Castles in Czech Republic-Top 50

Castles in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with so much to offer for visitors. It has history, beautiful architecture, really, there’s something for everyone. Did you know, though, that the country boasts over 2000 castles? That makes it one of the countries with the most number of castles and palaces in the entire world. That number is daunting, but don’t worry! We’ve narrowed down the top 50 castles you have to make time to visit when you travel to the Czech Republic. Can’t make it to all of them in one trip? We guess that means you’ll have to go back!

1. Kost Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Castles in Czech Republic

We’re starting out our list with a castle that truly looks like it was taken out of a movie. Also called the Bone Castle, Kost Castle is famous for its walls. While they give the castle a bit of a harsher and more intimidating look than the castles you may be used to seeing in fairytales, these walls kept those inside of them safe from sieges and attacks.

2. Prague Castle

Castles in Czech Republic

Prague Castle is the castle of your gothic dreams. That’s not just our opinion. This castle complex is one of the largest in the world and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Add in it is beautiful architecture, this castle is a must on any visit to the Czech Republic.

3. Orlik Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Castles in Czech Republic

Orlik Castle may not be what you first imagine when you think of the word castle. It’s a bit boxy and may seem to give off vibes that, while still imposing, perhaps aren’t the most regal. However, this castle has been the residence of many kings since it was constructed in the 14th century. It’s full of history and that earns it its place on our list.

4. Radun Castle

If you plan on doing some traveling throughout the country, we recommend making time for Radun Castle, near the border with Poland. If you are a fan of the Renaissance and you want to live out your best Ren-Fair life, then there’s no way you can miss out on visiting this castle.

5. Bouzov Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

High on a hill, you won’t be able to miss the striking red color of the Bouzov Castle roof and towers. It’s the sort of structure that looks like it would be the home of Snow White and her Prince Charming.

6. Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle may have a name that’s hard to pronounce, but it’s one of the country’s most visited landmarks. In fact, it’s achieved National Cultural Monument status. Make sure to visit and see its 11 towers in person. You’ll wish you could move in and call the place home yourself!

7. Rabi Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Rabi Castle, unlike some of the other entries on this list, is considered a castle ruin. That means that it’s no longer a full structure. It has a long, arduous history that has led to its destruction and reconstruction over the ages. We still think it’s gorgeous, but it’s definitely more geared for history buffs.

8. Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov Castle is one of the most visited casltes in the Czech Republic. In a country where there are 2000 castles ready for visitors, that’s an impressive title to hold. It is yet another UNESCO site, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to visit a castle that inspires romance and a belief in magic.

9. Castle Benatky nad Jizerou-Castles in Czech Republic

This castle is better described as a castle or palace complex. It’s made up of different buildings that have been erected at different points in history. You may think the mix of Renaissance and Baroque architecture wouldn’t go together, but you’d be wrong.

10. Karlstejn Castle

This castle started out as a place to keep the royal crown jewels safe, and subsequently turned into one of the top castles in the country. Long forgotten, the castle was restored after lifetimes of disuse. Now it is a Gothic hallmark and well worth a visit, even if that means making a special trip outside of Prague.

11. Krivoklat Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

This is another entry for all you would-be historians out there. Krivoklat Castle is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. As one of the most important castles in the country since the 1200s, you’ll be awe not just of its beauty, but of the history that permeates the walls wherever you look.

12. Lednice Castle

If you’re looking for a castle that seems like you’ve entered another world, Lednice Castle may be the top place for you to visit. Surrounded by greenery, you’ll feel like the rest of the world has just fallen away and you’re about to star in your very own fairytale.

13. Castle Blatna-Castles in Czech Republic

Castle Blatna is the castle to visit if you want to see a bona fide castle with a moat. That’s right, this beautiful landmark is a water castle. You’ll be able to picture the history just by being on the grounds, and the gorgeous surrounding nature will give you all the photo ready moments you’ll need to make your friends back home jealous.

14. Cesky Sternberk Castle

This castle, unlike the others on this list, still belongs to the same family that has owned it for over eight centuries. That’s right, it belongs to one of the oldest families in the country, the Sternberg family. That fun trivia fact alone makes this castle a history fanatic’s dream destination.

15. Buchlovice Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

You may feel like you’ve stepped into the Italian countryside with this one. You wouldn’t be wrong. It is in the Italian Baroque style that really feels like you’ve traveled to a different time. One with ballgowns and fairytale romance. It’s not as old as some of the other entries on this list, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in style.

16.  Pernstejn Castle

If a castle to you needs to have spiral turrets and towers and seem like it could be the setting for a ball or a period drama, then Pernstejn Castle has you covered. Like many castles on this list, it’s in the Gothic style and it will take your breath away.

