Cheapest Countries for Travel: Top 25

Cheapest Countries for Travel

Cheapest Countries for Travel: It is nice to stay in the best resorts or hotels, where you can wine and dine. Although everyone loves pampering, great experiences do not have to be expensive all the time. Living in big cities is expensive, traveling around the world is sometimes cheaper. For example, traveling to Indonesia for four weeks, you may end up spending much less than living in New York for the same period. Plenty of accommodation options are available able, even on a budget apart from backpacker hostels. Across the globe, many vacation destinations offer you great value for your money.

These countries are incredible to travel in and offer sights and experiences that are unforgettable.  It is pertinent to choose your vacation destination wisely when planning a trip and traveling on a budget. Make good and wise decisions when spending your money.

Keep in mind there are many hidden gems to visit and see that you can put on your list. With Dollars, Pounds, and euros, one can get much further on a budget in cheaper countries. To spend a day in Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, and Vietnam can cost the same as a meal in Zurich or New York.

So, Where do we start to plan our budget vacation?

Traveling to your destination makes up 30-60% of your traveling expenses. We suggest that you keep the traveling cost as low as possible. There are many cheap flights at any given time, of the day, week, or year. The cost of the flight depends on your current location and your destination.  Visit Skyscanner or Momondo to find extremely cheap flights.

Most of the cheap destinations have the same characteristics. Affordable hotels or Airbnb’s, central to the tourist attractions, cheap commute options, and street food need consideration. These characteristics may vary from country, but some of these options will be available.

Airfare and currency may differ depending on your country of departure. Finding a cheap destination will depend on the area you are leaving. Many options are available that are cheap for travelers. Therefore choose one that is suitable for you. One way to beat the budget is to build massive reward points balances on travel credit cards for trips and vacations.

 When embarking on your budget vacation, follow these suggestions-Cheapest Countries for Travel

 The first step is to plan your itinerary. Spontaneity is a luxury that can ruin your budget. We are not talking about an hour-to-hour plan. Plan the lengthen of your stay in each city and what attraction you want to see. The less you leave to chance, the fewer unplanned expenses you will have. Last-minute accommodation or flights can be expensive.

 During school, holiday prices hike as the travel industry takes advantage of family vacations. The best time to travel is called the shoulder season, you will have a great trip, but it might not be that hot or have that many people. Hotels and airlines lower their prices during this time.

Planning Your Trip

 Airbnb and hostels are cheap accommodation for savvy budget travelers. These prices can still be too steep for your budget. There are options like dorm sharing a dorm room or couch-surfing (where you book a spare room and a person’s house). Staying with family or friends is also a possibility. To buy clothes on a budget trip is expensive. It is advisable to pack everything you need. One wants to leave space to bring a few souvenirs back, so make sure you do not over-pack. In most cities, there are places to get your laundry done for cheap.

Make sure to book your flight in advance, especially return flights. It will guarantee you a ticket home if you run out of money. Airlines increase their seat prices the closer the departure date gets. Travel prices are usually much lower on Tuesdays or midweek. Weekends are higher due to the premium added on weekend prices. Flying economy class is the cheapest way to travel.

 Embrace public transport or opt to walk short distances. Do not eat your cash away. Supermarkets or local markets that sell fresh food are great places to buy cheap lunches. Before choosing a restaurant for dinner, wander around and see what is available. Bu picking the first restaurant may mean you overspending. Limit the amount of beer you drink as it can account for a large part of the bill.

 A working holiday is also a brilliant option. You will spend several months away from home living the dream. Work at places, such as ski resorts in the winter, teach a language in Thailand or do freelance work while traveling in cheaper countries.

 Here are the cheapest countries for travel to:


In Southeast Asia, Vietnam perfect destination to travel to if you want value for value-for-money. Vietnam is known to be a budget-friendly travel destination. One can experience what the country offers for as little as $26 per day as a backpacker.

There are many places to lay down for the night. At hostels in the cities for $12, you can stay in a homestay in the rural areas. Food is very cheap in Vietnam. Expect to pay $2 for delicacies, such as a plate of Banh Cuonor a bowl of Pho. Train tickets or Intercity bus tickets can be anything from $5 to $35, depending on the distance you are traveling.

