Best Places to Go on Christmas Holiday-Top 26

Best Places to Go on Christmas

Best Places to Go on Christmas Holiday: Christmas is a time for giving. What better gift to give your family than a Christmas holiday. Although an intimate time at home with your family is fun, why miss out on seeing the spectacular eye dazzling transformation of cities transform. From Asia, Europe to the US, there is a spectrum of places to visit over Christmas to enchant you, thrill you or enthrall your senses.

Experience a classic storybook Christmas with lots of snow in Europe, or be enthralled by the glittering cities with lots of nightlife.  How about  Asia with its beautiful light displays or tropical beaches. Spend lazy sunshine afternoons on a tropical island. Let us hook you up with thirty of the best places to go at Christmas.

You have been saving for the best Christmas vacation ever. Your family is looking forward to a Christmas vacation of wonder. Nothing captures the Christmas spirit more than beautiful Christmas decorations and festive events with a breathtaking destination as a backdrop. Take a scenic tour with us and let your imagination soar.

1.     Rovaniemi, Finland

What better place to start your vacation than Rovaniemi, Finland? Take a flight to Helsinki airport to visit the magical home of Santa and the elves. There are several themed attractions to see, such as Santa’s theme park and Santa’s village. Learn how to become one of Santa’s elves, decorate a tree with your family in the woods.

Take your family on a husky sled through the enchanting Finnish forest. Do not miss out on the snow ride to find the Northern lights under the dark sky. Rovaniemi will not disappoint you. The whole town is about around Christmas.

2.     Vermont, USA-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Vermont is a Snowy destination of magic and charm. The whole town of Vermont has a wintry setting backdrop. New England is a wonderland of snow, just like the pictures on Christmas cards. The tiny villages featuring steepled churches and lots of snow are cuter than you can imagine.

If it is winter fun you are after, you are in the right place. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, and snowmobiling are just a few of the fun things to do. After an eventful day, sits down for a hearty meal next to a roaring fire. A good winter coat is necessary for this vacation.

3.     Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the ideal choice to exchange the snowy winter landscape for warm summer beaches. Enjoy a traditional African Christmas with lazy mornings on the beach. Enjoy all the water sport you can think of, such as skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, deep water fishing, whale watching, and many more.

Wander through magically decorated shopping malls or visit a Christmas theme park.

 Catch a boat to ribbon Island or visit Boulder beach to watch the penguins play. You may even want to extend your stay to watch the KaaseKlopse new years parade.

4. Dresden, Germany-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Germany is famous for the Christmas markets, and Striezelmarkt is the oldest of these markets in Dresden. For five hundred years, Striezelmarkt has been operating from the same square. Striezelmarkt sells hand-crafted ornaments produced in the Ore Mountains.

The choice of drink is Gluhwein, made with warm red or white wine flavored with spice. Treat yourself to an outing to Stallhof Medieval market. Enjoy food cooked over open fires by stallholders dressed in medieval costumes or watch blacksmiths work hot metal.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Experience the transformation of Edinburgh from a gloomy, cold medieval Scottish town to a vibe brand, cheery Christmas destination. The Christmas market encompasses the entire city center. Be warned, Edinburgh gets so crowded during this season one can hardly cross the street.

There are lots to do for young and old in Edinburgh. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel, join your family on the ice-skating rink or enjoy the stalls at the market and the food. Although it does not snow in Edinburgh, you may be lucky to experience the occasional snowfall.

6. New York City-Best Places to Go on Christmas

New York City is a magical place, even more so over the Christmas holidays. There is no place that is more fun-filled than this megacity. Treat yourself to an evening of ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. If you are hoping to witness a miracle or two, 34th Street is where you want to be.

Fifth Avenue is the place to hang out and do some window shopping. Brooklyn catches the spirit of Christmas with the variety of decorations. Organized guided tours are available to view the decorations.

7. Paris France

Ahh! Paris, the wonderful city of romance. Can you get any more magical than streets, shop fronts, and squares lit up by thousands of twinkling little lights? It is such a delight to explore the many stalls of Champs-Elysée. Lose yourself in a variety of crafts, gifts, edible and drinkable delights.

Jump on the Ferris wheel at Arc de Triomphe and sip a glass of mulled cider at one of the may cafes soak up the festive atmosphere. Treat yourself to a family portrait at Place du Tertre in Montmartre, and view the art on display. Do not forget to visit the Christmas display at Galeries Lafayette,

8. Tallinn, Estonia-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Tallinn is a favorite Christmas destination with many tourists. It has been preserved entirely as a medieval city. It is called “the medieval pearl of Europe” and was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997.

The old town of Tallinn is picturesque, with cobblestones streets, medieval churches, barns, warehouses, and grandiose merchant houses that date back to the eleventh century. It has tourists attractions galore such as Kiek in de Kok (a defense tower from the 15th century), a 64-meter Steeple in the main square, a 13h century Gothic town hall. The whole own is covered in a blanket of snow to give it that magical look.

