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-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel: Tip jars may practically be found wherever we go these days since the practice of tipping has become increasingly popular. There is, however, a long-standing tradition of tipping the hotel housekeeping workers. It is conventional to offer a gratuity to the housekeeping workers, although many guests don’t.

The Hard Working Staff-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

Only approximately 30 percent of hotel customers give a gratuity for housekeeping, so we’re trying to spread the word on how much to tip housekeeping and, more importantly, why. Remember to keep some cash on hand when tipping your hotel employees in this cash-less environment. What’s the Purpose of Tipping the Housekeepers at the Hotel? When it comes to wages in a perfect society, everyone will get paid what they’re worth, regardless of how challenging their task is. A lot of stress exists on hotel cleaning personnel, or “room attendants,” as they are now referred to.

Pay for hard labor and long hours is frequently at the low end of the scale. While working, there are minimal breaks since the hotel wants to pass over rooms rapidly. To keep hotel customers pleased and their rooms ready on schedule, the staff must constantly contend with late check-outs, early arrivals, and do-not-disturb signs put out until the early afternoon. As a room attendant, you’ll be expected to clean, dust, polish, and vacuum when it comes to bedding:

  • Changing sheets and blankets.
  • Moving a mattress that’s too big for one person to lift on its own.
  • Exchanging damp, heavy towels for new ones.

They also have to clean and resupply the bathroom, taking care to maintain your goods where you left them. If you’re sojourning at a high-end hotel or resort, you may additionally enjoy a turndown service. Cleaning my bathroom once a week is enough to make my skin crawl; Imagine having to do this every single day!

Please tell me what the standard gratuity is for hotel housekeeping!

When Is It Appropriate to Pay the Housekeeping Staff? When it comes to hotel tipping etiquette, this is arguably the most often asked question. Unless I was staying in a five-star hotel, I always left a tip after my stay. Even a few singles here and there are better than a crisp $20. A tiny hotel with a limited housekeeping crew may have this problem. In reality, I’ve seen envelopes with my room attendant’s name on them in lesser hotels. You can’t always count on the same cleaning crew member to come to your room at most hotels and resorts, even if assigned to an area. As a result, it’s preferable to leave a lesser tip each day rather than saving it for the conclusion of your hotel stay.

A hotel room attendant will likely greet you when you check-in and may even be able to tell you whether they will be working every day of your stay. But bear in mind that if you wait until the end of your stay to tip housekeeping, you may not be tipping the person who puts the most effort. Your room attendant is likely to go out of their way to ensure you have all you need if you give them a daily gratuity. To ensure that the staff doesn’t just pick up any stray money, be sure to place a letter with the cash explaining that it’s for their benefit.

The Messy Room-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

How much to tip the hotel cleaning depends on a wide range of criteria, but I recommend a minimum of $3-5 each day for 3.5-star properties and $5-20 for anything over that. When calculating how much a hotel housekeeper should get tipped, here are some things to bear in mind:

If you or your family leave a mess every day or have a lot of personal belongings scattered around, you may want to tip a bit more generously. How long you’ll be staying and how often the housekeepers will come to clean: If I stay in a hotel for a more extended time, I won’t request daily housekeeping. Thus, I’ll tip on the days when they clean my room. Once a visitor has settled into their room, they may have further requests for housekeeping in the evening. Housekeeping might be able to put the couch bed together for you, or they could be able to swap out the feather pillows for hypoallergenic ones. Was turndown service requested? Have someone bring you toothpaste at 1 a.m. since you forgot to bring it with you? It’s a fantastic time to give your room service a little extra money.

Don’t Ignore It In Your Plans-A Necessary Expense

Planned costs include anything from plane tickets to rental cars to hotel rooms and meals. Tipping hotel housekeepers is a cost that many visitors ignore. Guest engagement with hotel housekeepers is rarer than that of a waiter or valet at a restaurant, and hence, tips are less likely to be given to housekeepers. So it seems to sense that, when surveyed by Cornell University, respondents felt less compelled to tip hotel housekeeping personnel than those who worked as bartenders or bellhops. It would be best to keep in mind that tipping hotel workers is crucial for proper travel etiquette.

Tips for hotel housekeeping employees are explained below. How much should you tip your hotel’s housekeeping staff? When it comes to tipping hotel staff, there is no one size fits all regulation. However, there are specific guidelines you may follow to show your appreciation. The acceptable range of gratuities, a daily gratuity of $1 to $5, is recommended for cleaning employees by the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Tipping Range

A general idea of the tipping range can help you plan your trip’s budget, but various circumstances influence the actual amount you should leave. Find out more: You can earn free nights with these five hotel loyalty programs. When to give your housekeeper a gratuity? Some visitors give a large tip towards the end of their stay, but this is not the best practice because hotel housekeepers may have various daily room assignments. Instead, customers should leave smaller gratuities throughout their stay. Leaving a little daily tip allows you to show your appreciation to the individual who cleans your hotel room regularly.

