Winter Hat for Infant-Top 20 for 2022

Winter Hat for Infant: It is so cold you do not want to stick your head out the door. It is time to get the kiddo’s coats and mittens on. The most important thing to remember is that infants lose body heat faster than adults. 

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When buying winter hats and beanies for babies, it is tempting to go for the products that will look cutest in pictures. Some hats and beanies are not wind resistant and can leave your infant unprotected against the elements.

Performance is key when it comes to choosing hats for your little ones. There are so many different hats out there. Warm, easy to put on and take off, soft and windproof. Find a criteria basis that agrees with you to work from when choosing a hat for your baby. Once you have invested in a few good-quality hats, your baby will be snug for the winter.

Twenty of The Best Winter Hats for Infants. 

​1. Zutano Cozie Fleece Hat

The cozy fleece beanie takes cute to a new level with the adorable bear ears without compromising warmth and comfort. There are unisex hats, baby boy and baby girl hats available. The cozy, fluffy fleece hat for the winter cold has a cotton band to keep it snug on the head.

There is a wide range of colors to choose from to help you mix and match these beanies with other clothing of the Zutano brand. Your baby will look cuddly and cute with these warm snug-fitting beanies on. They are available in sizes from 3 to 24 months and are machine washable. 

 2. Somaler Baby Knitted-Winter Hat for Infant

Somaler baby winter hats are a knitted fabric blend of cotton (55%), acrylic (45%). The inside is lining is 100% pure cotton. The high-quality fabric is super soft, warm, and comfortable for even the softest skin.

The fabric is free of harsh chemicals and dyes which can irritate sensitive skin. Babies look so sweet in these bear-style hats designed for girls and boys. Sizes are for 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and come in Light gray (bluish), light pink, and off-white. The ear flaps keep those ears cozy and safe from the wind.

3. Danmy Beanie Hats for Babies

Keep those little heads warm with these stylish beanies for boys and girls. These beanies are from quality acrylic material, with warm fleece lining inside. Excellent for an outing in cold weather. The fleece material is soft and breathable against the infant’s skin, while the acrylic shell protects the baby from the cold and wind.

The beanie has good elasticity to keep the beanie firmly in place. Suitable for infants from 0-6months, 6-12 months, 12-36 months. Available colors are gray, navy, pink, and white. The Danmy brand (American registered) provides high-quality neonatal cotton caps and fetal caps as well. 

 4.  Gerber Baby Boys and Girls Organic Cap

Gerber beanies are perfect for the most sensitive baby skin. A 100% pure organic cotton knit material. The fabric is silky, soft, and gentle on the skin. The hat design features an expandable neckline position for extra protection and pull-on closure to secure the hat from falling off.

These hats are super cute, especially the jungle design prints. Gerber boy range comes in jungle gray, jungle white, and other colors are light blue and gray. The girl range consists of ivory and pink colors. These hats look adorable and are for newborns and 0-6 months.

5.  Beanie Hat by North Face

One can not do without a durable, warm winter hat on those seriously, cold winter days. Luckily for us moms, North Face is not messing around when it comes to their knitted Baby beanies. The cute hat with its pom-pom is so cozy on the coldest of winter days.

The hat has an overall (GÇöan) classic fit for maximum comfort to the wearer. It is of a 100% acrylic knitted material. Sizes are for 6-24 months.

6. Exemba-Winter Hat for Infant

​The Exemba winter hat is a winner when it comes to soft knitted hats. Do not underestimate this acrylic outer shell because the hat has an inner lining of fleece for softness, warmth, and comfort. These beanie hats designs cover the head, ear, and neck.

This warm winter hat is secured under the chin to stay in place as long as it is tied. They are in sizes from 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months.

7. Jan & Jul Sherpa Fleece lined winter hat

​These cuddly hats are soft, safe, and gentle against the babies skin with their Sherpa fleece lining. The lining contains no harmful dyes or chemicals. A stretchy knit strap keeps the hat firmly and comfortably on the head.

You can machine wash these hats, although they will take longer to dry because of the Sherpa fleece. Sizes available are from 0-9 months. These hats come in multiple colors and a few animals like bear ears or bunny ears. 

8. Langzhen

Every baby should have at least one animal in their closest. Langzhen has the most adorable animal range of animal hats. With many different types of fabric to choose from for the outer shell. The inner lining has the softest fleece lining for comfort and warmth. 

The hat range is unisex, easy to wear, and toasty warm. Sizes are from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6- 12 months. There are also sizes for toddlers and older. These hats come in different animal colors.

9. Simple Joys by Carter’s-Winter Hat for Infant

These lovely baby hats are so cozy and warm. Simple joys is a 100% polyester shell and Sherpa lining for soft comfort and warmth. They look so delicate, warm, soft to the touch, and are durable.

A pull-on closure secures the hat from falling off. Polyester fabric is machine washable and easy to keep clean. Sizes are from 0-9 months and 12-24months. Color choices are gray, white, brown, pink.

