the feet.  Fila Quarter Socks  Fit men’s shoe sizes from nine to twelve.

12.  Hanes Low Cut Socks   Bering  Nike  Hanes-Best

Socks for Tennis

​Hanes Low Cut Socks  is f the tennis player that desires light cushioning. This  70% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 1% Spandex material blend provides comfort and softness while keeping the feet dry and blister-free. The whole sole cushion absorbs impact to eliminate pain.

The spandex provides compression around the arch and lends to a better fit. These socks are cool and breathable due to the moisture-wicking properties of the weave and fabric.  Toes and heels with reinforcement offer durability. Choose from sizes five to nine.

​ 13. thorlos Rolltop Socks  Unisex

thorlos Socks provides maximum protection and comfort for long tennis matches. These socks with a synthetic blend (83% Acrylic, 16% Nylon, 1% Elastic ) have the legendary padding in the heels, sidewalls, and forefoot for ultra protection on impact against pain and blisters.

​ Durable fibers in the heel and toe prevent wear when abrasion occurs. thorlos Rolltop Socks is an authentic product of the USA.  Thor-Lon fibers prove to be moisture-wicking, keeping the skin dry and cool. These socks fit small to X large.

14. Hylaea Low Cut Socks for Men And Women-Best Socks for Tennis

These seamless socks provide comfort for the wearer with no abrasions or blisters at the toe. With innovative sweat-wicking fabric, your feet will stay cool and dry, eliminating blisters and hot spots.

Through gentle pressure on your feet, the compression fabric supports the arch area of your feet.  The tab at the heel prevents Achilles and blisters. Hylaea Low Cut Socks  has extra thick padding for better shock impact combating blisters. They are available from small to X large.     

15. Toes and Feet Ankle Socks for Men and Women

​ Experience the best performance on the court with this synthetic blend of 90% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 3% Spandex. Apart from assisting the socks to be true to their form, spandex provides gentle compression on the feet and reinforces stability for the arch.  Medium cushioning on top and bottom balances and protects the feet from abrasion and blisters. 

​ The specially weaved rib pattern helps with sweat-wicking, leaving the feet cool and dry.  Toes and Feet Ankle Socks  is breathable under the most severe conditions. They are available in sizes six to eleven for men and seven to twelve for women.

​ 16. Gold toe No-Show Socks for Men and Woman-Best Socks for Tennis

Do not miss this popular range of tennis socks with their well-balanced cotton, synthetic blend. The mend socks are a 78% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 1% Spandex blend.  Women’s Gold toe No-Show Socks version is 38% Rayon, 38% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 3% Spandex blend, making the sock much lighter and softer than the male version.

The men’s and woman’s ranges have moisture control due to the AquaFX patent material. Padding on the heels provides ample protection on impact, while the mesh weave on the female version offers excellent ventilation. Lady’s sizes fit shoe size six to nine, and gents fits size six to twelve and a half.

17. Monfoot No-show socks for Men and Women

​ Thanks to the mesh weave, these socks are breathable. What makes the unique is the silicone grips that prevent slipping. The  97% Polyester, 3% Polyurethane blend quickly absorbs moisture channeling the sweat away from the body.

Monfoot No-show socks provide soft linear cushioning from heel to toe. A soft toe seam prevents bulkiness, blisters, and friction on the toes. Available in the medium for men and women.

18  Dickies Crew Socks-Best Socks for Tennis

​ Want your feet to stay dry on the court you need Dickies  Dri-tech technology for moisture control. This blend of  96% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 2% Nylon offers comfortable, stable socks amid any tennis game. The arch compression provides added support for the bridge of your feet.

Air circulation is promoted with the perfect weave as the spandex material facilitates superior fit from toe to heel. Extra reinforcements for the toe and heel provide durability. The sock offers cushion protection from the heel to the toe.  Dickies Crew Socks fits sizes five to thirteen.

19.  Huso Ankle Compression Socks for Men.

These compression socks provide arch support, eliminate chances of the plantar fascia and offer comfort and protection. The Coolmax fabric is the basis for these socks due to Coolmax’s sweat-wicking and odor-resistant properties. Multiple blends of synthetic and natural fiber (42% polyester, 38% nylon, 5% cotton, 5% elastic, and 10% spandex)  lend to a softer, more absorbent material. 

To prevent the sock from sliding down the design has a deep heel cup for a perfect fit.  Huso Ankle Compression Socks  have light padding on the heel and toe for extra comfort and protection. Choices are from size nine to thirteen.

20.  Puma Low Cut Socks for Kids-Best Socks for Tennis

​ A combination of  98% Polyester, 2% Spandex Puma Low Cut Socks for Kids is the perfect socks to start their tennis career. It has proper mesh ventilation to keep its feet cool and dry. The smooth toe seems to prevent abrasion and blisters on the toes. 

​ With full arch support and cushioning for blister protection, they will have a good experience with tennis. Choose from sizes five to seven. Half sizes are also available for a better fit. ​

​ Related Questions?

​ What material is the best for tennis socks?

There are many new innovative materials today for manufacturing tennis socks. Merino wool is still very popular. Synthetic blends with moisture-wicking are becoming the new go-to in tennis and other sports activities. Blends with cotton in are also becoming sought after for their natural softness.

​ What brands can you highly recommend?

  • Danish Endurance 
  • Amazon Essentials 
  • Thorlos   
  • Bering 
  • Nike 
  • Hanes

What are compression socks?

Compression socks provide gradual compression from the bottom upward. This helps to battle the effects of gravity. Compression socks improve blood circulation, enhance oxygen flow, and speed up the reaction.

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