Best Place to Live for Climate Change-Top 25

Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Best Place to Live for Climate Change: Climate change is here. It’s a sad and scary fact, but it’s the truth. It’s not something that we have to worry about happening in hundreds or thousands of years. With climate change, we have all sorts of side effects. Changes to weather patterns that have seemingly been stable for generations. Temperatures rising in some places or falling in others. Bodies of water are starting to show signs of drying up. Forest fires. There are so many factors that go into considering how climate change is affecting the world.

In the face of the climate change phenomenon, you may be worrying about whether or not where you call home is safe. Maybe you’ve noticed some of the climate change effects in your hometown, maybe you’re worried they’re coming. Whether you’ve put down roots or you’re looking to make a change in where you live, climate change may be on your radar as a factor of where you decide to take up residence. If that’s the case, keep reading. This is our list of the best places to live in the face of climate change. We’ve tried to keep this worldwide, but, as you might notice, some countries may be better equipped than others to handle the current and coming effects of climate change.

Climate Change: A Rundown-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Before we jump into our list, let’s make sure we’re on the same page as far as what climate change is. We hear it being talked about left and right by experts and non-experts alike. It’s one of those terms that you’ve heard often enough you’ve probably picked up the essence of what it means, but, there may be some confusion. Especially in this case where there seems to be some overlap between different terms that are often used in place of each other (Global warming, climate variability, greenhouse effect, the list could go on!). So, to make things simple, we’ll give you the definition you need to know, that way you’ll never be confused as to whether or not you really know the definition of climate change again:

Climate change is, literally and simply, a change to climate patterns. While this could technically be a term used for the climate changes in a localized region of the world, when we hear about it in the news, and the way we mean it in this article, is the wide spread, global change in general climate patterns. That means changes in temperature, precipitation, storm probabilities, and more.

Climate Change and Global Warming

In this case climate changes are due to air pollution which has led to an increase in certain gases, known as greenhouse gases, in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases, which are not usually present in such large quantities, cause the sun’s radiation to become trapped in the atmosphere, throwing off the earth’s atmospheric balance and causing the changes that have been noticed in climates around the world.

It’s worth noting that, while not exactly the same as global warming, the two are linked and some of the entries on this list are present because they’re locations where one would be best able to deal with the global warming aspect of climate change specifically.

Now that you know what climate change is, let’s move on to finding out which places on earth are best suited to support life during this phenomenon. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new place to call home sweet home!

Climate Change:  Where Should YOU Live? -Best Place to Live for Climate Change

1. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

When trying to figure out where to live in the face of climate change, one of the top concerns you need to keep in mind is flooding. Scientists have done some of the math and, at least as far as the United States of America are concerned, the Upper Peninsula may be a winner. It’s seemingly one of the places least likely to be severely affected by changes in climate. Flooding won’t be a huge risk, but you’ll still have access to water, both are priorities on an ever-warming earth. While it may seem like a long way from home, it may be one of the best places to look into.

2. Luxembourg-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

This small landlocked country in Europe may be a good option if you’re looking to relocate before the worst of climate change hits. Not being close to the coast, it will take longer before rising sea-levels become a threat, and that’s not all. The government of this nation has been trying to take climate change and prevention seriously by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve even begun implementing renewable energy sources on a nation-wide level, reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

3. Richmond, Virginia, USA

Another non-coastal location, you’ll notice that is a theme on this list, moving to Richmond will lower your need to worry about flooding, at least in the shorter term as far as climate change is concerned. The natural areas of the city have undergone conservation efforts en masse, making it less industrialized than other areas in the country and across the globe. This not only helps cut down on the greenhouse gases emitted by the city, but it also gives the area a leg-up regarding its ability to survive if and when the effects of climate change get worse.

4. Boston, Massachusetts, USA-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Boston may be on the coast, but it has a few other things going for it that make it a viable option if you’re looking to make a climate change related move. Another important factor to consider is temperature. It gets cold in Boston. That may be a pain during the winters now, but with rising temperatures across the globe, moving somewhere that’s cold now will mean dealing with less scorching temperatures later on. What’s more, the city is making strides to be more sustainable and better able to resist changes that might be headed its way due to climate change.

