How Long Does a Real Christmas Tree Last: Care Tips Included

How Long Does A Real Christmas Tree Last:

How Long Does A Real/Live Christmas Tree Last: The season is officially here and that means one thing: time to decorate! You may be wondering how long your Christmas tree will last once it’s up, or what kind of care to give it. Here are some tips for you on how to make sure your tree stays fresh and festive through the holiday season.

Christmas trees are a beautiful part of the holiday season. They signify the coming of Christmas and bring joy to children, adults, and pets alike. But how long do they last? That’s what many people want to know before deciding whether or not they should purchase one for their home. In this blog post, we will cover care tips that will help you maximize your tree’s longevity so it can be enjoyed all year long!

Why Do People Put Up Christmas Trees in Their Homes During the Holiday Season

How Long Does A Real Christmas Tree Last:
How Long Does A Real Christmas Tree Last?

Christmas trees are arguably one of the most recognizable symbols of wintertime. A nice, fragrant fir tree in your living room or foyer makes for a warm, festive ambiance surrounded by all those twinkling lights. But what experts say about why people put up Christmas trees during the holiday season may surprise you.

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The popular belief is that the Germans were superstitious and wanted to bring nature indoors — that’s why they started decorating pines with gold balls, angels, stars, and lighted candles at Christmastime.

However, it turns out the real reason may have been to provide a little extra warmth during those long, dark winter nights. Many houses didn’t have chimneys until around the 17th century and that’s when people started putting up Christmas trees as a way of replacing open fireplaces for heat! And once they were able to light candles, folks began decorating Christmas trees with lit candles too.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree-How Long Does a Real Christmas Tree Last

Selecting the perfect Christmas tree is a fun family activity. When it comes time to buy the tree, you will want to make sure that your choice is perfect in every way.

First of all, be sure to buy a tree that has been grown locally. This will help the environment and sustain local businesses, as well as ensure it is fresh when you bring it home!

The next important thing to consider when picking a tree is the height of the tree. If you are putting up lights, ornaments, and another décor, make sure your tree is tall enough to fit everything on it!

Finally, make sure the shape of the tree is what you want. You can choose from different types of trees like skinny or potted trees for small spaces; larger full-bodied trees for display in the living room; or trees with wide spaces between branches, which are great if you want to hang a lot of decor on it.

Last but not least, make sure your tree is fresh! The needles should be able to bend without breaking when they’re at their freshest. If they snap, the tree is too dry and won’t last as long.

A healthy Christmas tree will last for around 6-8 weeks, depending on usage and care. If you see that it looks thin, dry, or has lost its needles, then it might be time to take down your Christmas tree.

Tips on Caring for Your Christmas Tree So That It Lasts Longer

Once you know when your tree is getting close to the end of its lifespan, you can start taking steps to make it last longer. To do so, here are some tips:

  • Don’t let your real Christmas tree stand in the water. Excess moisture will cause needles to drop off more quickly and can even lead to mold growth — which isn’t exactly what you want to have in your home during the holidays.
  • Keep your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, and other heat sources that can dry out needles faster. Make sure you’re using an appropriate stand so it doesn’t tip over or get knocked into any of these hazards either!
  • Place a fresh cut at least ¼ inch thick at the base of your tree and place it in water immediately after bringing it home. This will help prolong needle retention — just make sure you change the water every day or two so that bacteria doesn’t start to grow inside!
  • Don’t let any part of your Christmas tree come in contact with petroleum products like oil, gasoline, kerosene, or any other petroleum derivatives. These will make the tree lose its needles more quickly and even cause serious damage to your home as well!
  • Keep an eye on those loose branches too, because they can catch fire if left near a heat source like a fireplace — especially during times of dry weather.
  • Don’t let water touch needles or branches — clean off any snow with a dry cloth or paper towel instead.

Some Alternatives to Having a Real Tree in Your Home-How Long Does a Real Christmas Tree Last

One of the most popular alternatives to having a real Christmas tree in your home is to use an artificial one. The trees are usually made from a plastic material that makes them easy to clean and keep in order.

Another option is to use a potted tree. These are usually real trees that are planted in pots and can be placed around your home for the holiday season. They may stay healthy longer than live ones, but you will want to ensure they have an adequate water supply.

A third option is to wrap real tree branches in moss and place them around your front door or on a mantle. This creates the same type of festive look without worrying about the needles falling off the branches onto your flooring, carpeting, etc.

Other Ways to Decorate Your Home During the Holidays

One easy way to decorate your home during the holidays without using a traditional Christmas tree is to use garland, berries, and pine cones around any room in your house for an instant kitchen or living room decoration.

If you don’t want to use garland, consider using wreaths instead. A simple way to make a wreath is by adding pine cones and berries around a foam ring base with a ribbon tied in the back.

Another idea for getting into the holiday spirit without having your tree up is decorating candy canes or peppermint sticks. You can place these on your kitchen counter or even hang them along a wall for instant decoration.

You can also decorate your home without using traditional Christmas trees by adding other types of trees to the mix. For example, you could add a weeping willow or large fern in any corner.

Another idea is to set up an artificial plant in your front window. This also looks nice when dressed in red or silver berries.

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What to Do With a Dried-Out Christmas Tree-How Long Does a Live Christmas Tree Last

The best way to deal with your dead, dried-out Christmas tree is to cut it up into smaller pieces and throw them away.

Some people love using their old trees as mulch around their plants, while others like to place them in their compost bins. If you don’t have a yard or garden of your own, there are also recycling centers that will accept the greenery from Christmas trees and turn it into mulch for other people’s gardens!

How to store your old decorations

After you are done using the tree, make sure that the ornaments are stored properly, too. You should not store any decorations in plastic bags, since this could cause everything to get moldy. Instead, put them in airtight containers with mothballs inside to keep away insects.

Store delicate artificial trees in the box for up to two years, but don’t be afraid to pull it out and dust it off now and then. Make sure any remotes are stored away from the tree so they can stay charged all year round.

Store wreaths and garlands flat until next December.


It may be tempting to buy the cheapest tree you can find, but it is worth investing in a quality one. A good Christmas tree should last for at least six years with proper care and maintenance. If you follow these care tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday decor for at least the next six weeks of winter!

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