There are many reasons to travel to Vietnam. Apart from the low-cost factor, Vietnam offers a very diverse experience of culture, tourist attractions, and hills. The Reunification Express is a great way to see their beautiful beaches, National Parks, and historic towns. You can reach places like the Mekong Delta backwaters by boat. While you are in the Mekong Delta backwaters, trek up the hills of Ha Giang. 

Cambodia-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Another Southeast Asia country to visit is Cambodia. It is an incredible country filled with history, art, religion, and natural landscapes. In the southeast region of Asia, Cambodia is probably the cheapest to visit.

Stay at one of the many hostels for as little as $4 per night. Street food is plenty, and a meal costs as little as $1 per plate. Cambodia offers many affordable tourist attractions that include visits to the magnificent ancient Khmer temples in Siem Reap. The capital city of Phnom Penh has many museums and palaces to visit.

Cambodia offers great working holiday options through the Worldpacker volunteer program and digital marketing for pepper farm in Kiriving. There are also English teacher jobs available.


Myanmar or Burma is the friendliest people in the world. Tourism only started a decade ago. It is a challenge to travel through the country as the infrastructure is lacking. The challenge is worth the effort to see the monasteries, pagodas, and hundreds of temples. The highlight for most tourists are visiting Mandalay and Yangon, seeing Inle Lake and the climbing to the 

Although it is a little more expensive than the previous two countries discussed, transportation, accommodation, and tours are still very cheap. Expecting to spend $25 – $30 per day is realistic. A dorm bed comes with a low price of $10 per night. Expect to pay $3 for a meal. And approximately $2 for a taxi ride, depending on the distance.

Ecuador-Cheapest Countries for Travel

An island destination in South America to suit your pocket. Treat your senses with colonial towns, lively markets, wild rivers, hot springs, unique wildlife, and indigenous culture. It is the closest you will come to paradise on a budget.

Rent a bike for $10 and cycle down the Andes from Banos. Hang out at the local markets of the Andean Towns, try out street food or buy local hand-crafted gifts and souvenirs. For a mere $120, you can visit the  Galapagos Islands on a land-based budget journey.                                                                               

Even in Quito, the most expensive city in Ecuador, a bed in a hostel dorm will be between $10-15 and a double room in a budget hotel for less than $40 per night.  There are plenty of places where you can get a budget meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner between $1.50-$3. Eat out at a restaurant for $3.50-$8. Expect to spend $30-$50 per day, depending on the activities you choose.


Columbia in South America is a great budget destination. The country will surprise you, offering much more than you anticipate. The charming colonial towns and the legendary oversize palm trees catch the eye immediately. Columbia is a country with so much ancient culture, glorious mountains, and tropical beaches.

You can expect to pay about $35-$40 for a double room in a hostel,  a private bathroom, and breakfast included. Prepare to spend about $3 per meal, mostly bought at supermarkets.

Argentina-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Argentina is a country of diversity, from the Bustling, vibrant Buenos Aires, through the wine country and the gorgeous lake district to Patagonia’s spectacular scenery. Traveling to Argentina is dirt cheap after the latest currency devaluation. Keep in mind that the currency fluctuates a lot.

Shop around for tours as they can be expensive. Lodging, however, is cheap. Pay as little as $10 per night for a bed at a hostel or between $12-$20 per night at El Chalten.

El Salvador

Although this is a small country, it has so much diversity. Budget wise it is a dream vacation for backpackers. Explore volcanoes, beaches, lakes, and Mayan ruins, and more. Movement I El Salvador is relatively easy and inexpensive as there are buses from and to the local cities. Depending on the distances, the cost of travel can vary between $0.25 and $5.

There are various inexpensive choices for meals., from the national dish of Pupusa for $0.50 to fried beans and cheese tortillas for $1 and delicious cabbage or tomato dishes. Hotels are budget-friendly, and there is a variety of choices. Stay at a local hotel for as little as $10 in a private room. Book a room at the Barcelo for $60 per night.

Guatemala-Cheapest Countries for Travel

If you want to swim in a volcano crater or toast a marshmallow on an active volcano, you are at the right place. The volcanoes will blow you away. Guatemala is host to the largest Mayan city in the world. It also hosts the turquoise limestone pools at SemucChampey that is unique in their way. Tour the coffee farms, taste some of their best brands.

