Things to Do Denmark-Top 20 for 2022

Things to Do Denmark

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian counties that you do not want to miss. This country of the Vikings is full of history. There are so many things to see and do and so many surprises. You can visit historical sites, palaces and the oldest amusement park in the world. Sit back and relax and read ‘Things to Do Denmark-Top 20′

What makes it more remarkable is that this country consists of 400 islands (an archipelago), and there is much more to see. According to the United Nations happiness report, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. We will look at the top twenty things to do when visiting Denmark.

Denmark is a relatively small country tucked away between Sweden and Germany. When people travel to Europe, they often overlook this beautiful country with its rich history and mysterious Norse mythology. It is a country with the oldest monarchy and the oldest flag that stood through generations of war and peace, and it has so much to offer.

More about Denmark

To appreciate a country when you visit it is good to know more about the country. There are so many interesting facts about this country to share to make your visit even more wondrous. This country has so many secrets to unlock that one visit to Denmark will not be enough.

The first thing that strikes you is the lay of the land. We are speaking of mountains, moreover the lack of mountains.  With this relatively flat surface, it is an advantage to rent a bike to explore the country. Yes, this is a cyclist’s dream. Cycling is a great experience in most of the country. There is 12 0000 km of cycle tracts and lanes. The Danish enjoy cycling so much they even cycle in the winter. Oh,  and they have a cycling embassy, interesting. Only four out of ten Danes are proud owners of cars. It makes cycling the preferred mode of transport.

Known for Having Oldest Amusement Park in the World

Two things that young and old enjoy have their origins in Denmark. Denmark is known for many things, but a fun fact is that they have the first and oldest amusement park globally. Thousands of people visit the park yearly. Ole Kirk Christiansen invested in the world-famous LEGO brick in 1949. LEGO is a toy that young and old enjoy, to such an extent, that they even make movies with LEGO characters.

If you care to spend a day at the ocean, you are not further than 52km from the sea at any given time. The challenge is not to see the ocean no matter where you are in Denmark, an impossible feat. Everyone gets thirsty, especially when exploring. You can drink water from any tap, for this country has some of the world’s cleanest drinking water. Not only is the drinking water in Denmark clean, but the water in the harbor is also so clean you will want to swim in it.

The Climate

Being in the southernmost hemisphere, Denmark is not a very hot country for most of the year. If you love the cold, anytime is a good time. Their warmest months, however, are from June to August. The temperatures are then comfortable for outdoor exploring and hiking and enjoying the green landscape and the coast. Temperatures are between  12.6°C (54.7°F) and 20°C21°C (69.8°F) in this

Keep in mind that Denmark has a mild climate, with no extreme temperatures. You can often experience more than one season in one day. To be prepared for changing weather, always carry a warm jacket and an umbrella for rain and sun.

Shopping in Denmark

It is expensive to shop In Denmark, and it is advisable to pack everything you need and plan your wardrobe. Jeans are popular apparel in Denmark with camisoles and a cardigan in warmer months and long sleeve garments and sweaters or jackets in the cooler months. The SCOTTeVest jacket range is the best jacket for traveling. Layering your clothes is key to staying comfortable in changing weather.

Because of the biking culture, women prefer trousers to dresses and almost always wear trousers or trouser suits. The only time you will be required to a dress is if you have an audience with royalty, even then trouser suits are sometimes acceptable. Wear comfortable walking shoes instead of flip-flops as the weather can change very quickly, leaving you with wet or cold feet.

Denmark is an expensive county to visit. Apart from it being expensive, nobody accepts credit cards. The recommended method of payment is by debit card or with kroner. The Danish people are friendly and easy-going people if you respect their rules and privacy.

Here Are Some Interesting Things to do in Denmark.

Think Pink at Superkilen

Things to Do Denmark

Since you will be landing in the town of Copenhagen, it seems like the best place to start exploring the country. On your way to your hotel, take a drive through the Pink Town of Superkilen. Here everything is pink, from the sidewalks, umbrellas to the actual streets. 

Superkilen has three areas, namely Red Square, Black Square, and Green Square. Red Square has blocks of red paint to give dimension to the pink areas. Here is where Activities like culture and sport weekly markets take place, 

Black Square is the community meeting place. Here locals meet, play chess and backgammon and hang out with friends. The Green Square covers the part with playgrounds, picnics, and green grass to relax on. Superkilen is a diverse culture and ethnic area of the people that live there with traditional art from around the globe.

Christiansborg Palace-Things to Do Denmark

Things to Do Denmark

Your next stop should be the Christiansborg Palace. The construction of this building is in the same palace that the original castle stood in 1167. Three eras of Danish architecture form part of this castle. The rebuilding took place following a devastating fire in 1794 and again in 1884 and took several years to complete. Currently, the Danish Parliament that hosted many royalties in its past.

In1 829, builders restored the main palace in a Neo-baroque style. In 1826 the chapel was rebuilt in a Neo-classical style. The showgrounds date back to 1738-46 built in baroque style.

The Rosenborg Castle.

