Best Travel Suitcase for Business-Top 20 for 2022

Best Travel Suitcase for Business: Packing is an art refined by many decades of traveling. If packing is an art, then the suitcase is the canvas.  Regardless of your destination or how often you travel, you will use a bag to transport your belongings. 

Many of us want a suitcase of lightweight, durable, and long-lasting, and has enough space for everything we need to carry. It is overwhelming to know which suitcase is the best choice with many brands available. Let us take a closer look at the 20 best travel suitcases for business, recommended by travelers and experts.

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Business travelers that travel frequently have to carry their suitcases up to hundred of miles annually. Your suitcase can make or break your traveling experience, so many professionals choose carry-on cases to save time. Carry-on luggage allows you to skip the line at the ticket counter. Also, you do not need to wait for your bag at the baggage claim section.

Choosing the correct suitcase is therefore even more important to you. To choose the right bag, you have to know what composition and if the traveling bag will suit your travel needs.

What Type of Suitcase Will Suit My Needs?

We all have our individual needs relating to our suitcase requirements. We all agree that our bags must be lightweight, durable, with plenty of space, and have compartments to organize our stuff.  Features travelers are in silent agreement that the suitcase must be maneuverable and comfortable.

Suitcase designs change and improve quickly, regulations concerning luggage approval by the airlines fluctuate. Decide if your bags are practical and durable to serve you for a couple of years. It is imperative to know what your suitcase is made of to protect your belongings. Suitcases come in two categories, namely hard shell and soft shell cases.

Materials for Manufacturing Suitcases-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

Hardshell cases

Polycarbonate (PC) – 

These suitcases comprise a transparent thermoplastic polymer. In the production process, they add color. Pure polycarbonate has strength and is unbreakable. The flexible material helps restore the suitcase into shape if they lose shape.

Pure polycarbonate suitcases are light and heat resistant. They are not scratch resistant which is unfortunate, as luggage at airlines is prone to abrasive handling. These suitcases are more expensive, for protecting your luggage, it is worth every penny.

Acrylic butadiene styrene ABS – Best Travel Suitcase for Business

As far as hard shell goes, these suitcases are proven to be stable. They mold ABS plastic for a light and durable case that is scratch-resistant. These suitcases have a variety of colors.

The surface structure that makes these cases scratch-resistant adds a shimmer when exposed to light. Because they are stable, they do not lose their form under intense conditions.


These shells, consisting of an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene coating, have a  DuraFlex film. After molding the ABS in the desired form. The outer case undergoes a laminating process with polycarbonate (DuraFlex film). The process provides optimal stability and lightness.

The DuraFlex film creates a shiny and elegant surface. It also changes the performance of the case. The suitcase is even more resistant to breakage but not scratch-resistant.

Aluminum – Best Travel Suitcase for Business

These suitcases are robust and pleasing to the eye. They have the disadvantage of being heavier than their plastic counterparts. That is an important factor to consider when traveling by plane where luggage weight counts.

Aluminum also dents and scratches easily. With all these drawbacks, aluminum suitcases are still popular with business travelers.

Softshell cases


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that belongs to the family of transparent plastics polycarbonate.  Suitcases made from polyester are less expensive. Synthetic fibers are man-made fibers and last longer. They are also resilient and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

These bags are water-resistant and dry quickly in wet conditions. They hold their shape well and do not shrink. The cases are light and easy to clean. Unlike molded plastic, cases synthetic fiber material is not prone to scratching.

Nylon- Best Travel Suitcase for Business

Nylon consists of semi-aromatic polyamides, generic to the family of synthetic polymers. The strength of the material depends on the thickness (denier) of the nylon twine. The strength increases when the denier increases. Very tight-knit nylon is called a ballistic weave and can resist tears in all directions.

A ballistic weave with a large denier makes a nylon case resistant to abrasions, scratches, and tears. Because nylon is a polymer it is water repellent, protecting your belongings from getting wet.

Comparison Between Hard and Soft Shell

Hardshell advantages

Hardshell suitcases protect your belongings from extreme baggage handling. These suitcases are very durable, resistant to knocks, and water repellent. Furthermore, these suitcases are impenetrable to dirt and dust. You can choose from several sizes and many colors, including custom motifs. People hold these suitcases in high esteem for being good value for money.