Gratuities in the form of food, leftover drink, or casino tokens are all examples of well-intentioned acts of kindness. Housekeeping workers may be limited in their acceptance of items by hotel restrictions. You might wish to offer housekeeping a tip in the form of casino chips or a ticket for a slot machine when staying at a Las Vegas hotel. Still, housekeepers aren’t allowed to take these under state gaming restrictions. Some hotels forbid their employees from participating in any form of gambling, which places housekeepers in an awkward situation when it comes time to cash in casino chips or vouchers.

Where Should I Leave It-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

Assess your options for a hotel credit card. How do you leave housekeeping advice? Put it somewhere where it may be easily seen, such as on a dresser or near a bathroom sink. Housekeeping recommendations should not be left on the nightstand or the bed, as these places are in danger of being jostled or forgotten when the bed linens are replaced. Toss your advice into the mail with a thank-you note. It makes it quite apparent that the money is intended as a tip for the cleaner, which helps to avoid any confusion. » Find out more: Bonus points for hotel promotions: here’s how to get them Amount to leave for housekeeping.

If you’re staying at a hotel, the amount of gratuity you leave for the housekeeping depends on the details of your stay. Do you tip the housekeeping staff at your hotel? Is it necessary to go above the suggested $1 to $5 per day tipping range? 

Facts to Consider

How many individuals will be staying there

If you’re traveling with a massive party, make sure the cleaner has enough time to clean up after everyone. For example, you’ll need to buy more linens and blankets and clean up more waste. Consider increasing your base tip by $1 per person.

Type of room.

In addition to the room’s size and amenities, the time a housekeeper consumes tidying up your room varies. For example, housekeeping is responsible for cleansing microwaves and refilling dishes and kitchen supplies in rooms with kitchenettes.

Your room’s cleanliness-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

Housekeeping will thank you if you put the garbage away and, more generally, if you clean up after yourself in your room. Nevertheless, if you leave your room in disorder during your vacation, such as pizza boxes littering the floor, drink bottles, soda cups all around, you should pay your maid accordingly.

If you’re a big fan of their shampoo or the soft hotel slippers, you may have requested housekeeping for numerous of these items. It’s an excellent way to show your gratitude.

Employee interactions.

When you’re away, housekeepers tend to work their magic, so they don’t disrupt your stay. Occasionally, you’ll be able to meet face-to-face, such as when returning to your hotel room for several minutes in the middle of the day. Housekeeping might be rewarded with a bigger gratuity if the guest had an excellent experience with them.

You’re spending plan if you will.

Your financial situation determines hotel cleaning tips. If you can, give your housekeepers a significant gratuity to show your appreciation for their hard work. You can display your thankfulness by leaving a $1-$2 tip every day with a gratitude card.

It All Counts-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

Hotels are places where people go to be pampered and cared for. First of all, it’s an honor to take care of the rooms at a hotel. Housekeepers work hard all day long and should receive some form of compensation for their efforts.

The general rule is $2 a night, per room, left daily by guests, for each person in a room. Staff members who handle extra services such as pressing clothes or cleaning shoes should also get tipped separately, about $1-2 per item. 

If you’ve been assigned a specific maid throughout your stay, then 20-25% of the cost of your room should be left at least one time during your visit.

If you stay in a suite for $300 per night, you should tip accordingly about $6-$8. For nightly valets, meaning those who park your car, $2-$3 is appropriate. The cleaner who makes up your room after you depart should receive $1 or so.

The person who usually delivers the morning newspaper to your door gets 75 cents to $1 apiece for each paper. This same rate can apply to someone who prepares and delivers afternoon tea too.

Deliveries and Special Requests-Tip for Housekeeping in Hotel

If staff members have delivered anything to your room, i.e., shoe-shine kits, newspapers, fresh fruit plates, etc., make sure to tip them too. If you order room service, remember that the fee doesn’t include gratuity. So, if the food gets delivered in about 20 minutes, you should add a tip of 15%.

Note that if guests make special requests, i.e., extra towels or pillows, then tipping out staff members for their effort is also appropriate. Any money left on your floor will get picked up immediately because it’s considered an insult not to do so.


It’s always nice to get feedback from hotel staff members who are aware of any issues with your room. So if someone does something over and above their duties, make sure to show your appreciation! Nowadays, many hotels have started charging tips as an automatic service on your credit card at the end of your stay.

So, if you feel your hotel isn’t up to par with others in the area, make sure to provide feedback at check-out so that they know what’s wrong. And do not hesitate to leave a tip for good service!

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