5. Milan, Italy

Milan is the most populated and the most industrialized city in Italy, yet it’s also one of the most well equipped cities in the world as far as climate change is concerned. The city has made huge efforts in recent years to lower greenhouse gas emissions, including limiting the use of cars within the greater Milan area and outright banning the use of cars that aren’t energy efficient. While the city isn’t yet 100% green, it’s making sure it’s prepared for the worst of what climate change may have in store.

6. Brazil-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Brazil has a tropical climate, which may seem like it goes against some of what we’ve been recommending with this list, thus far, but hear us out. It’s the home of the largest portion of the Amazon Rainforest, and while deforestation is an ongoing issue, the rainforest is a huge line of defense for the country and the world at large in combating climate change. Droughts are possible in the future for the country, but don’t worry, the country is putting a lot of their eggs into renewable energy sources.

7. Boise, Idaho, USA

You may never have thought about moving to Boise before, but if you’re worried about climate change, you may want to set your sights on it. Another inland city, flooding isn’t a major concern for Boise. It also, under regular circumstances, doesn’t see many natural disasters. So, while storm patterns have been seen to change in recent years, Boise will most likely be relatively “safe”  in that regard. Boise is also a city that is lucky enough to be surrounded by natural landscapes which have been theorized to provide some level of protection from some of the most obvious effects of climate change.

8. Fresno, California-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

In general, California has had a few rough years recently as far as weather is concerned. Ongoing droughts have led to terrible wildfires that have devastated some of the state’s natural landscape. Yet Fresno still makes our list of best places to look into moving to. Located in inland California, make rising sea-levels less of a concern compared to the coast. The EPA has theorized that, due to its city layout and how easily connected it is via roads and airports, the city may be able to withstand the worst of climate change.

9. Greenland

Greenland is a gorgeous but frigid country that doesn’t boast many inhabitants, however, you may want to pack up and call it home soon. It has long been ahead of the climate change curve by implementing large scale natural and renewable power sources to harness the power of the already melting glaciers. Its lack of industrialization will also make a possible viable place to settle down in the next 100 years even if the rest of the world is ravaged by climate changes.

10. Bogota, Colombia-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

If you’re not looking to move somewhere cold or somewhere off the grid, Bogota may be the place for you. It’s another major city that is working on becoming well-equipped to handle climate change. The country and the city specifically have pledged to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions, and, by all accounts, they seem to be sticking to their plan. With efforts to reduce deforestation also underway, if you can’t give up city living, Bogota may be a happy medium for you.

11. Switzerland

Switzerland may be one of the top places to consider moving to if climate change is a big concern when deciding where you want to put down roots. As one of the countries in the Paris Climate Accord, it has pledged to do its part in fighting the worst of climate change. However, unlike many countries in that accord, Switzerland has already managed to go above and beyond the recommendations of the agreement. While there are some noticeable effects of climate change within the country’s borders, it may be better able to withstand the worst of things and the government is dedicated to doing everything it can to keep climate change at bay.

12. Salisbury, Maryland, USA-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

What the Maryland peninsula, where you can find the city of Salisbury, has going for it is the fact that, unlike many places in the USA, it hasn’t undergone large-scale developments and industrialization. If you’re someone who loves living on the coast and can’t stand the idea of being landlocked, a place like Salisbury might be a good compromise. Flooding will still be a risk, but it’s a mitigated risk.

13. Denver, Colorado, USA

When a future full of rising sea levels is a concern, getting to higher ground will be a huge priority in deciding where you should relocate. Well, why not Denver? It’s got the elevation you need to stay safe from floods. Also, with long droughts as another side effect of climate change, wildfires are an ever growing concern. You won’t have to worry about that in Denver. Its elevation will help keep you more or less safe from the threat of going up in flames as well. It’s cooler climate will also help to reduce some of the drastic temperature related changes in the world’s climate.

14. Austria-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Austria is another inland country that can be considered relatively safe in regards to flooding. That’s not the only reason that it’s on our list, however. Austria has a government that is determined to help the country reduce its gas emissions and is focusing much of its attention on sourcing renewable energies. It’s even ensured a functioning and reliable public transport system that is accessible to all residents to help reduce emissions made by privately owned vehicles. If you want to live somewhere that is politically aware of and determined to mitigate climate change, Austria may be the place for you.