Softshell advantages – Best Travel Suitcase for Business

These suitcases are expandable by an elastic pleat built into the case. In addition to that, these suitcases consist of flexible synthetic materials.  Softshell cases offer extra space with convenient outside pockets. Synthetic suitcases are light and durable, and scratch-resistant.  Because they are lightweight, you can pack more for the same weight as a hard shell.

Companies like the Good Housekeeping Institute test all kinds of suitcases in their textile laboratory to find the best bag on the market.  They evaluate the bags on items such as water resistance, abrasion, weight durability, scratch resistance, maneuverability, ease of use, space, and more.

They test the suitcases to see the performance of the compartments and the volume each one can hold. Consumers testers go through an obstacle course to test wheel performance, how well the suitcase handles, and maneuverability. With the feedback of these people and over 4000 data points, they find the best luggage for the traveler.

Twenty of The Best Suitcases for The Business Traveler.

1. Coolife Luggage

The Carry-on suitcase has a hard plastic ABS-PC shell. They put the shell through stringent tests and quality control to ensure that it meets the test standards.  Coolife Luggage is solid, sturdy, and withstand extreme conditions and abrasion. Choose between 20inch, 24inch, 28inch. You can always buy the set.

They fit into each other for easy storage. If you need more space, do not worry, these suitcases are expandable, providing 15% extra packing space. It has fully lined the interior for an easy packing experience. Protect your belongings by using the TSA lock.

The spinner wheels are quiet, and the telescoping three-level,l adjustable handle is 100% aluminum. They are available in four colors

2. The Travelpro Platinum Elite-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

Travel easy with this expandable suitcase with magnetic spinner wheels, four-stop adjustable power Scope handle, external USB port, and battery bank pocket that is easily accessible. All of this is just the outside!

The inside is fully lined and includes a drop-in suitor that protects your clothes from wrinkles. These bags also feature a removable toiletry bag, interior tie-down system, built-in accessory pockets,  Leather top, and side carry handles.

Included is the lifetime limited warranty that covers the cost of repair and damage from common carriers or airlines for the life of the suitcase.  The Travelpro Platinum Elite 21  has four sizes ranging from 19 inches to 29 inches, with six colors choices.

3. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside

This hardshell suitcase consists of micro-diamond polycarbonate with side-mounted TSA locks. The expandable carry-on bag maximizes your packing space. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside  shell bags is water repellent and do not scratch easily.

This suitcase has optimal maneuverability due to its oversize, multi-directional spinner wheels. Rigorous tests ensure that Samsonite products meet stringent standards. The company is proud of its workmanship and includes a 10-year limited warranty on defects and materials.

4. Bamboo Wolf-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

This suitcases’ outside shell and frame consist of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The Aluminum magnesium alloy layer protects against deformity, thus protecting the body.

An added anti-ash layer increase travel life by effectively protecting the surface. The PCCM material provides a brighter color. With the 360º rotation spinner wheels and premium wheel shaft, this suitcase has the best maneuverability a bag can offer.

Bamboo Wolf 20-inch  has a well-equipped interior and ample parking space. If you need optimal organization, the suitcase has mesh pockets and carrying bags to keep the content in place. They are available in 20 inches and 24-inch sizes.

5. The Kenneth Cole Reaction

Travel with this lightweight carry-on suitcase to any business destination. This eight-wheel (spinner) has effortless handling due to the multi-directional wheel function. The Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade has a sleek yet stylish exterior with reinforcement guards on the corners to protect your bag and a retractable trolley handle.

Inside the case are an adjustable garment retraining panel, multiple mesh zipper pockets, and two elastic pockets for extra storage. The bag can expand two inches to create extra space for that special garment you do not want to leave behind.  Choose from any of the twelve colors. Available in 20 inches, 25 inches, and 29 inches, or purchase all three as a set.

6. Travelers Club Alise Harside Laptop carry-on-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

For the professional, this is a must-have.  This suitcase with an ABS material hard shell is lightweight for the modern traveler. The Travelers Club Alise Harside Laptop carry-on  front pocket is padded to protect your laptop.