Staying in Guatemala is unbelievably cheap, with hostel beds for $7 per night. Freshly cooked food at the markets in Antigua sells for less than $3 per meal. Relax for $50 at Lake Atitlan for unrivaled views of the lake and volcano. Guatemala is a no-brainer when planning your next trip.


With 470 miles of Caribbean coastline, a barrier reef that is the second-largest reef globally, and the second-largest rain forest, we can agree Honduras is an ecologically diverse nation. Who would not want to visit a country of tropical islands, a zillion different species of birds, Plenty of ruins to explore, and beaches galore?

Unfortunately, this country is a crime hot spot with lots of gang-related violence. When traveling to Honduras, stay in tourist-friendly locations, such as Trujilo, Bay Island, La Ceiba, Utila. Use a guide if you need to explore the country outside the “safe” area. Expect to spend approximately $45 per day.


Bolivia is one of the most favorite countries to visit by backpackers in South America. It is also one of the cheapest countries and very backpacker-friendly. See the largest salt flat, surreal landscape of Salar De Uyuni. Visit the highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca, with its blue waters. If you are an adventurist, you can venture off the tourist trail and see how the local villagers live or maybe take a hike through the Amazon jungle.

Bolivia is also a working holiday favorite with opportunities in the tourism industry like help in housekeeping or travel while you learn in Copacabana with help and learn permaculture. Your expenses daily will be between $20 to $35.

Cuba-Cheapest Countries for Travel

A Country rich with history and conflict, Cuba has is now open to tourists. This South American country is very inexpensive to visit. Havana is live and full of cultural vibes one can explore in three days. Take a car tour through Old Havana, stop to drink mojitos, learn more about Cuba and its history by visiting the museums. Do all of this without breaking the bank. 

It will cost you $50 a night to lay your head down for a well-deserved rest. Keep in mind that a typical 3-star in the US will be a 4+ star in Cuba. Casa is the equivalent of Airbnb in Cuba and costs $25 – $35 per night. In Old Havana, an entire meal with a drink and dessert costs $6. At the government-operated restaurants, a meal will cost you $1 if you do not mind the ques. Ice cream and mojitos cost around $3-$4, depending on where you purchase them.


Although the Scandinavian countries Western Europe is extremely expensive to visit, Eastern Europe is cheap to visit. Bulgaria may be one of the budget-friendly European countries to tour. They have so much to offer, and the locals are warm and welcoming.

The Capital City, Sofia host daily free walking tours to teach the history and culture to interested tourist. There are plenty of historical places and architecture to see, natural beauty to take in. Expect to pay $5-$9 for a bed at a hostel per night and meals for less than $20.

Poland-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Poland is a place of rich history and a great place to visit. Visit historical sites and museums for as little as $5 per attraction. The rich architecture is free to photograph, a photographer’s dream. Treat yourself to a big plate of hearty food for less than $10. A bed at a hostel will cost you $ 8-$10 per night. Poland has delicious food and amazing sights to see.

The most visited places in Poland are Krakow and Warsaw. Warsaw is rich in world war Two history. There are still the remnant sites of the war to visit to take selfies. The best is that there are no swarms of tourists and high prices.


Being an ancient country, Turkey has so much to offer to tourists. There is so much to see and do, from visits to ancient sites to modern cities and pristine turquoise beaches, majestic green mountains, rock formations of Cappadocia, 

the terraces at Pamukkale, and the best cuisines in the world. This country caters to every kind of touris,t from backpackers to luxury travelers and cruise ships.

The tourist hot spot is Istanbul and Antalya. The people love tourists and are very friendly. Outside the main tourist areas, communication may be a problem because they do not speak much English in most of the country.

Services are six times cheaper because of the depreciation of the Lira in recent months. Cab rides will cost $1-$5, depending on the distance you travel. Expect to pay $0.5-$$1 per ticket. Eating at a restaurant can cost you between $6-$12. Then there is a variety of delicious street foods sold everywhere for $1-$2, such as Döner, or the Bosphorus fish bread (balikekmek) for 


Romania is a budget-friendly European travel destination with a myriad of things to do and see. It is cheap and definitely an item for your bucket list. Visit the city of Bucharest the urban side of Romania with museums and beautiful architecture. 

