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homeaway customer service number

The Travel Virgin has been asked ‘what is the contact number for homeaway?’ numerous times. As simple as this question may seem, it actually requires an entire blog. This question gets even more confusing, as in some instances, people may call the number for ‘Homeaway‘ and get a Vrbo recording. Let me explain a few things, before giving the best Homeaway customer service number-contact number for Homeaway.

Contact Number for Homeaway

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Is Homeaway and Vrbo the Same?-Contact Number for Homeaway

Homeaway is an online travel platform that was acquired by the Expedia Group in 2015. The Expedia group also owns Vrbo, another online travel platform. In June 2020, Expedia Group announced that it would be retiring the Homeaway US brand as part of its new strategic direction to place Homeaway vacation rentals in the US under the Vrbo Brand. In light of this, users who go on the US Homeaway website are redirected to the Vrbo website. Additionally, those who have the Homeaway app would now get a notification to download the Vrbo app. Existing users would not see any changes to their user account or login details but will see the change in name and appearance of the platform based on the redirect.

The Direction of Expedia-Contact Number for Homeaway

The direction of Expedia is to have one brand for vacation rentals, Vrbo. The Homeaway brand is still existent in some countries like Australia. The roll out process may take some time for the Vrbo brand to be fully embraced and understood as replacing the Homeaway brand. In light of this, all rental listings are connected to both brands so it does not matter what brand you see on the page, Homeaway or Vrbo, you can go ahead and make your booking.

Homeaway Customer Service Number-Contact Number for Homeaway

Whether you call numbers that you find online as Homeaway or Vrbo, the agent can connect you to whomever can address your concern. The best Homeaway customer service number/contact number for Homeaway, based on the experience of The Travel Virgin is: 1 (512) 782-0805

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