17. Cervena Lhota Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

You won’t be able to miss the literal red walls of this Renaissance castle. It stands out beautifully against the lush green forest backdrop it finds itself in. What’s more, the inside is just as breathtaking as the outside. This is one unique castle you have to make time to see.

18. Bezdez Castle

At over 1000 feet above sea level, you’ll see Bezdez Castle towering over the surrounding area from far and wide. Home of much of the country’s folklore since the 1200s, you’ll be sorry if you don’t plan a visit while you’re there.

19. Valtice Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

One of the “newer” castles on this list at less than 400 years old in its current form, the Valtice Castle still holds its own as a part of this list. This castle was the home of tournaments where knights would show off their talents for centuries before it was converted into its current state by the Liechtenstein family.

20. Cerveny Hradek Castle

The striking feature of the Cerveny Hradek Castle is its gardens. You’ll be able to spend hours wandering the castle grounds admiring the statues that adorn it. While not as fantasy-like as some of the entries, this castle has its roots firmly in the wonderful Czech culture and history.

21. Konopiste Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

This famous castle was the final home of Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the Archduke. You know, the man whose assassination started the first World War? The luxurious architecture and decor of this castle is undoubtedly fit for royalty even today. The unique mix of beauty and history makes it a must for all visitors to the Czech Republic.

22. Zvikov Castle

This castle is one of the oldest on our list. Some form of fort has been standing on the very land where you’ll find the Zvikov Castle since the first century. Why? Its location. It sits on a hill with perfect views of any enemy forces that may wish to conquer. Now it’s a must-see for anyone who visits.

23. Frydlant Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Frydlant Castle has maintained its original design and architectural features despite being open for public visits for well over 200 years. In fact, this castle is one of the oldest castle museums in Europe, particularly one of the oldest that is still running. With medieval stylings and uniquely ornate fixtures, we don’t doubt why it’s been a popular landmark for so long.

24. Sovinec Castle

This Medieval castle holds the title as the castle with the most preserved original fortifications in the entire Czech Republic. Again, we’ll mention the fact that the country has over 2000 castles, which means having the title as the top of anything is definitely worth bragging about. 

25. Trosky Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Another castle ruin makes our list. While you may be tempted to skip visiting what’s left of Trosky Castle in favor of the palaces that are still standing in their entirety, that would be a mistake. Its two towers and intimidating location will easily have you picturing just how magnificent this castle looked in its heyday.

26. Horsovsky Tyn Castle

Home to many rulers over the years, Horsovsky Tyn Castle has seen its fair share of renovations. While you won’t be able to see what it looked like in its original state when it was constructed in the 1200s, you’ll still be in awe of its 15th century stylings.

27. Decin Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

If you’re interested in Bohemian history, then Decin Castle needs to be at the top of your list of places to visit. As one of the most important, not to mention oldest, castles in Bohemian history, it serves as an important monument to represent this part of the culture of the Czech Republic.

28. Kromeriz Archbishop’s Palace

This castle marks the third UNESCO World Heritage Site to make our list. The gardens of this castle are of particular note, being some of the most beautiful in all of Europe. It’s not hard to believe that this Gothic style castle was once one of the most important religious seats in the world.

29. Hruba Skala Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

Yet another entry that will make you feel like you’ve walked into a fairytale. It’s the turrets, right?  It’s always the turrets, and Hruba Skala has some beautiful ones. Feel like you’re waiting for a prince or princess of your very own while you walk the grounds of this beautiful castle.

30. Jemniste Castle

If you’re staying in Prague, then you have to take a day to visit Jemniste Castle. The Baroque style isn’t just on the outside of this castle, its interior will fully immerse you in the essence of its time. You’ll be struck by its beauty, and that’s why it’s earned a spot on our list.  

31. Kokorin Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

You won’t feel like you’re in the modern world at all if you visit Kokorin Castle. It’s nestled in a nature reserve that will transport you back in time. This castle has gone through its share of destruction, but it’s a beauty now.

32. Chateau Bruntal

This castle has gone through a few changes over its 600 year history. What you’ll find now is a Baroque style chateau, but you’ll still see hints of the original Renaissance architecture peeking through that give the castle an artistic and interesting style that can’t be replicated.

33. Jindrichuv Hradec Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

If you’re looking to be impressed, then Jindrichuv Hradec Castle might just do it for you. It’s one of the largest castle complexes still standing in the Czech Republic. You’ll find remnants of its original Gothic styling, but the majority of the castle has been rebuilt to fit the Renaissance style. Either way, it’s beautiful and well-worth visiting.

34. Detenice Castle

Detenice Castle is possibly one of our most important entries on this list. Why? Because it’s one of the least well known castles in the country! While there are plenty of attractions in the same are, the castle can sometimes go overlooked. The gorgeous castle was once used as a school but now you can enjoy tours of the grounds.

