Car Accessories for Road Trips-Top 10

best car accessories

I love a good road trip. It means a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. And in these trips, I make sure I have these 10 best car accessories for road trips with me at all times. This list of car accessories makes my trip safe, comfortable, relaxing, and well equipped.

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The dashcam is not just another accessory you put on your car to capture funny and often shocking roadside scenarios that you can upload online for millions of people to see. In fact, dashcams are an assurance that should anything happens in your trip, there is video footage of what really happened instead of relying on witness testimony. For me, a dashcam is an absolute must if you go on a long trip.

Spinal Support-Car Accessories for Road Trips

I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that long trips have caused great back pains to me. But no matter how much I adjust the seat prior to the trip, I still feel the aches once I’ve arrived at my destination. There are two things you can do to avoid discomfort. You can either, one, take frequent stops in your trip to stretch your back to ease some of the tension; or two, you can use spinal support in your seat. I use both.

Waste Receptacle

What I despise about road trips is the amount of trash that gets accumulated inside the car. Normally, I would just clean it out once I get to the destination but there is a far easier solution to the waste problem – getting a waste bin for the car. I got one that I can simply hang over the headrest of both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat.

Off-Road GPS-Car Accessories for Road Trips

Nowadays, it’s very common for people to rely on their mobile phones to guide them in their route. But map apps on mobile phones have their limitations. The moment you enter a part of the route with no service, you’re left figuring things out on your own. You can avoid this by getting an off-road GPS. These devices rely on satellite tracking instead of cellular service so you know your exact location.

Traction Mats-Best Car Accessories

I learned the importance of having traction mats when my car got stuck in soft sand while I was making a U-turn after making a wrong turn. I had to call a towing company Graham to get the car out. Now, I never leave the house without these mats. They don’t take up too much space and you’ll be glad you have one, should you need it. It’s great for mud, snow, ice, and sand.

Bike Rack-Car Accessories for Road Trips

I admit a car bike rack is not something everyone will want to have on their road trips. In my case, I am an avid bike fan and when I get to my destination, I like being on my bike exploring the new environment. And so I always take my bike on my trips. Instead of dismantling my bike every time, I can simply secure it on the trunk and I’m good to go.

Hammock Mount

When I first saw an ad for a hammock mount, I was very skeptical that I would ever find any use for it. But since I had a camping trip coming up, I decided to get one should I need to use it. I was right. I ended up using the mount on that trip. It’s great for relaxing on the campsite without needing to bring a foldable chair. I even took a couple of naps on it. Stowing it away is as easy as mounting it on the car.

Wireless Car Charger for Phones-Car Accessories for Road Trips

I would say that a wireless car charger is one of those devices you should always have in your vehicle even if you only drive to work and back home. It is absolutely essential that your phone is charging while you’re on the road as it serves multiple purposes, especially in navigating and taking calls. Get one that is secure and with fast charging capabilities. This is indeed one of the best car accessories you should have for a road trip.

Power Inverter

If you’re like me and like taking the long road or camping trips, it is absolutely essential that you have a power inverter. This device turns your car’s cigarette lighter into an AC power outlet. Get one that is able to produce 140 Watts of power for charging phones, laptops, camera batteries, lamps, and many more.

Portable Speaker-Car Accessories for Road Trips

It seems redundant to have a speaker with you in the car when almost all cars have a perfectly good sound system but hear me out. When you’re navigating and you don’t like your music constantly interrupted by navigation instructions, you can use the speaker for navigation and free up the car stereo for your uninterrupted road jams.

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