Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel-Top 10 for 2022 -Updated

Are you planning your vacation for 2022? Whether your vacation is a few weeks away or next year, it’s time to get those cool shades. We are not talking about cheap eyewear, we are talking about cool, trendy, and sophisticated sunglasses that say ” even my eyes desire the best luxuries of life”. The best travel sunglasses also keeps your eyes protected with UV-protecting lenses. The Travel Virgin is here to help you to display an air of affluence on your next vacation as we unveil the “Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel”. I have added songs to accompany each pair of sunglasses.

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1. Real Rich Eyewear- Gucci Havana Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel

Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel


Quality sunglasses with Acetate frame.

The Travel Virgin: This pair of sunglasses is perfect for a trip to Paris. It says “I am rich and it shows, I am wearing Gucci sunglasses, take me to the Eiffel Tower.” So cliche but I will be singing ” Gucci, Gucci, Fendi, Fendi, “

2. Most Stylish and Cute, I Had The Time of My Life- Dita Decade Sunglasses


A contemporary design, excellent craftsmanship, and outstanding warranty. Dita is indeed A class.

The Travel Virgin: I love this sunglasses, it is ideal for a trip to Dubai. Imagine going on a Desert Safari Tour, the fun and adventure would not be the same without my Dita sunglasses. Singing ” I had the time of my life.”

3. I Am So Fancy – Dita Mach One Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel

Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel


Matte Black Rose Gold with a 2-year international warranty.

The Travel Virgin: These sunglasses definitely says I am on vacation in LA with my rose gold sunglasses. Singing “I am so fancy from La to Tokoyo.”

4. Stylish Travel Sunglasses – Gucci, Havana


Stylish sunglasses with transparent protection lenses.

The Travel Virgin: These sunglasses are perfect for a trip to Las Vegas. Singing ” Its a Party in the U.S.A”

5. Cruising in My Porsche, Call Me Sandy -Bvlgari Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel

Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel


Exquisite details are the signature of this designer eyewear. The history of this Bvlgari brand with famous Italian Jeweler, Bvlgari. This is 130 years of timeless high-quality sophistication that you will be showcasing.

The Travel Virgin: In my Porsche singing “You are the One I want”. Let me dress up like Sandy from Grease

6. Rich Girl, I Am That Type- Dolce & Gabbana Travel Sunglasses


Grey Gunmetal w/Pink Gradient Lens

The Travel Virgin: This is definitely for my trip to Mexico. Sing with ” That’s My Type”

7. I Am A Bird Flying Away-Junzheng Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel

Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel


Bird Shaped Sunglasses for Women

The Travel Virgin: Thinking Nelly Furtado song. I think this fits perfectly for my trip to Ibiza.

8. Here I Go Again On My Own-Chrome Hearts Travel Sunglasses


Vintage-inspired frame features 

The Travel Virgin: This is for the loner trip to Abu Dabhi. Sings ” here I go again on my own, going down the only road I have ever know, like a drifter, I was born to walk alone”

9. I Got Rich Girl Problems-Gucci Aviator Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel For Men For Women

Most Expensive Sunglasses for Travel


FREE Complimentary Eyewear Care Kit

Singing ” I got rich girl problems”

10. I Want It Now-Tag Heuer Wayfarer Travel Sunglasses


Made of high-tech materials. Lightweight, ergonomics which provides exceptional comfort

Singing ” I want the whole world”

Written By: Amanda Greenland, Guest Writer

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