The Best Golf App for iPhone-Top 20 for 2022

The Best Golf App for iPhone

The Best Golf App for iPhone: If you live, breathe and eat golf and you are using a smartphone application, you can put your iPhone to use to get a lower score on the golf course. Golf App assists amateur golfers, intermediaries as well as professional golfers improve and enhancing their games.

Having a good golf app is worth more than the best caddies’ knowledge of the lay of the land. The Golf GPS app has a map of each hole to pinpoint your location, mark hazards and doglegs. Most golfs apps include statistical measures and scorecards as well.

We all have the experience of playing in a competition whether competitive, casual or for charity. We all strive to play a good round. When professionals play a round of golf, they know how to end 18th hole for a win. They are aware of what it takes to hoist the trophy.

Because there are so many apps on the market, it can be laborious to decide on the correct app to improve your game. Most players are serious about improving their game. Some players play to relax and enjoy the exercise. Whatever your needs are, technology has an app to suit your needs.

Deciding what your needs are is the place to start when searching for a golf app.  Most golf applications have basic features, such as scorecards, rangefinder, coaching, swing analyzers, slow-motion video recording, feedback statistics, and handicap calculators.

In determining the quality of new golf apps, it is imperative to attain the criteria and influence the application will have on the golf players’ game. We all know that smartphones apps can help you do much more than book a tee time or get directions to the course.

Criteria for The Best Golf App for iPhone for 2022

  • GPS range finder, compatible with every golf course in the world that relates distance to greens and obstacles to overcome.
  • Handicap after three rounds of scores for free
  • A scorecard digitally tracks putts, scores, and advances from hole to hole automatically.
  • On-the-course games, including skins and stroke play 
  • Daily golf instructions by professional instructors
  • Swing analyses
  • Golf course locators
  • Course details, ratings, and reviews
  • Tracking the accuracy of your golf statistics when using different golf clubs
  • Apple Watch integration for distances and multiple scorecards

GPS Golf Apps-The Best Golf App for iPhone

Hole 19

All golfers agree that Hole 19 is the most comprehensive iPhone application. Hole 19 connects to 43,000  golf courses and is used by all skill levels to improve their performance.  Get reliable distances to key obstetrical and get a complete overview of the hole, make decisions like a pro with confidence.

Included in the app is a quick scoring feature to track your score. The GPS only features checks the front center and back distance of the green. The digital scoreboard of Hole 19 features helps to keep track of your golf rounds. View your performance graphs in overall scoring, putting, driving, greens, and short game.   With the shot tracking feature, you can get the distance of your last shot.

Golf GPS SwingU-The Best Golf App for iPhone

This genius rangefinder app for iPhones, Apple Watch, and other devices work with every course in the world.  This swing-by swing Golf GPS SwingU app provides distance to the center of the green or any obstacle on the course. Calculate distances from you to any point on the course with digital satellite photos.

Use the digital scorecard to track your score automatically from hole to hole. Get graphs and stats for free and store your rounds online to track your performance. Handicapped-adjusted matches feature included in this app. The in-app store provides “plays like” distance, real-time wind speeds, elevation, and you can track the clubs you use. Included in this app are more than 600 videos from the world’s top instructors.

Golfshot Golf GPS + Caddie and Pro-The Best Golf App for iPhone

Golfshot  Golf GPS + Caddie comes with a free version that includes an amazing augmented–reality feature for planing your shots, a golf scorecard, distances to the center green.  The augmented–reality feature works on the apple watch and other apple devices. Overall this app is very well designed with outstanding graphics and stats and is easily uploaded to the internet.

It is worthwhile to upgrade and pay the membership fee. It provides real-time distances from the back edge, front, and center of the green. Furthermore, it includes all obstacles on 40 000 courses in the upgrade. The Golfshot Pro app is a seasoned caddie with on-the-spot advice. Extra features in the pro version are a 33D display of the hole, zoom in full color, leader boards, and shot zoom (to help with instruction).

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line -The Best Golf App for iPhone

The GolfLogix iPhone app has upgraded from pre-mapped hazard/target points to real-time satellite images of each hole. With just the touch of the iPhone screen, the player can determine the distance to the flagstick from a selected point via satellite image.

GolfLogix is unmatched in course coverage and has the most numbers of statistics that are trackable.  The app features 35 000 golf courses worldwide. The app includes 3D images of every golf course, distance measure book, and scorecards for up to four players. It also offers handicap support and even discounted tee time.

Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard-The Best Golf App for iPhone

It measures distance with one click on the location button on the screen. Real-time images are available via satellite.   Instant distance to middle/front/back of the green through the GPS rangefinder from anywhere on the golf course. Golf Pad features over 40,000 worldwide golf courses included with areal maps.