The building of the Rosenborg Castle was the vision of the most famous Scandinavian king, Christian IV, as a country summer house in 1606. The castle was built in the Dutch Renaissance style and was expanded many times till 1624. Bertel Langge and Hans van Steenwinckle were the architects that designed this castle.

The castle was the residence of the Danish Regents until around 1710.  It occurred only twice after the reign of Fredrik ΙV.  One of the occasions was after the Christiansborg Palace burned down in 1794. In 1801 during the British attack on Copenhagen, the castle was used for a brief time.

The coronation thrones and the three silver lions standing guard in the Knights Hall are the main attraction. Many details of royal life fill the halls and well as the crown jewels of Denmark. The king’s writing cabinet is on display, tapestries that commemorate battles between Denmark and Sweden, beeswax figures of former royals that stayed in the castle, and the king’s bathroom.

Meet Your Host, the Little Mermaid-Things to Do Denmark

In the old port district of Nyhavn, on the shore of Langelinie is a four-foot statute. The inspiration for this stature is the story of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson. A Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen fell in love with the character after attending a ballet performance of the story.

On the 23 of August 1923, the city of Copenhagen unveiled the statue of the little mermaid they received as a gift from Carl Jacobson. This statute was the victim of vandalism more than once.  Losing her head twice and one arm. Her head and arm were both replaced over time.

Swim in the harbor The Water is Clean

Not in the mood to go to the beach? No worries, take a swim in the harbor. The water in the Harbor of Copenhagen is so clean it has become a recreational hot spot. There is a handful of harbor baths for swimming, stand-up paddling, kayaking, and rowing.

Diner and Rides at Tivoli Gardens-Things to Do Denmark

Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park globally. There is magic and fun for the whole family wrapped up in an entrance ticket. The gardens go back as far as 1843. This fairy tale world has been the vacation spot for famous people like Walt Disney and Hans Christian Andersen. The architecture, historic buildings, lush gardens, and thousands of lights at night presents a fairy tale atmosphere like nowhere else on the globe.

Although the rides blend in with the architecture and gardens, you will not be disappointed. There are rides to match the expectation of the thrill-seeker as well as rides for the nostalgic. Choose from a diverse selection of foods like traditional Danish cuisine, French Bistro, or bring your picnic basket. Do not miss out on the Friday Rock and World-class classical music is the highlight for many tourists.

The Kronborg Castle

Before you leave Copenhagen, visit the Kronborg castle. Kronborg Castle was the setting of the Hamlet play that Shakespeare wrote in the 15th century. Today it is a UNESCO world heritage site and hosts the Shakespeare festival in the summer months. You may even catch a play by some of the pioneering authors. Perhaps a famous play write. The statue of Holger, the famous Danish poet, can also be admired here.

Torvehallerne the Local Farmers Market-Things to Do Denmark

Situated at the center of Copenhagen is an enormous Torvehallerne market that sells everything from fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat. Some of these 60 stalls serve delicious sandwiches, Pizza, and the best Danish baked goods.

Get Spooked by the Tales of the Haunted Voergaard Castle

 In Dronninglund, with a moat surrounding high walls that is meters thick, is a haunted castle.  Here, you will find the choicest renaissance castle with the finest art collection. A visit to this Voergaard Castle, which has a history filled with love, betrayal, and abduction, will reveal a storybook of human emotion and strength.

It was not acceptable for a woman to be strong and independent in the 16th century. Yet, such a woman

perceived to be a witch. Ingeborg Skeel was such a woman. Some say she was a lovely lady with excellent business skills, but the locals accuse her of murder. She bought the castle in the 1500s and died in the Voergaard Castle, thus leading to tales of a haunted castle. Exorcism was performed in Voergaard Castle after her death by a local priest.


Visit Djursland of Northern Jutland, where the nearest city is 22 miles away (36km). With 250 km of beautiful coastline, what is the not to love. Take a cool and enjoy the sun on any of their 100 beaches with fresh crispy waves.

The Djurs Summer Park has so much to offer with its exhilarating rides and eight themed sections. This park is the fifth-largest park globally and frequented by approximately a million people yearly. Popular themes in the park are Afrikaland, Westernland, and Bondegårdsland. The stunning themes imitate geographies from all over the globe. Enjoy a ride on one or all of the seven roller coasters in the park. The admission fee covers all the rides and the water park.

Skagen the Northernmost Point of Denmark-Things to Do Denmark

Grenen in Skagen is where the Kattegat and Skagerak (The Baltic And North Seas) Meet. Here you can stand with your feet in two different seas with different densities. The currents of the water created a peninsula with beautiful beaches. Because the sea currents are rougher on the west side, swimming activities take place on the east side of the peninsula.

Even if you prefer not to swim, viewing this place is a must. There is nothing more fascinating than to reach land’s end.  Grenen is only accessible by Sandormen busses pulled by a tractor or from the Grenen art museum car park. The grave of Holger Drachmann, poet of Midsummer Song and Erindring (Reminiscence), is located on this path.

Not in the mood to swim, follow one of the walking trails (suitable for bikes, wheelchairs, and prams). Visit the German-built bunkers that were part of the Atlantic wall in the war.

