Best Places to Travel to in October 2022-Top 20

Best places to Travel to in October 2022

The Italian town of TaorminaBest places to travel to in October 2022-Perched on a hill with sweeping views of Mt. Etna and its picture-perfect beaches, is a lively and lovely town. Travel experts have ranked it the most fabulous place to visit in 2022 because of its pleasant weather and welcoming people. Couples and families seeking five-star accommodations are the ideal visitors. Taormina is home to stunning resorts operated by Four Seasons and Belmond. A journey to Mount Etna should not get missed. You should hike and explore the lava craters and learn about the volcano and its eruptions. Visit a local winery to sample the Etna Rosso and Bianco, two of the region’s most well-known wines.


Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Modern Travel, an Ovation Travel Group partner, luxury travel concierge Andrew Steinberg says, “London is certainly one of the world’s best cities, and it’s shining brighter than it has in years.” With its unique amalgam of ancient and modern architecture, London appeals to visitors of all ages. Theatergoers, foodies, shopaholics, history buffs, and those with an insatiable taste for British aristocracy should all visit. The city’s restaurants are world-class, and the city’s shops are second to none. Claridge’s restaurants, including Davies and Brook (by Daniel Humm), the Connaught bar, the best in Mayfair, and the new Red Bar, are must-sees. Don’t miss: (featuring red artwork from top female artists including Louise Bourgeois).

New Mexico-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one of North America’s most important historical centers. According to this list of 22 most incredible locations to visit in 2022, it’s also the most highly ranked American destination on the list. With its historic center, art galleries, indigenous culture, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe has something for everyone,” says Jessica Levy, a luxury travel specialist with Ovation Travel Group. How to get there: Families, couples, and groups of friends are all included. Santa Fe Opera and Auberge hotel, Bishop’s Lodge are must-see destinations.

The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai

The flash and glamour of Dubai’s restaurants and beaches can’t get beaten. As the president and founder of SL Travel Advisors, an affiliate of the Ovation Travel Group, Sylvia Lebovitch explains, “Dubai has a distinct character that is hard to find anywhere in the globe” because of its culture and desert landscape. Traditional Middle Eastern restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants are available for guests to choose from. Atlantis Royal’s upcoming debut promises to be one of the year’s most remarkable initiatives.” How to get there: There are families, couples, and individuals. Everything from an indoor ski park to beaches may get found here. Don’t miss: Spending the day dune bashing and sandboarding in the desert.

Anguilla-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

For those looking for the ultimate beach scene, Ovation Travel Group vice president of leisure and independent advisor Aanchal Gandhi has a few suggestions. According to her, “Anguilla has a tremendous spirit that the inhabitants revere while preserving humble hospitality,” she claims. “From the time you land on Anguilla, you can sense this. Award-winning restaurants and beach shacks serving up some of the greatest jerk-style meats can get found on the island.

You may involve yourself in the island’s culture while also taking in luxury. Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist attractions.” Those who enjoy the beach should go. There are 33 undeveloped beaches to explore on the island of Anguilla. On Dog Island or Shoal Bay, snorkelers may explore enormous coral reefs. Mokes, open-air rental vehicles, are one of the best ways to see the island. Fresh fish may be found on Scilly Cay, a five-minute boat trip away. Introduce yourself to Alexander, the new owner of the family bar and purveyor of the island’s most significant rum punch.

Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana

Located in the center of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage, culinary, and natural beauty. When you’re not in the city, you may enjoy snow-capped mountains, turquoise rivers, and a Venetian style shoreline,” adds Laurie Robinson of Ovation Travel Group, an international luxury travel agency. “Compared to other European nations, castles and beautiful scenery are reasonably priced.” People who should go: Those interested in romance, those interested in history and cuisine, and those who are outdoor activists. There are several bridges, a castle, a funicular to see in Ljubljana, and a riverside location that provides a lively cafe scene and exciting art galleries.