The inside has a full inner lining to protect your clothes, zipper pockets to help organize your belongings, and compression straps to keep your garments in place. It has excellent maneuverability with the 360º spinner wheels to run smoothly and silently. This suitcase is only available in black and a 20-inch size.

7. Grace Carry-on Suitcase by Level Eight

Travel with this multi-task suitcase with multi-levels of convenient access. A micro-diamond textured surface consisting of PC+ABS materials makes this bag lightweight, anti-scratch, water repellent, and durable. It has a front laptop compartment to keep your laptop away from your clothing and TSA combination locks to protect your belongings.

The interior of the Grace Carry-on Suitcase  is spacious, with dividers for easy packing. It has cross straps to keep garments in place, multiple pockets to organize belongings. For smooth, easy, and silent glide, the bag has 360º spinner wheels. Choose between four colors. There is only one size bag of 20-inches.

8. Amsterdam Business Rolling Bag-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

This bag is ideal for business professionals. The Amsterdam Business Rolling Bag comprises 1200D 2-Tone Polyester with  EVA reinforcement. In-line skate wheels assure a smooth run.

A detachable shoulder strap that is adjustable with a non-slip pad is included for easy carrying when needed. The interior doubles up as a suitor and suitcase with zipper mesh pockets to organize garments and belongings. There are four color choices available, and the bag comes in a 20-inch size.

9. Delsey Paris St. Tropez

Travel with this no-nonsense suitcase that is vegan friendly, light, durable with 100% Polycarbonate material. This bag is extra secure with a TSA combination lock and a patented security zip. The zipper is three times more resistant than the standard zip. The hardshell of Delsey Paris St. Tropez is shock-resistant crack resistant and resilient.

There is enough space in the interior to pack your belongings with a 2-inch expansion for extra room. The lining of the interior protects your clothes and is machine washable. Organize your belongings in the shoe pockets and zipped pockets.

The vegan leather accents and contrast stitching provide a stylish look. Glide into the airport with extremely silent double core spinner wheels rolling smoothly. The suitcase is available in 20inch size with four natural colors.

10. American Tourister Moonlight-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

If you are a savvy traveler that wants to travel light, this case is perfect for you. All American Tourister products are rigorously tested to meet high standards and include a ten-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

There is ample pack space, a mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment, a zipped case for fragile belongings you can travel in confidence. The twenty-inch bag has four multi-directional, oversize spinner wheels for extra maneuverability. There are four colors available.

11. Wrangler

For the modern business traveler, this bag will meet all your needs. The ABS hardshell is lightweight and durable and adheres to most TSA travel standards. Its 360-degree spinner wheel system provides mobility and maneuverability.

The fully lined minimalistic interior provides ample space for your clothing and cross straps to secure the clothes. Wrangler comes in one size of 20 inches and three colors. Lighten the load by extending the telescoping handle and gliding through the airport.

12. Betsey Johnson Designer Suitcase-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

If you are a  femininetraveler,  the Betsey Johnson designer suitcase is the ideal choice. This expandable lightweight suitcase consists of  ABS-PC material that provides durability. The ergonomically handle and 360º spinner wheels provide no noise easy handling in the airport.

A fully lined interior with a down strap and zipper divider secures your belongings in place. The organizational pockets keep your belongings in place and tidy. Choose from three of these stylish and elegant designs available in 20-inch bags.

13. Briggs & Riley Torq

At  Briggs& Riley Torq, innovation is important to help clients get the ultimate travel experience. The travel brand was rated as the top brand twice in consumer reports. To top it off, they offer a lifetime warranty against breakage or damage to your suitcase.

Briggs & Riley Torq suitcases feature a hard outer shell of 100% virgin Makrolon polycarbonate material, a padded front compartment for a laptop & a tablet hinged door for accessing your computer and electronics. It also has a pocket to store your battery banks and an external USB port for mobile charging.

The interior feature a main compartment. Wide garment securing compression panels, a mesh pocket in the lid, and a built-in garment suiter are other fatues.  Extras are an aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping handle and double metal ball-bearing spinner wheels.