The World’s Oldest Amusement Park in Klampenborg

Founded in 1583, the Dyrehavsbakken (Bakken Amusement park) is living history. This park is a firm favorite with locals and tourists alike. Visitors all over the world come to Bakken Amusement park for family fun.  Bakken offers multi-generational activities from rides for children, rides for the thrill-seeker, restaurants, pubs, bars, and stroll through the market. The colorful wooden structure gives this place a rustic feeling. There are no big brands or neon signs in this park which, gives it a family fair feeling. Oh, and did I mention entrance is free!

Amalienborg Palace with its remarkable architecture-Things to Do Denmark

The name of the palace is a collective noun meaning quad mansions in Copenhagen. This beautiful palace is situated next to Frederik’s Church. Building around an octagonal courtyard with an Equestrian statue is Rocco-style Architecture chosen by King Frederick V.

Many noble families have made their home in the AmalienborgPalac. Danish Royal Life Guards is guarding the palace.  Their dress code is similar to the foot guard regiment of England. A must-see for every tourist that visits Denmark.

The Roller Coasters of Farup Summer Park

Northern Jutland has a fair amount of amusement parks. Farup Summer park holds its own when it comes to amusements parks. In the three months of summer that it is open, over half a million people visit the park.  If it is roller coaster rides you are after, here are six to try out In one amusement park.

For those that do not mind getting wet, try out the two water coasters. There are twenty kiddie rides to keep the children busy. Check out their 4D cinema for the thrill of your life.

Carlsberg Brewery Museum

The brewery has been in existence since 1847, and the first brewing batch dates back to 11 November 1847. The beer production facility moved to new Fredericia in Jutland on the 30 October 2008. Jacobsen House Brewery is still brewing specialty beers from the original premises.  The brewery occupies 30 hectares of land.

LEGOLAND Billund Resort-Things to Do Denmark

 Visit the first and oldest of eight LEGOLAND resorts globally. This resort opened its doors in 1968. Many sites around the world and famous buildings are part of the mini-land collection. Although LEGOLAND is now in many countries, this original resort is still a favorite with millions of visitors year-round.

Book a tour regardless of your age, and be surprised how enjoyable and educational it is. Apart from the exhibition of LEGO bricks, there are 50 rides to enjoy like kiddie rides, water rides, roller All the coaster, and even a 4D cinema. Fortunately, all the rides are included in the ticket apart from the SEAT Traffic School driving track.

Nørresundby, the Burial Grounds of the Ancient Vikings

For history buffs, archaeologists, or Viking experts, this is the perfect place to visit. The lower or southern part dates back to the 1050s. The higher northern part dates back even earlier. The first archaeology excavation on this site dates back to1889.  Approximately 700 graves were part of the excavation in 1952.

Lindholm Høje seems like a field full of scattered rock at first glance. These rocks form a beautiful design when studied closer. Lindholm Høje’s rock patterns are not only the burial graves of fallen Vikings. Many artifacts found a resting place with their owners, such as stone ships.

18 Bryup’sVelling Koller Fairy Tale Garden-Things to Do Denmark

If you think Denmark is magical,  you are right. Many famous fairy tales were born here. Few writers, if any, are not inspired or deeply moved after a visit to this country. The Danish found inspiration in this magical country and created the Velling Koller Fairy Tale Garden in 1960 to pay homage to all the fairy tales making their country magical.

Unfortunately, the park is no longer in use, but today it is repurposed as a campground. There are still some nostalgic remains of the theme park to view.

The TroldKirken

If there are fairies, one is sure to find a troll or two,  especially in a place like Nibe. In Norse and Scandinavian mythology, there are many tales of troll-like creatures. In Nibe, there is a rock formation that may be the work of these troll creatures. The TroldKirken (troll church) is built out of stones weighing 12 000 plus tons and dates back to 3500BC. Nobody can explain how trolls could lift boulders with a weight of 12 000 tons. Troldkirken is a must-see for tourists before leaving Denmark.

The  Your Rainbow Panorama-Things to Do Denmark

Everybody loves rainbows. Here is your chance to interact with Your Rainbow Panorama, a very unique work of art. Follow the walkway around the top of the building as you gaze through colored windows over the city.

The colored filter windows give you a plethora of different perspectives.  Olafur Eliasson is the creator of Your Rainbow Panorama. Brighten your day by visiting this remarkable work of art.

Is it Expensive to Visit Denmark?

Yes, Denmark is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, but still more affordable than Norway and Sweden. The Danish also are not fond of credit cards. They prefer that you pay with a kroner or debit card. There are only a few things you can still buy with $5, like a cup of coffee or a little bit of airtime.

Is There Beaches in Denmark Where I Can Swim?

The sea is never further than 52km from you at any place in Denmark. There are many beaches to swim in or enjoy the sun.  Skagen, where the Baltic and the North Sea meet, has beautiful beaches. In Copenhagen, there are baths where you can partake in a variety of different water sport, including swimming.

Jutland has 250km of pristine coastline with 100 beaches to swim in and enjoy the sun. There are castles to explore and lots of history in old half-timber houses. The main attraction for parents with children is The Djurs Summer Park, filled with rides, games, and fine dining.

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