How To Get 600,000 Real Visitors To Your Website In A Month-Improve Your Chances For Sales, Sign-Ups, and Leads in 2021

Many websites struggle to get traffic. As someone who has several websites, I have searched the internet for services that can provide real visitors to my websites, with not much success. I must say that each time that I find a promising website that offers traffic referral services when I read the fine print it says that the traffic will not convert into sales. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT ANY OTHER BLOGGER OR WEBSITE OWNER BUT ANY TRAFFIC THAT GOES TO MY WEBSITE SHOULD BE REAL VISITORS AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONVERT INTO SALES.

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I Found A Program That Provides Real Traffic That Can Actually Convert Into Sales

I cannot trust websites that say that they can send 1 million traffic to my website but then say that there is no chance for it to convert into sales as it simply traffic aimed at improving SEO. That is Absolute Rubbish!! That definitely sounds like a bot that they are using and not real visitors.

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I Finally Found A Source For Real Traffic!!

I no longer have to try these gimmick offerings and have now found a program that provides real visitors whose visit to your website can actually convert to sales. This is the best program on the internet and it worked for my websites !! All you have to do is select the page on your website to direct the traffic and then indicate which country you would like your visitors to come from. As simple as that and thousand of visitors will start visiting your blog or website.


How Can A Program Give Traffic From Real Visitors?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. The traffic comes from 3 sources namely:

  1. Parked Domains that receive traffic and it is redirected to your website
  2. Partnership With Website that has high traffic volumes, some of which is redirected to your website
  3. Shortened URLs service that uses their inactive URLs to now redirect traffic to your website.

As simple as that, this is the program of SIMPLE TRAFFIC, which is becoming quite popular amongst websites and bloggers who actually want real traffic to come to their website. Traffic that has the possibility of converting to sales.


Traffic From Real Visitors That Can Be Checked in Google Analytics

The Amazing thing about the Simple Traffic Program is that you can use your Google Analytics To verify the traffic to your website and the country it is coming from. This feature for me is critical. I remember having a dialogue with a particular website owner who had a traffic referring program but then he simply said that there was no way for me to verify the traffic. So essentially, he meant that I should trust his word. That for me definitely made me discontinue my subscription. Any Traffic To Your Website Must Have The Means To Be Verified!!.


Benefit of Simple Traffic Program

Benefit of Simple Traffic
Benefits of Simple Traffic

I hope I have served to help my fellow website owners and bloggers. Please leave a comment below and I will surely respond if you have any questions. This website not only serves to provide travel advice but is a portal for bloggers to share the latest info on how to improve SEO.

Written By : Eloise Bent, SEO Consultant

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