35. Kunin Castle

Also classified as a chateau, Kunin Castle is yet another example of Baroque architecture on our list. Like many castles, it’s built to overlook the surrounding area, giving you a wonderful view when you visit. While not the oldest entry we’re recommending, having been built in the 1700s, it’s still full of history and worth visiting.

36. Ledec nad Sazavou Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

The town this castle presides over is one of the largest in its region, making it the perfect place for a castle. While it’s gone through many renovations, the most recent of which took place after a fire destroyed some of the property, you’ll still be able to marvel at some of the surviving original architectural features.

37. Mnichovo Hradiste Castle

The Mnichovo Hradiste Castle was privately owned until the later 1940s where it became property of the country, and, thus, free for public visitation. Since then, it’s seen a steady stream of tourists eager to appreciate the stunning architecture and all the antique treasures still housed within it.

38. Mostov Castle

What’s better than visiting a castle? Sleeping in one! That’s right, we’re telling you the you can say in the Mostov Castle, it’s a hotel! You can visit without a reservation as well, but if you’re given the opportunity to stay in a castle, why wouldn’t you take it? How many more times will you get that chance?

39. Pohansko Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

This castle only took two years to complete in its current form, and it’s remained largely unchanged since its completion in 1812. However, don’t assume that the current version of the castle is the first one to be where it stands. There is evidence of fortifications in tha very spot since the 800s.

40. Svihov Castle

Another fairytale-esque castle makes our list. What can we say? We like the charm and magical qualities the Svihov Castle emanates. It’s another water castle, which means, once again, you’ll be able to see a real life moat which just helps you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

41. Velke Brezno Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

This castle doesn’t usually make the cut when people plan their Czech Republic vacation, and we can’t figure out why! If you want to see some classic architecture that is steeped in Czech culture, then you have to visit Velke Brezno Castle. It’s truly unlike any castle you’ll ever see elsewhere in the world.

42. Vizovice Castle-Castles in Czech Republic

This French style castle may not give off the classical castle vibes that castles built in the Gothic, Renaissance, or Medieval styles might, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a visit. If you visit, we recommend making sure you get a chance to go inside so you can gawk at the different styles that adorn the interior of this castle.

43. Zleby Chateau

When you see the Zleby Chateau atop its hill, you’ll feel your heart swell and you’ll just have to get a closer look. It has the sort of charm that makes you believe you’re right around the corner from a knight in shining armor or a fairy godmother.

44.  Bartosovice Castle

This former water castle has undergone numerous changes in long history. Unfortunately, that means losing the moat along the way (You can’t keep them all!), but you’ll still be able to enjoy wonderful Baroque stylings. It’s been considered a historical landmark for over 30 years, so, join the Bartosovice Castle appreciation club while on your visit!

45. Chateau Kacina-Castles in Czech Republic

If you’re looking for a castle that steps a bit outside of the usual cultural boxes, then Chateau Kacina is a go-to for you. It’s yet another UNESCO Site, but, unlike the other entries on this list, this castle’s architecture has been classified as the Empire style.

46. Chateau Lesna

If you visit Chateau Lesna, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to see it in its original glory as, over the years, it’s suffered damage. That’s, unfortunately, what happens when castles get new owners and are caught in wartime struggles. However, what stands now has been largely unchanged since the 1700s, making it still a well-worth historical visit.

47. Chateau Namest na Hane

While the Chateau Namest na Hane has been around since the 18th century, it was built atop the same location as a former Medieval fortress. You can feel all that history as you walk the grounds, which are open to the public since the castle was requisitioned by the city of Namest na Hane.

48. Velke Mezirici Chateau-Castles in Czech Republic

Once again, we have a castle that has changed styles through its history. Currently mostly in the Baroque style, it’s impossible to completely forget or cover up the castle’s 13th century original Renaissance elements. Make sure to plan a visit, the castle has been open to the public since the mid-1900s.

49. Ratiborice Chateau

We have our second Empire style entry on this list. Built in the first half of the 19th century, you’ll feel like you’re in a period drama when you walk the grounds of the Ratiborice Chateau. If you’re a fan of history, you’ll love to know that this castle was also the location of top-secret meetings during Napoleon’s endeavours to take over Europe.

50. Chlum u Trebone Castle

Once the location of a Gothic castle, Chlum u Trebone Castle is a prime example of Baroque architecture. Imposing, yet beautiful, those are the two words that best describe this final entry of our list. Make sure you add it to your list of places to visit when you head to the Czech Republic.

In a country literally full of castles, it was hard to narrow down our list to just 50, but we did it, just for you! We hope you get to see a few, or all, of them very, very soon!

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