 10. Luvable Friends Baby Beary Cozy-Winter Hat for Infant

A 100% polyester cap that is machine washable and dries quickly. These fleece hats are not only warm, but they are also stain-resistant. You can not go wrong with this sweet hat, which is soft, warm, and cozy with the cute bear ears. 

Your baby will look absolutely adorable in it and have all the protection from the cold weather. The hook and loop closure helps to secure the hat under the chin. The colors available are cream, blue, gray and are for ages 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months.

11. Nurses Choice 5 Piece Hospital Hats 

Thousands of hospitals and nurses recommend these newborn hats that are a product of the US. The knitted material is in a square-cut design. These hats fit perfectly on your baby’s head. They are ultra-soft and delicate, and hand washing is required. The colors are blue and pink.

​12. Aablexema Newborn Beanie-Winter Hat for Infant 

Keep your newborn warm with these adorable beanie hats with ears. They are an authentic hospital-grade knitted cotton blend, which is perfect for sensitive skins. The beanies are warm, soft, and delicate and require hand washing. They are available in blue stripe, pink stripe, and white. Although they are for newborns, there is a range of sizes available from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months.

 13. Durio

Think soft, warm, knitted baby hats that are cute and cozy. Durio chunky winter infant hats with their pull-on closure are exactly that. The hat is knit fabric from Eco-friendly, durable material of the highest quality.

Although the hat is warm, it is still breathable and will not cause heat to build up. It is lightweight, and the stretchy material will not cause pressure around the infant’s head. Perfect for infants from 6 months to 24 months. The colors available are black & light gray and navy.

 14. Century Star Baby Girl-Winter Hat for Infant

The baby girl hat that says it all and has it all. It is cute, girlish, and adorable has a “little” bow., but it is functional. Yes, this hat is warm, soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Let this hat not fool you. It is mega comfortable and stylish to wear for any occasion.

The century star beanie is a fabric knit from stretchy yarn for comfort. The elastic closure secures the beanie in place, but it will not cause pressure around the infant’s head. Available from newborn to 6 months with multiple colors such as white, gray, pink, purple, green.

15. Zando Baby Boy Sherpa Lined Warm Fleece Pilot Hat Infant

This one is for the boys. A super warm fleece shell on the outside with a toasty warm Sherpa lining pilot hat. Just what the winter weather ordered to protect your little one. The supper warmest hat for daily wear in freezing conditions for little boys. The flaps on the side protect the ears, while the hook on closure secures the beanie from falling off.

Fleece is a naturally warm material. Combined with this pilot design, it offers the cutest little pilot boys on the planet. They are available from 2months to 12 months. The brand also caters to toddlers and older children. There is a myriad of colors and designs are available like blue, black, brown, etc. There are also hats with animals like deer, dinosaurs, and stripes.

 16. Baby Winter Hat Reversible Baby Hat

These hats are high-quality fleece for optimal warmth and durability, and softness. The shell and the lining are fleece, with a hook closure to secure the hat and cute little ears that stick out on the top. These hats are not just cute and fun, but it also offers protection for your baby against the coldest of temperatures. 

The fabric is designed to give warmth and comfort and is sensitive skin-friendly. What makes these hats unique is that they are reversible. You can flip the bonnet inside out to present you with a new color option. Consequently, you get two hats for the price of one. The color combinations to choose from are black and royal blue, brown and dark gray, ivory and light pink, pink and light gray. Several sizes are available from 0-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-24 months.

 17. Moon Kitty Baby Boys Girls Knit-Winter Hat for Infant

These winter skiing caps are totally the rage. Keep your baby warm with this fun design. These caps are not just out there. They are functional as well. Their knitted outer shell and a warm fleece inner lining provide all the protection those little heads need. They are cozy warm, durable, washable.

The earflap protects the ears from the cold, and it is low in the neck to protect and keep the neck warm. A beanie with earmuffs and a furry ball on top is a good description. The fun part is the color designs, from stripes to animals or plain, colors are available. The hats fit sizes from 6-12 months.

 18. Corduroy Hat for Baby Lined with Sherpa by Old Navy-Winter Hat for Infant

If you live in an area with extreme winter weather, this hat will be perfect for your little one. One of the warmest hats for babies with a corduroy shell and sherpa-lining. What makes the trapper hat unique is the ear flaps to keep the ears and the cheeks warm and the straps to secure the sherpa hat.

Although this hat is predominantly for boys, the lighter colors look appealing to girls as well. There are three sizes are 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. These hats come in a multitude of colors, but the brown for boys and white for girls are so cute. Did I mention the little bear ears on the hat?

19. Soft Alpaca Bonnet by Hanna Andersson-Winter Hat for Infant

The very popular alpaca bonnet is back in style. A very trendy bonnet, that looks adorable on little tiny heads. These bonnets are a blend of super-soft alpaca lamb wool and acrylic. Not only are these bonnets soft and comfy, but they are also super warm.

A string ties the hat in place and keeps it secure to make sure the ears stay warm. There are multiple color options available for infants from 0-18 months.

