Cities of Uae-Best to Visit for 2022

Cities of Uae

Here’s a question for you? Where in the Middle East would you most like to visit if you had all expenses paid? Dubai must have crossed your mind. Who wouldn’t want to explore the suave and luxurious city of Dubai? As one of the most prominent cities of the UAE, Dubai will definitely charm you with its splendour. Despite being a desert nation, the destination has modified its emirates. It now offers balance modern and traditional elements that give visitors a truly unique experience. Curious about what UAE has to offer? Take a look at these enticing cities that make UAE vacations even more enjoyable.

Abu Dhabi

The capital emirate of UAE is not just another political seat of the country. It is popular for its attractions and experiences among tourists. It is the second most sought-after city in the UAE by visitors after Dubai. Presently, Abu Dhabi is on par with its neighburing emirate Dubai when compared to attractions and architectural marvels. Abu Dhabi has now emerged as the place to explore culture and art with a modern touch in the UAE. The emirate now is the proud owner of the only Louvre Museum located outside Europe. Taking a leaf out of Dubai’s dreams, Abu Dhabi also focuses on offering a complete family experience.

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The Yas Island is one of the most popular places to visit in UAE. Home to the first-ever Ferrari-themed amusement park, and Warner Bros Abu Dhab. The first of its kind recreational adventure zone to open in the Middle East. It can be seen that Dubai is getting clustered with brand new attractions and is always overwhelmed with tourists. For those who would like a breather from the hype of Dubai, but want to experience the same energetic vibe of the city, Abu Dhabi is the perfect city. Enjoy Middle Eastern opulence as well as enjoy adventures and entertainment without the stifling crowds of tourists.

Ras Al Khaimah-Cities of Uae

The emirate is ideal for those who like outdoor adventure holidays. Located in the north of the UAE. Ras Al Khaimah is flanked on one side by the Persian Gulf and shrouded by rugged terrains on the other. UAE visitors consider this emirate to be one of the most scenic in the entire nation. This emirate is a destination characterized by its natural splendours overpowering the modern vibes which can be found in UAE cities. Ras Al Khaimah offers plenty of attractions to visitors. One of the main attractions is Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the UAE. A favoured spot for adventure seekers.

Get ready for some amazing trekking expeditions with the only Via Ferrata trail in the country. A guide to the top offers astounding views from its viewpoints. Additionally, you can zoom over the rugged cliffs and valleys at 120 km/hr. on the longest zip-lining experience in the world. The drive to this attraction is boasted as one of the most scenic drives to enjoy in the UAE. Within the city, the mangroves, vast coastlines, and lovely settings make Ras Al Khaimah a wonderful place. Experience picturesque vistas with a touch of adventure.

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In the UAE, Dubai is the city that is undisputedly the most visited. A city that feels unbelievable until you step foot upon the land. An all-rounder as a travel destination, the fact that it is located in a desert region is not of much concern. The best of the best in the world and groundbreaking points of interest all have their address in Dubai. It makes use of its resources meticulously and with cutting-edge innovation. It presents to its guests wonders such as the biggest water fountain – Palm Fountain – and the largest natural flower garden in the world – Dubai Miracle Gardens, to name a few.

Dubai’s devotion to improving and evolving into a grand modern city compelled it to build engineering marvels. It is the only city that has managed to create the largest artificial island fully ready for inhabitance – The Palm Jumeirah Island. Additionally, it has created waterways that meander through the city, adding to the charm of the emirate. Its deserts are also preserved untouched as a lasting reminder of its humble past. The vast deserts also transform into an amazing adventure playground during Dubai desert safari tours. As a whole, there is no doubt that any visitor to the UAE will want to skip a visit to Dubai, but it is also a great idea to look beyond Dubai to have a complete experience in the UAE.

Sharjah-Cities of Uae

A holiday to Sharjah is sometimes overlooked when it comes to vacationing in the United Arab Emirates. The emirate is more like a wallflower, where its incredibility is discovered once you get to know it. With its rich Bedouin culture and arts, Sharjah is rightfully regarded as the cultural capital of the UAE. But it does not prevent it from exploring the contemporary elements that UAE is so well known for. It is one of the best cities to visit in UAE as there is a medley of modern and cultural essence seamlessly and beautifully balanced in harmony in the city. Among the city’s heritage sites are the Sharjah Mosque, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Al Noor Mosque, and the Sharjah Archaeological Museum, among others. Furthermore, you also get to explore a variety of museums like the antique car collection museum and the calligraphy museum.

The water precinct of Al Qasba stands between the deep blue gulf and its quaint surroundings, offering breathtaking views. This attraction has loads of shopping, dining, and walking trails that are perfect to spend good times with family and friends. The beautiful beaches of Khor Fakkan – a coastal exclave in Sharjah in the east of the UAE – is a small slice of paradise. Offering adventure seekers the chance to enjoy watersports like kayaking or even dive underwater for some scuba and snorkeling. Sharjah is quaint and sublime, and it stands in contrast to its popular neighbour, but it does offer a complete taste of the UAE within a nice, refined environment.

Now that you know what these UAE cities have in store for you, after reading up on them, which one do you intend to visit while you’re planning your UAE visit?

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