Visit one of the fourteen National Parks or maybe all of them if you are a nature lover with time on your hands. The region of Transylvania with its quaint, charming villages and impressive castles is of course the highlight for any tourists.

Visit the majestic Carpathian Mountains, explore the beautiful beaches that border the black sea.There is accommodation to fit any budget and meals can cost between $1-$12 for a three-course meal. Bus tickets fairs are $0.5 and taxis charge $0.5 per km. Daily expenses are more or less $30 per day. 

Portugal-Cheapest Countries for Travel

The land of the exploring farther is also a holiday country. Portugal is the low-budget vacation paradise of Europe. There are diverse tour options available to tourists. Once you are in Portugal, such as Eco-villages to visit, explore nature, or mountain hiking. Here backpackers can expect to eat well while exploring the country with an assorted meal for $170 per month.

This country is rich in tradition and history, and therefore there are plenty of things to do. After spending time in the museums, learning about the countries history, take a trip to the natural fountains. The adventurist can go scuba diving or Sky-diving or visit the Natural Coast Caves on a magnificent pirate ship.

Choose from a variety of their Airbnb apartments for as little as $20 per night. Upgrade to an apartment for $80 per night, depending on the season or area. Get a meal for $6-$8 or a fresh glass of orange juice for $$2,80 and coffee for $0.80. Public transportation can cost as little as $4. Expect your daily expenses to be between $30 and $40 per day.


Lithuania is your Gateway to the Baltic region from Europe. Buy Groceries, stay in a hostel, and savor local food, while site seeing will cost you as little as $22 in the capital city Vilnius. Take the train to Trakai for $4 to visit the Trakai Castle for $8 per person.

Hostels that serve breakfast are easy to find ad will set you back $10-15 a night. If you do not like hostels, a minimalistic hotel costs between $20-$40 a night. Buying at a grocery store is the cheapest meal at $6 a day. Eating at a restaurant can be as low as $6-$12. You will not regret visiting Lithuania, and it is super cheap.

Latvia-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Nestled between three Baltic states in northeast Europe, Latvia is a budget-friendly country with diverse and rich culture, with lots to see and do. Visiting Riga, the capital city of Latvia, will cost you $48 per person, including food and any three attraction to decide to see. On average, dinner is about $13 per person. Buy a 24-hour ticket that works on trams, trolleybuses, buses for $5 per person. Stay at a hostel for $15 per night.

Latvia is a multi-cultural country that shows in its architecture and its way of life. Colorful buildings line the street,s and not two of them have the same architecture. The architecture is an example of the influence of the art nouveau and gothic periods. Latvia is a unique, affordable destination with plenty of experience and lots of cultures.

Croatia-Cheapest Countries for Travel 

The game of thrones has increased Croatias’ popularity tremendously, especially in the region of Dubrovnik. Despite the increase in popularity, Croatia is still a budget destination. Split and Hvar have reasonable prices in August and September. The temperatures will also be milder this season and not so hot, and there will still be plenty to do.

To get the most out of Croatia for your money, explore the region of Istrian from Rijeka, going up Opatija. Visit the Roman Coliseum in the town of Pula a sees Pórec. The roman influence in this region shows in its delicious cuisine and wine. Try the pizza, truffle dishes, and local wines

.Depending on the hostel, or Airbnb prices for your night’s accommodation vary between $20 to $45 per night. Restaurant meals range from $6 to $14, with coffee for $0.60 and the cheapest espresso in Europe for $1.70. Traveling by bus between cities will range between $.50-$5.

Georgia-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Georgia is one of Europe’s cheapest exotic, beautiful, diverse, and friendly, relatively undiscovered gems. There are no large crowds or shopping malls, only breathtaking views, rolling hills out of postcards pictures.Tbilisi meets you with orthodox churches, quirky buildings, sulfur baths, lively cafes. Drive two hours east of Tbilisi lays rolling hills of grapes in their wine region. View their unique wine-making culture and traditions. Visit the site to see 8000-year-old wine jars in Georgia. 

Explore Mestia, Ushguli, Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Mtskheta, and Ushguli villages with their stories and culture by local minivans or explore the city transported in marshrutkas. 