Features include club selection for multiple distances, putts, track your shots, penalties, PGA scorecard quality for four players. Share your rounds on social media live. Many of the basic features on the Golf Pad is free, including scorecards.  Us statistics are available such as:

  • Golf course-specific statistics for strategy insights
  • See scoring stats for specific par
  • Stats for number of putts and penalties per round
  • Scoring for club averages for recent rounds or all time
  • Over all strokes gained

Motocaddy GPS App 

Motocaddy’s GPS app features 40 000 golf courses. Get the precise distance to the front, middle, and back of the greens. The extensive list of features includes Golf course overhead maps and yardage and shot measurements. The shot planning option enables the user to measure the distance to any target. Move between holes freely with the local search option.

Motocaddy includes golf-centric features, shot measurements, detailed greenside info, automatic hole search. Pair your Motocaddy app with a Bluetooth-enabled trolley to receive notifications from your iPhone. This handy feature is not just for emergencies but allows you to use a trolly screen as a full-size GPS device.​ VPAR App (

With real-time Leader boards in your hands, you can feel like a professional. Choose from 30 000 golf courses worldwide, receive accurate and reliable GPS data, share your rounds online with friends. With the use of satellite  VPAR ( is a range finder. Measure the distance to the front, back, and center of the green quickly, plus the distance to the hole.

This app shines using multiple scoreboards. Entering scores take no longer than the traditional scorecard once the game is ready. The app factors the handicap of every player automatically.

Mobitee Golf-The Best Golf App for iPhone

Mapped into the smallest detail, Mobitee Golf shines with over 37,000 golf courses Worldwide. The Mobitee has a  unique feature called the PIQ sensor. This feature is purchased separately on the app. PIQ sensor tracks the distance of your shot in real-time.

One of the features is a great swing analysis. Mobitee is an easy interface to use. Golfers love this consumer-friendly golf application. Other features are the virtual coach club calibration, range finder, video flyover, scorecard, shot tracking, many game types.

18 Birdies

Once you hit play, you have a multitude of options to use on the app. One of 18 birdies features included for free is the GPS. The GPS is easy no navigate, the graphics are excellent, and the distances are easy to see. Premium membership includes shot tracking, collecting stats on club usage for every shot.

 With the 18 Birdies AI coach, you can now get instant feedback any time anywhere. Play up to10 games, including Skins, Math play, Points, Nassau, Wolf, Dots, Targets, and rolling strokes. The caddie feature assists you in playing the next hole according to your skill, wind, elevation, and club selection.

TAG Heuer Golf App-The Best Golf App for iPhone

An app that helps you track your rounds and offers a 2D and 3D flyover of thousands of courses all in one. Other features of this app make it easy to accurately cadge distances to the green with club recommendations in real-time. The  TAG Heuer Golf App ( gives you an accurate shot distance to the green.

Get accurate Club recommendations in real-time. Works out the distance of your crunch drive to determine how far the driver is traveling. Upgrade to premium for features that include on-device scoring for up to four players, in-depth statistical analysis.   The Golf Edition feature improves and takes your game to the next level.

V1 Golf App

If you think that this app will only improve your swing shot, you are vastly mistaken. There is so much more to this app than what one expects. With the V1 app, your iPhone becomes your caddie, coach, and game performance tracker. With good GPS data, this app provides excellent distance to greens. It also gives info, obstacles, and landing zones for golf course navigation.

The Applications analysis has a wealth of statistics that reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Included in the features are data available on courses around the world.  Furthermore, aerial satellite images facilitate correct club selection for any distance, track shots live, track penalties putts and strokes, and scoring history.

Also included in the V1 app is digital coaching and feedback to help you improve your game. This application is a fantastic tool if you want to stay in touch with your instructor without traveling.  Record your swing and con compare it with the best in the world to improve your game.

Toptracer Range App-The Best Golf App for iPhone

The Toptracer Range app is ball-tracking technology you have not experienced before. You can tackle a variety of golf courses and get a thorough workout. Keep in mind that this app is only compatible with Toptracer enabled driving ranges.

The app sport features such as:

  •  Instant shot replays
  • Statistical feedback to immediately impact your golf shot.
  • Games and modes for all ages
  • Access to your entire history of shot data,
  • Leader boards
  • Nearest range locator

Best Golf Swing Tracking Apps

 With the capability of the iPhone to record a high frame rate, analyzing and recording your swing can be a breeze.

Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau-The Best Golf App for iPhone

Improve your game through a golf coach systematically. Golf Coach by Dr. Noel offers 38 high-density coaching videos to analyze your swing. Dr. Noel Rousseau, a professional PGA coach expert on teaching complex movements. It provides difficult information for an amateur to professional golf players.

The app covers all techniques and short game principles in these videos. Furthermore, it includes features such as variable speed payback to analyze your style and swing. You can also compare your swing with that of the model.

Hudl Technique Golf app

Record your swing in high-density slow motion to evaluate and improve your technique. Use the application to compare your swing to that of the pros. Get swing feedback from the Hudl Technique app community. Another feature includes swing drills lessons with Hudl Technique coaches.

