How Fast Can a Crocodile Run?

How Fast Can a Crocodile Run

Have you ever wondered “How Fast Can a Crocodile Run?” If you have, The Travel Virgin is here to answer this question and also provide some interesting facts on crocodiles.

What Is a Crocodile?

A Crocodile is a semi-aquatic reptile that is predatory. Its featured characteristics are textured skin, very short legs, long jaws, and a long tail. Mostly found in tropical climates, it lives in lakes, rivers, swamps, and dams.

A Semi-aquatic reptile lives partly in water and on land.

15 Different Types of Crocodiles

How Fast Can A Crocodile Swim

How Fast Can a Crocodile Run?-Speed

Crocodiles don’t have the appearance of being fast runners, so their speed may surprise you. Crocodiles are not runners in their natural habit so they can’t be promoted to sprint. In general, they only run a few body lengths. Although they can sprint up to 30 meters in general, thereafter they tire easily. This does not mean however that one should be complacent in assessing the risk of a crocodile’s agility.

A crocodile’s great prowess is not its running speed but its predatory nature of launching a surprise attack on its prey.

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Can Usain Bolt Out Run a Crocodile?

There are 15 different types of crocodiles, with most having the ability to run from 11-35 km per hour. The question on the running speed of a crocodile is actually a complex one as their speed is dependent on the species and their size. In light of this, here are some running speed statistics on 4 well-recognized species.

  • Nile species-30-35 km/h
  • Dwarf species-17 km/h
  • Saltwater species-24-29 km/h
  • American species-32 km/h

Based on the statistics above, Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, can outrun a crocodile as his maximum recorded speed is 45 km/h. Interestingly, like Usain Bolt, they are short-distance runners.

Interesting Facts About Crocodiles

  • Saltwater species can live to over 65 years old.
  • They are carnivores and only eat meat.
  • They can grow thousands of teeth in their lifetime, up to a maximum of 3000.
  • Their eyes are extremely close together which enables them to have extreme accuracy in judging the distance of their prey.
  • They have excellent auditory skills and can use their hearing to locate prey even when there is extremely low visibility
  • The saltwater species is the largest reptile species that are living.
  • They have transparent eyelids that allow them to see clearly when completely submerged underwater. Additionally, they can float with only their nostrils and eyes being partially exposed, allowing for an easy attack on their prey.
  • Their eyesight is magnified due to a layer of guanine crystals which is located behind their retina. This allows good sight in areas of extremely low visibility.

More Interesting Facts-How Fast Can a Crocodile Run?

  • They can survive for a very long time without food.
  • Some species can weigh over 2500 pounds.
  • Although classified as crocodiles, they are more closely related to birds and dinosaurs rather than other animals that are classified as reptiles.
  • Whilst eating they produce tears due to air touching their lachrymal glands. This is the reason why when people pretend to cry, it’s called “crocodile tears”.
  • In the animal kingdom, they are recognized as having the most sophisticated hearts.
  • They use their mouth to carry their young.
  • They have a good memory and can journey back to their home location after traveling for long distances.
  • Their jaws can be kept open underwater as a result of a valve that is at the back.
  • They do not sweat because of the absence of a sweat gland. Rather they release heat through their mouth and leave it open whilst sleeping.
  • Despite their many teeth, they don’t chew food.
  • They can swim approximately 15 km/h.
  • Although the brain of a crocodile is small, its ability to learn is better than most reptiles.

Conclusion-How Fast Can a Crocodile Run?

So many interesting facts about this reptile. This information should prove useful in your discussions on the animal kingdom.

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