Do not forget to visit the countryside after exploring the pleasures of the city, it is the true gem of Georgia. The four most amazing villages are Mestia, Ushguli, Kazbegi, and Mtskheta. You will need strong nerves because the drivers drive at a mad speed. There are plenty of 1-4 day tours to join, and public transport is very cheap. Expect to spend an average of $20 per day exploring.


 Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country that is visa-free to visit by most nationalities. It is and one of Asia’s top budget destinations. View some of the most spectacular Islamic architecture, travel the silk road of trade, and taste the most delicious food of Asia. Meet the friendliest of people.

Stay in boutique hotels, travel on an excellent railway system that connects the silk road cities at a low price of $30 per day. Accommodation with a double private double room will cost $15 per night. Try out their national dish of ploy (rice, carrots, and mutton) for less than $5, including tea, or Try Samsa for less than $1 if you want to buy street food.

The cheapest way to travel in Uzbekistan is by train. A ticket from Khiva to Bukhara is available for $8 on the high-speed train. An informal network of minivans and shared taxis reach the far corners of the country.

Kuala Lumpur-Cheapest Countries for Travel

 Kuala Lumpur is a great stop-over destination as it connects with various Asian countries and the airfares are cheap. Explore the capital city of Malaysia in three days. Iconic tourist attractions are the Petronas twin towers, Batu caves, KL Towers, Masjid Wilayahand the Thean Hou temple.

Reach points of interest in the city by the GoKL city buses. These buses pass through several tourist spots, independent square, shopping center Bukit Bintang and China town. With free WiFi and air conditioning, what better way to explore the city.

 There are a variety of cheap foods restaurants 

and street food stalls due to the Malaysians, Chinese, and Indian cultures. Visit Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang, the famoous night street food market. Did I mention that transport is free and there are several modern budget hostels scattered across the city? The Back Home hostel has spacious dorms, kind staff, and breakfast for free.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is stunning, cheap, and a backpacker dream. The country offers a myriad of things to do and see. Backpackers can expect daily expenses to be around $20-$30 per day. Dorm room prices start from $5-$10 per night sharing a hotel room starts at $17 per night with the luxury of air conditioning.

Expect $1-$2 for long journeys on local buses or trains. Eat where the locals eat. They know where the food is cheap. For local food, you will pay $2-$3 per plate. Western food will cost around $6 per meal.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country to explore. Linger on the gorgeous beaches taking in the sea and the sand. Admire the stunning waterfalls, wildlife, and mountains on an island tour. Experience the culture, and go on a safari. One thing is for sure you will not get bored in this beautiful place.

Indonesia-Cheapest Countries for Travel

Although many flocks to Thailand or the Philippines, Indonesia is the cheapest budget destination, and to stay, this country lends itself to an extended vacation.This vast nation spread over 17 000 islands offers so much in beauty and cultural diversity. 

Explore the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur, and take in the rich culture of Buddhism. Experience the vastness of the undersea world at the underwater marine paradise of Raja Ampat. Bali is a favorite of most tourists. Places like Java Lombok or Sumatra also has that has plenty to offer. 

Flights to Java are always reasonable prices. Travel by trains, buses, or rickshaws on the streets of Java.Warungs or food stalls sell relatively cheap meals for no more than $1.50 per meal. Backpackers can eat in the local establishments and stay in Java for $10-$15 per night in a budget hotel.

Kotor, Montenegro

This affordable Balcancity, Kotor in Montenegro, is a good choice for a budget vacation. Only 2 hours away from  Dubrovnik, it is much cheaper than other European countries. To get to Kotor, fly to  Dubrovnik or Podgorica airports and take a bus to Kotor.

Kotor is a maze of Old Town streets to lose yourself. You never know what you will find around the next corner. There are Squares where you can take selfies or drink in the surrounding. Inspect the old churches full of history. The St John Fortress is one of the main attractions,  with an entry fee of $9 per person.

Sit down for a cup of coffee at one of the many cafes or restaurants in the Old Town. There are lots of places to stay for less than $80 per night in the Old Town. A walking distance outside the Old Town should be cheaper accommodation. Expect to spend $40-$60 per day.

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