The Faroe Islands-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

The Faroe Islands, an archipelago of 18 islands located north of Scotland between Iceland and Norway, are known for their rustic charm and stunning natural beauty. One of the most secluded locations on our list of the top 22 places to visit in the year 2022, perhaps. Despite the ” rugged ” environment, an Ovation Travel Group luxury travel expert describes the encounter as “lovely and exhilarating” despite the “rugged” environment. “It’s a place that’s begging to be explored, and it’s a trip that’s worthy of talking about.” Foodies and everyone who appreciates trekking, fresh ocean air, puffins, sheep, and Faroese salmon should visit the Faroe Islands! The ferry voyage to Mykines Island is a must-see. A “sea stack” rock feature known as Drangarnir Arch may be seen as you make your way through the tour. Furthermore, the walk to the Mykines lighthouse is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Italy’s Ischia Island-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Private boats, ferries, or hydrofoils are the only way to reach Ischia, Capri’s more oversized sister island in the Gulf of Naples. There is an air of exclusivity and privilege around the island as a result of this development. According to Barbara Hammer, president of BH Travel Group, an offshoot of Ovation Travel Group: “While jet-setters travel to Capri, people in the know have come to Ischia for decades.” How to get there: Ischia is an excellent choice for individuals who have already visited Capri and Positano, two of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. Families and couples searching for a fun-filled Italian vacation may also visit. Don’t miss out: We had a delicious supper at the famed Ristorante Emanuela, located on Maronti Beach and known for its fresh seafood and local meats cooked utilizing volcanic qualities.

Canada’s Banff National Park

In 1885, Banff was designated as Canada’s first national park and remained one of the country’s most popular attractions. Ovation Travel Group associate and Travel at Will managing director Andrew Williams adds, “And to many, it reflects the core of what Canada is all about.””Travelers from many walks of life may enjoy Banff’s wildness, which is conveniently accessible. Mountaineers and older folks alike are enthralled by the untamed forest and urban growth that characterize the area.” Nature enthusiasts, anglers, and those looking for an active vacation should consider going. Don’t overlook the significant attraction: the natural beauty of the area. Take a trek in the Canadian Rockies or go kayaking on Lake Minnewanka during the warmer months. Take advantage of the local ski resorts throughout the winter months.

In the Galapagos-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Marcella Rappoport, president of MR Journeys, an associate of Ovation Travel Group, describes the Galapagos Islands as “like no other destination with unique fauna up close and primordial immersion in nature.” Nature and science buffs and those in search of romance are all encouraged to visit. Do not miss: Sea lions, turtles, and whale spotting are all things to look out for.

Spain’s Balearic Islands

Everything in Majorca exudes authenticity, from the island’s stunning natural beauty to its lively artistic community and abundance of organic olive trees and medieval stone towns. Fiona Bayne, a luxury travel adviser at Ovation Travel Group, believes that authenticity is what Majorca delivers you, from the freshly grated tomatoes and olive oil on your morning toast to the aroma of orange blossoms in the air. Those in a relationship or a family should go. Check out Cap Rocat, a historical fort situated precariously on a cliff overlooking the sea. Consider staying in one of the suites that feature a rock-carved private pool.

Portugal’s city of Porto-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

There are excellent restaurants and wineries in Porto, which is regarded as the cradle of Portugal, and charming boutique hotels that provide excellent service at a reasonable price. “Be sure to dine at Casa de Cha da Boa Nova. The restaurant in Leca da Palmeira, built on the cliffs above the sea, has two Michelin stars,” says Ashley Diamond, an Ovation Travel Group luxury travel specialist. Aside from that, the immunization rate in Portugal is now amongst the highest in the world. How to get there: All ages, couples, families, history fans, wine enthusiasts, and those searching for a new European destination to visit Wine tasting in the Douro Valley and a cruise along the Douro River are not places you should miss. Guimaraes, a World Heritage Site, is also accessible from Porto.

Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula

Numerous new luxury hotels are springing up in Bodrum, making it one of the region’s most exciting new attractions. As Lebovitch notes, “it provides a magnificent coastline with amazing gastronomy.” In addition to the “trendy’s and be seen’ beach clubs,” there are “more isolated beach clubs.”” How to get there: Fashionistas, beachcombers, and foodies. If you’re seeking a beach holiday with a dose of culture, then Bodrum is the ideal destination. Don’t miss this opportunity: Bodrum’s rocky peninsula may be explored via yacht, which can get rented from the harbor.