15. Reno, Nevada, USA

While you may not think of Reno first when you’re making your own list of places that give you the best chance of thriving in a climate change affected world, we’ll tell you why it should be. Yes, it’s in the desert, putting it at risk of hot, dry summers that may be on course to get hotter, drier, and longer, however, unlike some other places in the USA, you don’t have to worry about most types of extreme weather events that are becoming more commonplace as climate change gets worse.

16. Anchorage, Alaska, USA-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Some have ranked this Alaskan city as the top place in the USA as far as climate change resilience is concerned. Alaska, due to its remote location and its fairly inhospitable temperature for much of the year, is very underdeveloped compared to the rest of the USA. That fact may make it a wary choice under other conditions if you’re used to living in the “lower 48” states. However, if your main concern is climate change, then you should be thanking your lucky stars that Anchorage has managed to maintain much of its wilderness.

17. Ireland

Ireland, the green isle, it’s on many people’s list of places to visit, but maybe it should be on your list of places to move in the face of climate change. The natural greenery of the country will potentially help it resist some of the effects of climate change. Its government has also pledged to invest in a plan to help the country survive whatever climate change may throw at it.

18. Iceland-Best Place to Live for Climate Change

Here we have another small country that has taken big leaps towards fighting climate change. Iceland’s political power has focused their attention on lowering greenhouse gas emissions and is on track to produce 0 net emissions in the next 20 years. Add that to the country’s cooler climate, fairly low population, and natural landscapes, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to add this to your list of potential places to live. If you need more convincing, Iceland regularly ranks high as far as quality of life is concerned, so, while you might be moving for a less than ideal reason, Iceland may make your life better in more ways than one.

19. San Francisco, California, USA

Everyone seems to want to move to California, right? Well, while most people are headed down to SoCal for the warm weather and the potential to run into Hollywood stars around every corner. While the coast may not be the best place on all accounts as far as climate change is concerned, if you really can’t stand the idea of not living in California, head north to San Francisco. The weather is cooler which will help with the coming rise in temperature, and, while it’s on the water, the city itself has plenty of elevated areas to help protect you from flooding. If you can afford it, maybe San Francisco is for you.

20. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

While you may still have to deal with tropical storms, which seem to be getting stronger every year as the effects of climate change become greater, Honolulu may still be a viable option for you if you want to make a climate change based move. Why? Hawaii has made great efforts to maintain its natural ecosystem and conserve the wilderness outside of the developed city areas. That gives Honolulu a lot of points in its favor as far as climate change resistance goes.

21. The Netherlands

As one of the pioneers in the move away from natural gases towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the Netherlands belongs on our list. However, this small country is far from safe from some of the prime side effects of a changing climate. Surrounded by water, if sea levels rise too much, the country faces serious risks of flooding. The government is doing everything it can to put plans in place should massive floods be a real-life issue, however, so, there might be hope yet.

22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh may have hit a bit of a gold mine as far as being able to resist climate change. Normally it experiences all four seasons, so, while temperatures will go up, creating shorter, less harsh winters, it is less likely to be detrimentally impacted like some places in the world. This means that it’s more likely that Pittsburgh might become a hub for agriculture. Its location also makes it less likely to get hit by the ever strengthening and ever more frequent hurricanes and severe storms that seem to pop up every year.

23. Spokane, Washington, USA

While still considered a metro city, Spokane is often forgotten. This works in its favor. It’s fairly remote which will work in its favor and, while the Washington coast may face some threats due to rising sea levels and possible wearing away of the coastline, Spokane is inland, which reduces the risks of these having drastic effects on the city. If you’ve always wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest, Spokane may be the place for you to call home.

24.  Germany

Germany may be one of the biggest powerhouses in the fight against climate change. It has a government that is determined to keep things from getting out of hand and the country has taken steps to reduce greenhouse gases. In the next three decades, the country is set to have a net 0 emission rate and legislation has been put in place to make sure that both private individuals and industry giants follow guidelines to make that happen. While you’ll still feel climate change in Germany, it may not be as bad as elsewhere on the globe.

25. Duluth, Minnesota, USA

To end out our list we have Duluth, a city you may have never heard or thought about before right now. As an area near the great lakes, it’s got a unique landscape that will keep you safe from the storms that are a result of climate change. It’s actually been called “climate proof” due to its relative invulnerability to things like major flooding, droughts, and mass temperature changes. We definitely recommend looking into Duluth if you’re wanting to relocate for climate change related reasons.

What did you think about our list? Did we convince you of any new places to call home?

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