Blue Heron Bird Eats Entire Alligator On Video-Wildlife Candid Camera

blue heron
Blue Heron

A couple of years ago, I was on vacation in Australia, and I was by the lake watching a few birds. I was not expecting to see anything eventful, but then I saw a Blue Heron bird swoop into the water and ate an entire Alligator. When I told my friends, they listened with amusement and even had jokes. I may not have had a video that day to prove my tale but this post is to Jack, Emily, Kevin, and Marilyn. It’s 6 years later, and I came across a news report of a bird eating an Alligator. This random post is to share the videos below to prove my story.

Blue Heron Video 1

In the video above, a Great Blue Heron eats a baby alligator in the Viera Wetlands near Melbourne. This is indeed possible, and the Heron ate the Alligator with ease.

Blue Heron Video 2

Again, a Blue Heron Bird is captured eating an Alligator. The Blue Heron Bird is mostly found in North America. They are experts at catching their prey as seen in the videos. This skill is because of their ability to stand still for a long period as they observe and wait for fish and other prey to come within their range. They are indeed very ambitious and have been known to choke to death whilst attempting to swallow large fishes. Their diet consists of mostly fish, mice, small creatures, and insects.

The tall, long-legged great Blue Heron is mostly found in North America.

The Blue Heron is a lone hunter although it nests in colonies. In the Caribbean, there is a Great White Heron that belongs to the same species.

Written by: Taniesha Lowe, Guest Writer

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