20. Patagonia Baby Furry Friends-Winter Hat for Infant

Furry friend hats are so adorable but do not be fooled, they are potent when it comes to warmth and comfort. The hat is made out of polyester material with a double-sided pile to make it plush and furry. With a double-layered hem, the hat has a secure fit and added warmth. 

This warm hat comes with an extra layer of hem to provide warmth and a good fit. With the added bear, ears it makes any baby look so cute. There are five colors to choose from. The cutest are the animal prints. It fits any baby between the ages of 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.

Short History of Baby Hats.

In the past, it was common practice for hospitals to provide hats for all newborn babies. Today babies born via c-section, induction, and babies born prematurely are the only recipients of hats. Babies lose body heat faster than adults. These hats provide them with the necessary heat they need.

Some hospitals also use hats as a color-coding method when treating these infants. Babies with high-risk treatment usually get red hats. Vulnerable babies that need observation receive orange hats. Babies that need extra attention because they have a low birth weight or are premature will be issued yellow hats.

On discharge, the hospital instructs you to keep your newborn warm. The hands and faces of babies release body heat. It is therefore not recommended to let your baby sleep with a hat, for they can overheat. Hats in bed can also be a suffocating hazard or choking hazard.

Hats are, however, important to keep the little ones cozy and warm. If you are not sure if your baby is too hot or cold, you can check by feeling their tummy or back. Infant hats are for outdoor excursions, Do not keep hats on babies too long indoors as this can cause them to overheat.

Hats for babies have to be comfortable, soft, and warm. Infants will remove or pull at them if they are uncomfortable, too tight, or scratchy. Research the material infant’s hats consist of to make an informed choice.

The Best Materials for Infant Hats.

Before running out to buy a winter hat for your baby, we suggest considering what your baby’s needs are. It is necessary to know what material goes into baby hats. Infants that are unable to regulate their temperatures have sensitive skin. Consideration for this and other problems is important to keep your baby comfortable and happy. Here are some of the best material options for baby hats with proven performance.


Because cotton is soft, very absorbent, and gentle against the baby’s skin, it is a popular choice in infant apparel. Cotton grown organically without chemicals and fertilizer is a better option. Allergies and skin conditions can cause aggravation by using synthetic and rough materials. 

Organic cotton is safe and more comfortable for children with skin problems. Heavy dyes and chemicals can also trigger these problems. So be careful to understand your infant’s needs.

Jersey Knit

There has been a rise in the popularity of using this material for infant clothing. Over the last decade, the popularity of this material in infant clothing. Jersey knit is soft, breathable, and stretchy making it the ideal fabric for infant clothing.

Bamboo Rayon

​Bamboo rayon material has many uses in anything from swaddles, garments, blankets, and baby hats. This bamboo fiber is durable and ultra-soft. The thermal regulating properties of this material make this an excellent option for infants with sensitive skin. 

​Thermal regulating means the material adjusts to the infant’s temperature leaving less chance that the baby will be uncomfortably hot or cold. Layering is one of the benefits when wearing a bamboo rayon blend.


​Minky is a synthetic polyester fiber knit with a brush pile that makes it thick and soft. Minky has many uses like blankets, stuff soft animal toys, and many more. Being a synthetic fabric, it is not as breathable as natural fibers. Take care when infants wear Minky hats that they do not become too hot. 


​Fleece is the go-to material for outwear and blankets. It dries quickly, and like bamboo rayon, it is extremely soft. Fleece is the perfect option for keeping your baby comfortable in the winter. It is easy to maintain because it is stain resistant and it is washable.

​Wool or yarn

Nothing compares to the age-old go-to wool beanie. Wool is incredibly soft, warm, and breathable. Wool hats have enough elasticity to keep their shape and to stay secure on the baby’s head.

Blends of wool and cotton, acrylic fiber, bamboo are also popular materials for infant winter hats. As the infant’s skin is sensitive, be sure that the fabric is not scratchy but will stay soft wash after wash.

Now that we know what the best materials for infant hats are, we can have a look at the best options for infant hats. You may need more than one type of hat for different weather conditions. Hats can also get wet, dirty, or lost, so we suggest having enough at hand on cold days.

Related Questions

What hat is the best to buy if my baby has sensitive skin?

Lack of temperature regulation causes sensitive skin in infants. When combined with unbreathable clothing or synthetic cloth, the condition can escalate. Organic cotton does not have exposure to dyes, chemicals, and fertilizers is a good choice. Cotton material is silky soft and very gentle on the skin. Due to its natural fibers is breathable and allows temperature control.

Are hats safe for babies?

Hats are safe for babies to wear and necessary to keep them warm in the cold seasons. Be careful that they do not overheat as babies release heat from their heads, faces and hands. Babies should not sleep with hats on as it can cause them to overheat. Hats and beanies in bed are also a suffocating and choking hazard.

Is it necessary for my baby to wear a hat indoors?

If the temperature is regulated indoor, there is no reason for your baby to wear a hat. When you are in a big open area that is cold, feel free to cover their heads for warmth. Hats are more for outside activities in cold temperatures when walking or running errands.

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