Seychelles-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and coral reefs can be found in Seychelles, making it an ideal destination for a vacation. Ovation Travel Group affiliate Kherri Jean believes the word “paradise” was coined to honor these magnificent islands. Five-star hotels like the Four Seasons Seychelles specialize in providing their guests with an unmatched level of luxury. How to get there: Naturalists and couples seeking a luxurious vacation spot. Visit Aldabra Atoll to see the world’s oldest living species, the giant tortoises, which call Aldabra Atoll home.

California’s Napa Valley region

Napa is just a short drive from home, and the private villas that are in vogue now make it an ideal long weekend escape for recharging and refueling. As Steinberg notes, “the valley is booming with renowned chefs at the French Laundry continuing a favorite,” notwithstanding the terrible fire that destroyed much of the property. The wines are more delicate than ever, and five-star hotels are also offering a more comprehensive range of activities.” In 2022, there is a lot of hype about the new Four Seasons Napa, new Montage resort, and a couple of Auberge hotels.” Why get there: Great for couples to celebrate alone or with friends of any age. Wine and olive oil tastings are, of course, a must. The French Laundry and the Four Seasons Napa and Montage hotels are must-sees for dining and lodging.

Ecuador’s capital city of Quito-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone alleys characterize the city of Quito, which is surrounded by lush hills and volcanoes, as well as snow-capped mountains. “Quito is awe-inspiring,” Williams adds. “It was one of UNESCO’s first two inscribed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1978. The Americas’ oldest and largest city, “The Old Town,” has remained mostly untouched. History enthusiasts, xenophiles, and antiquarians should attend. If you go to Quito, don’t forget to see the Old Town, which includes a historical walking tour that takes in the city’s two big churches and the beautifully preserved Spanish Colonial homes of La Ronda.

Spain’s Basque Country

This hamlet on Spain’s northern coast is home to several well-known Michelin-starred restaurants. At the pintxo bars, “locals socialize uniquely,” Gandhi adds. For a siesta, visitors may make use of the municipal beach at San Sebastian. Many historic buildings, many of which date back hundreds of years, satisfy those who enjoy art and history. Foodies should attend. The unlimited variety of tapas may be seen by hopping from pintxo bar to pintxo bar. Visitors can’t miss Mount Igueldo’s spectacular views of Concha Bay and San Sebastian. The most pleasing way to conclude the day is by eating a slice of scorched Basque cheesecake from La Vina.

The Mexican state of Yucatan-Best places to Travel to in October 2022

Located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico’s Yucatan has a rich Mayan heritage and a beautiful tropical rainforest. Visit Mayan ruins and colonial villages, as Levy recommends. Why get there: Most suitable for people who want to unwind or looking for something different. The Chable Yucatan’s tequila tasting is not to be missed.

Coast of France’s Pink Granite Mountains

These stunning pink granite formations span tiny islands and inlets and are ideal for hiking, cycling, and exploration. The Pink Granite Coast is wild and picturesque. “Castle Beau Site and Manoir Lan Kerellec are two of the best hotels in Perros Guirrec and Tregastel,” adds Robinson. “Also, the cuisine in the neighborhood is fantastic.” What kind of people should go? People who enjoy adventure, boating, and the outdoors. Paimpol beach and Brehat, a car-free town, are must-sees. Puffins and cormorants abound in the park’s Sept Isles colony. Visit the rock formations at Ploumanac’h by taking a walk from Tregastel Beach.


Namibia is an excellent destination for nature lovers who want to experience the great outdoors in peace. According to Robinson, “Namibia has a lot of free area after a long time of lockdown. As a rule, visitors should include those who appreciate wide-open deserts and regions and those who want to stay in luxury lodgings with few other people nearby. You won’t want to miss Spitzkoppe, a granite outcrop towering out of the desert. Attend the sunset or pitch your tent under the skies.

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