14. Amazon Basics-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

The saying goes; do not judge a book by its cover is applicable here.  Amazon Basic 21-inch suitcase showcase four spinner wheels to ensure smooth mobility. Thick ABS material protects your belongings as the shell is durable and scratch-resistant.

Combined with a sturdy telescopic handle, this bag has comfortable maneuverability.  Packing is made so much easier with the Amazon Basics with its 150D polyester organizer and dividers with three zipper pockets for smaller items. Pack that extra item with 15% more space created with its expandable allowance. Available in multiple sizes and four colors.

15. Rockland Melbourne

This lightweight and durable ABS suitcase will serve you well in your business travel adventures. You have total mobility with the double spinner wheels and the aluminum telescopic handle. This bag meets all the airline restrictions in size and weight.

The Rockland Melbourne has an interior zip pocket and an elastic pocket to organize your clothes. It has an extra 2 inches of packing space due to its expandable function. Choose from any of their 32 colors available.

16. Pelican Air 1615-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

A statement for the macho male businessman. A crush-proof, dust-proof, watertight hard shell made from super-light proprietary HPX polymer. The automatic purge valve keeps the dust and water out and stabilizes air pressure inside the bag.

Pelican Air 1615 makes packing easy with several zippers and pockets,  cube organizes, and a lid mesh.  The Quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels and retractable extent ion handle makes handling easy. There are three colors to choose from with a lifetime guarantee of excellence.

17. Cloe Carry-on

This luggage is definitely a must for the seasoned traveler. Apart from the special laptop compartment that has excess from outside, it has numerous pockets to organize your belongings.  It has a red pouch for your personal belongings.

Cloe Carry-on  has long-lasting zippers in the spacious main compartment. Other inside features are the zipped front compartment, mesh inner pocket, and compression cross bands to keep your clothes in place. The bag comes in three colors and three sizes.

18. Everki Wheeled 420-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

Originally a gamer go-to, this bag is an all-time favorite for professionals and business travelers. This travel suitcase has tons of dedicated spaces to keep your devices organized. Included is a laptop sleeve for extra protection.  The interior has ample space for clothes and a hook for earphones.

The outer shell is durable, consisting of quality material.  Everki Wheeled 420 has smooth, quiet running wheels. Other features are a water bottle pocket and a retractable handle. This one-size-only bag comes in black and is 20 inches.

19.  iubest Scooter Luggage

This steerable and separable scooter suitcase can save you time navigating those large airports halls. You can separate the scooter from the case for sightseeing or other errands. The 50-liter suitcase with five compartments helps organize your belongings for easier access.

The iubest Scooter Luggage comprises high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy. The scooter is rigid and stable with 120º steering, and the case is durable and waterproof. The scooter folds away with the press of one button.

20. U.S. Traveler Aviron Bay-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

This is no mediocre suitcase. It is a durable comprising of twill polyester material that is scratch-resistant.

It has 360º spinner wheels and an adjustable handle for easy mobility around the airport. The case is upright while gliding, taking the weight of the arm.

The case has a 2-inch expansion gusset, interior lining, large mesh pocket, and compression straps to keep clothes in place. The bag exterior has two large pockets for last-minute items or files. U.S. Traveler Aviron Bay comes in 4 neutral colors and is 23 inches in size.

 Related Questions

What material goes into manufacturing suitcases?

Many different materials go into manufacturing suitcases. The most popular materials used are:

  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Acrylic butadiene styrene ABS
  • ABS coated with PC (Duraflex)
  • Aluminum
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

What is the best suitcase to use for my business trip?-Best Travel Suitcase for Business

The is a myriad of suitcases on the market. Here are a few suitcases recommended by professionals and frequent travelers:

  • Samsonite Omni PC Hardside
  • The Travelpro Platinum Elite
  • Coolife Luggage
  • Briggs & Riley Torq
  • Travelers Club AliseHarside Laptop carry-on  
  • The Kenneth Cole Reaction

Do I choose a hard shell or a softshell suitcase for my business trip?

Before choosing a suitcase, you need to consider what your needs are. If you choose a carry-on bag, it will not make any difference, whether it is a hard shell or a softshell, unless you need to protect fragile valuables. 

We all have our individual needs concerning our suitcase requirements. The common factors are that lightweight, durable bags with plenty of room.

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