What is Round Trip in Flight?

What does a Round Trip Mean

The Travel Virgin has decided to do entire articles explaining travel related terms. It was an eye opener, based on our research, that there are several travel queries such as “what is round trip in flight? and “what does a round trip mean?” that is searched thousands of times monthly on Google and other search platforms. In light of this, we will provide the best answer to our fellow Travel Virgins.

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The Travel Virgin Answers “What does a Round Trip Mean?”

A round trip in flight is a journey to a particular destination and back, in most cases using the same route using a plane. A simple example is if someone takes a flight from Ontario, Canada to St. Lucia and then takes a flight from St. Lucia to Ontario, Canada . So essentially if you buy a round trip ticket, you get a ticket to your destination and a return ticket to your departure destination. In the picture below it shows what a round trip and a one way trip looks like.

What is Round Trip in Flight?

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What is Round Trip in Flight??

Round trip in flight describes the route of travel which is traveling from point A to point B and then back to point A. The mode by which you take the round trip can be by bus, train, airplane etc. A round trip flight is therefore a journey to a particular destination and back using an airplane.

Are Train Tickets Round Trip?

Round trip in tickets can be purchased for train rides. Wonderu is a popular online travel agency that sells round trip train tickets.

Where Can I Purchase Tickets At An Affordable Cost?

The Travel Virgin would definitely not just answer your question without giving you the best online travel agencies from which you can purchase a round trip in flight tickets and other types. These are:

  1. Booking.com– flights
  2. Trip. com flights, trains
  3. Agoda.com flights
  4. CheapAir.comflights
  5. Sky-Tours.com–  flight.
  6. Wanderu.com– offers bus, train, and flight travel across North America and Europe

The Travel Virgin also recommends that you check out Airwander. com which is the only flight meta-search engine that adds stopovers which allows for bonus destinations during travel.

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