Get side-by-side comparisons videos of your swing with voiceover narration. Import video’s and photos and share your own vide’s

Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis-The Best Golf App for iPhone

A look into a specific moment can change your performance and improve your game. Record and review your technique on the spot to make immediate corrections. Coach’s Eye is one of the leading video platforms for technique review. No tool has been so easy and fast to use and can go everywhere with you.

 The application features slow-motion recording, importing videos to analyze your swing, zoom options, a side-by-side video comparing, import photos from Photos app, audio commentary annotations, compatible with Dropbox. The unique flywheel is enhanced to allow flowing, exact scrubbing of videos. Rapid skimming of video is also available. Add voiceover and annotations to the drawing tool.

Zepp Golf

This app by Zepp functions perfectly on its own. The app features a scorecard, the training system interactive leader board, and video swing capture that enable users to capture and edit their shots with graphics and voiceovers. Swing tracker and real-time metrics are free Apple Watch features.

The Zeppanalyzer is an additional sensor that you purchase extra that attaches to your golf glove.  This analyzer captures your swing metrics and other data to improve your stroke. A variety of info is sent to your phone with every swing to track your progress, give you drill lessons, and analyze your weakness and strengths.

​ Features:

​ Swing Analysis  – score every swing you take

Reports daily – track your progress

  • ​ Training Center – use drills to improve your swing
  • Instant Analysis – test your swing for weaknesses and strengths
  • Overall Swing Statistics – analysis of best swings and related improvement in the percentage
  • Video Capture – capture video for swing analysis
  • Scorecard for On Course- – track real-time scores and statistics
  • Overall Swing Statistics – analysis of best swings and related improvement in the percentage.
  • Share Feed – share your best score and swings on the internet.

Expert Golf Guide App-The Best Golf App for iPhone

The  Expert Golf Guide App encompasses all you need to know before, after, and during your game. This app recommended by Apple is amongst the most popular golf apps of this time.  Features include a complete golf guide, Scorecard,  GPS caddie,  Stableford Calculator. It contains the information on every golf club in the world at your fingertips.

The app includes all the information such as contact detail, number of holes, ratings, route planet, nearest golf course to you. Use the logbook to record the rounds you played in your log. Also, record the scores of your fellow friends. What makes this app unique is that you can download it in any language you prefer.

Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS App

Golf gamebook is an excellent digital real-time scorecard that is fun to use. The app collects or your golfing stats and does all the math for you. Share your memorable moments live from the course with friends in your golfing community.

Golf GameBook has a comprehensive course database worldwide for your convenience. You can measure distances for the perfect shot with the GPS feature. Golf GameBook helps you plan your next shot. With Golf GameBook, you join an international database of over 100 countries.

Best Golf News Apps-The Best Golf App for iPhone


The official iPhone PGA Tour ( includes real-time leaderboards. Live player scorecards and stats, profiles and video of players, and live video for every PGA Tour event is more features. PGA Tour app also includes highlight videos of the tournament in the United States, Latin America, and Canada.  Get round recaps, push notifications, and the latest PGA news.

For the iPad, users will see an 18-hole view that shows where leaders and favorite players are on the course, real-time stats, shot trails and plots for all players, shot plots. Users can watch live coverage, listen to live PGA Tour audio while navigating the app.

​ Track the performance of your favorite players. Receive up-to-date info on standings and competition news with the PGA app.   Witness every shot in real-time, and see performance analysis and stats. Experience the new advance digital shot tracking in 3D shot trails. Watch scores and highlights I reap-time. ​

LPGA Now-The Best Golf App for iPhone

The LPGA Now app is a great tool to follow your favorite of many golf enthusiasts. Receive live scores and tournament results at the tips of your fingers. See Statistic and rankings for the players and their performance and improvements. You can select your favorite player and get their stats and bios. Other features include the app leader boards, news, updates, videos, excellent photos.

HowDidiDo App 

Being the largest golfing network in the world, HowDidiDo

 has over 50 million golf round results and handicaps. It Also holds the scores of 1 200 000 golf club members from 2 000golf clubs.

A great number of golf communities are following the results and scores of the competition. HowDidiDo shows changes in handicaps, golf news, and training videos, and more. HowDidiDo is one of the most technological and innovative applications in the golfing industry.

Related Questions-The Best Golf App for iPhone

What are the best golf apps?

  •  Hole 19
  •  Golf GPS SwingU
  • Golfshot Golf GPS + Caddie  and Pro
  • GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line
  • Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard
  • VPAR App              
  • V1 Golf App
  • Mobitee Golf

​ Can you trace a golf ball it a golf application?

It is easy o track a golf ball with your iPhone.  Many golf apps have a slow-motion recording that will record the golf shot. The footage will show the ball from the beginning of the golf shot to the end.  You can share the recording in real-time with friends and family.

What is a golf range finder?

A rangefinder measures the distance from a set position to a target.  In golf, it is from the pin of the ball to the flagpole on the green. Golf courses place reflective sensors everywhere across the golf course and on obstacles for laser rangefinders. Smartphone apps work with GPS rangefinders as appose to conventional rangefinders. The accuracy of GPS rangefinders is approximately a tenth of a yard.

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