9. Bruges, Belgium-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Christmas is the time of fairy tales, so why not visit a fairy tale town. This Medieval town is part of the UNESCO Heritage has so many tourist attractions to see. Take a romantic carriage ride over the beautiful cobblestone streets soaking in the festive atmosphere.

 One would not blame you for mistakenly thinking you are in living scenes for a Christmas tale. Seeing all the precious landmarks at night lit up especially reminds one of Christmas tales. Snow usually falls in the Christmas season, covering the canals and bridges with a white blanket.

 The snow covers buildings create a picturesque ambiance. Enjoy something warm to drink and try some of that famous Belgium chocolate in one of the candle-lit bars

10. Coron, Philippines-Best Places to Go on Christmas

If you want to shake off that winter cold, Coron in the Philippines is your best Christmas destination. This country is not just beautiful it is so affordable.  Coron has the perfect weather over the Christmas season. You can book an island trip to explore the surrounding islands.

Coron is a scuba diver’s dream because there are sunken ships galore to explore.  Take a trip to Kayangan Lake, this is one of the cleanest lakes in Asia. To see Coron’s Hollywood-style sign you have to hike up to the top of the hill.

 11. Colorado Springs, Colorado

In the valley of Pikes Peak mountain area is a theme park called The North Pole. The North Pole is the place you want to visit to find Santa’s workshop. There are plenty of rides and twinkling Christmas lights everywhere.

Take in the beautiful mountain views and breath in the crisp mountain air. Take a magical trip on the Polar Express to the theme park. Join the annual festival light parade that kicks of a series of Christmas holiday events. Stroll through the town to a restaurant of your choice.

12. Chamonix, French Alps-Best Places to Go on Christmas

If you love a white Christmas, you will love Chamonix. Snow in Chamonix is guaranteed in the actual town or at least a cable cart distance away. Chamonix looks picturesque glad in its white snow mantle.

Make sure to visit the Christmas market for locally crafted gifts and chocolate. The market stall also sells delicious churros with chocolate dip.

The most amazing treats and glazed fruits decorate the windows of the patisseries in the high street.

The children can go sled riding, build snowmen and wrap up with delicious hot chocolate. Buy beautiful tree decorations for your Christmas tree back home.

13. Soll, Austria

Just 60 minutes from Munich or Salzburg airport stand majestic snow-capped mountain peaks. A quaint pedestrian village with fairy-tale seasonal decorations lay at the foot of this mountain. We are in Soll in Austria, the perfect Christmas destination.

The Kaiser Skiwelt is a skiers paradise and plenty to keep you busy during the Christmas period. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to warm after whizzing down the slopes. Enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains while sipping hot chocolate and sweet marshmallows.

14. The college station, Texas-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Santa Wonderland is a magical place to visit. The college station is a holiday experience of a lifetime. Treat yourself to a magically illuminated hayride. Visit an oversize gingerbread village, enjoy a carriage ride on pearl white limo carriages decorated with LED Christmas Lights, pulled by beautiful Percheron draft horses on a trail lit with Christmas lighting.

Follow the walkable trail of lights to a live nativity scene. Do not forget to post your letter to Santa while you are there. Visit Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Santa station and give them your Christmas present wish personally. College Station Localeholds many more experiences for the tourists.

15. Ghent, Belgium

If you embrace all things Christmassy, then Ghent is your Christmas destination. Immerse yourself in the Christmas cheer of sparkling light displays, hand-crafted treats at local markets, food stalls line with traditional and international foods.

Visit the ice rink and spend some time at the ice Grotto to meet Santa and go for thrilling rides at the fairgrounds. You will love the medieval dungeon and the rooms of medieval castles of torture transformed with Christmas decorations.

16. Vancouver, Canada-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Go to Vancouver or love old-fashioned German markets or are from Germany and can not get home. The Christmas market in Vancouver mirrors the traditional Christmas markets of Germany and Europe.

Vancouver turns into a magical town over the Christmas season. Street posts are glad in strands of Christmas lights. Giant Christmas trees light the night sky are all over the city. There are also winter sports to keep you busy and active after all the food tasting of the market stalls.

17. Strasbourg, France

Visit the Capital of Christmas to experience the oldest Christmas market in Europe. Strasbourg is on the border between France and Germany, called the Alsace region. Strasbourg surrounds you with traditional and rustic decorations common to the old Alsace traditions.

You can visit over 300 Christkindelsmärik wooden stalls. These stalls are decorated with beautiful ornaments and surround Notre-Dam Cathedral. Treat yourself to their customary Vin Chaud, a hot red wine that warms your tastebuds.

18. Rome, Italy-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Travel to the capital of Christendom this Christmas. You will love the festive mood that starts already from the 8th of December. In the shops are decorated Christmas trees, colorful lights, and decorations. There are Nativity scenes throughout the city. 

Immerse yourself in the many markets, such as the famous Piazza Risorgimento near the Vatican. Most of the Christmas markets sell handcrafted items, clothing, sweets, and candies. You are sure to run into a Santa or two at these stalls. Ice-rinks and themed exhibitions are scattered all over the city.

19. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul creates a magical Christmassy atmosphere every year. White lights decorate everything from lamp posts to shopfronts. Visit one of their many waffle shops for a sip of coffee and delicious waffles. Take a break from the festivities to go skiing just outside Seoul.

Enjoy trekking over many of their hiking-friendly mountain routes. Wander around Cheonggyecheon streams and soak in the atmosphere. Take a x-mass selfie or to with some of the locals. Warm-up is one of the many coffee shops with warm hot chocolate.

20. London, UK-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Christmas in London is fabulous, from sing-along carols around Trafalgar Square, at the world-famous Christmas tree, to Westend’s glittering Christmas lights. There is so much to see and do around London, especially in this festive season. Jump on a Christmassy cruise down the Thames or hang around Covent garden soaking in the atmosphere.

Experience the winter wonderland in Hyde Park or join the traditionalist carols by candlelight at the Royal Albert Hall. Take a stroll down Regent Street, Bond Street, and Oxford street to gaze up at the glittering Christmas lights. Book a Christmas show or visit the ice-rink at Somerset Houseand events well in advance.

21. Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Kick-off your Christmas in late November. Start with a ceremonial festival of lights. Join the Swiss around the 131-foot-tall sequoia tree at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz to illuminate this giant with Christmas lights.

This picturesque village’s resort hosts processions, parties, multiple concerts, dinners. The highlight is event is the Russian Christmas Gala.

22. New Orleans, USA-Best Places to Go on Christmas

If you spend Christmas in New Orleans, you are in for a jazzy Christmas. This town ooze happiness, even more so at this time of year. Enjoy the unconventional Oak trees decorated with Christmas lights. Spend some time in City Park to drink in the festive atmosphere.

Have dinner at some of the world’s best restaurants and sample dishes such as Seafood Gumbo or Oyster Rockefeller. Enjoy the best jazz music in the French quarter of the town where renowned jazz musicians jam together.

Cafe du Monde makes the best snowy beignets and chicory coffee all around. View the Christmas city from a horse-drawn carriage.

23. Leyte, Philippines

Fill your days with contests, fireworks displays, and shows. Most of the action is at the town Plaza and starts in September already.

At the Simbang Gabi Christmas house, you can see the Santas and miniature Christmas towns. There is plenty to eat, see and do at the town plaza at night., especially the week before Christmas. Everyone in Palo joins in the Christmas festivities. And decorate the streets and houses.

24. Woodstock, Vermont-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Visiting Woodstock in Vermont over Christmas is like stepping into a hall Mark Christmas movie. This New England town transforms into a holly hot spot. During this festive season, most of the heritage homes open their doors to tourists.

View the snowy vistas of the quaint snow-covered bridges from a horse-drawn wagon. Locally made holiday presents are sold everywhere in the shops. Do not miss out on the Equestrian parade with all its color and glam. Be sure to catch the tree lighting ceremony.

25. North Beach, Australia

For any beach lover North beach Australia is the Christmas destination of a lifetime. Feel the sand between your toes and take a dip in the ocean to cool down from the sweltering heat. Be sure to hydrate all the time with refreshing cider, cold drinks, wine, or beer.

North Beach, Wallaroo, South Australia is the only beach with calm water and beautiful white sand. With Gazebo for shade, delicious barbecue, and lots of cool drinks, sunscreen, and towels, you are ready for a real Aussie Christmas.

26.  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA-Best Places to Go on Christmas

At the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains lays Pigeon Forge, an excellent backdrop for a Christmas vacation. This winter wonderland decorated with five million Christmas lights is magical. Experience the Southern Hospitality, with over 125 restaurants that cater to all preferences.

Here in Pigeon Forge, Santa is not the only celebrity. Santa shares his spotlight in the parade with the one- and- only, Dolly Parton. Visit the Dixie Stampede dinner show, have fun at the Dollywood theme park. Enjoy fine music, food plays, and a Santa area for the kids.

Bonus- Duluth, Minnesota-Best Places to Go on Christmas

Duluth in Minnesota is a flurry of activity from Thanksgiving right through to Christmas. This city of the North starts with a parade that includes several marching bands, several dancing groups, and even a Santa.

Bentley’s tour of lights is the largest walk-through Christmas light display in the US. The main attraction of the walk-through is the 12-foot Christmas tree. The multi-colored lights on the tree are close to four million. Grab a few cookies and some hot chocolate offered by the volunteers or a packet of popcorn.

Related Questions.

Does Santa exist?

In 280 AD. a man named St. Nicholas lived in Patara, near Myra (Turkey). He gave gifts to poor children in the surrounding villages. Today we celebrate his generosity by giving gifts to other people and family.

Where should I go for Christmas Vacation?

  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Vermont, USA
  • Leyte, Philippines
  • Ghent, Belgium
  • CapeTown, SouthAfrica
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA
  • London, UK

Do all countries celebrate Christmas?

There are approximately twenty countries on the globe that do not celebrate Christmas officially. Christmas is celebrated differently by every nation based on their traditions. There are orthodox countries that even celebrate Christmas on a different day, according to the Julian Calendar.

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